.she's friends with the starkids


So I just thought I would post my observations from the Washington Square Park filiming last year as someone who at that the time, was looking for nothing. I just wanted to see my favorite 2 actors in person. I know this taping has been analyzed a lot, and I’m really not trying to add anything accept an unsuspecting person’s observations.

I got there at the end of the day, they were almost done filming and I would say I was only there for 15 minutes before they wrapped. They were taping the scene were Rachel’s car pulled up.

What I remember distictly is thinking for 2 people that allegedly don’t like each other they certainly spent most of their time between takes talking to each other. I even called my very good friend, and fellow gleek after (she accompanied me to Hedwig and to a Starkid show) after I left and made that very comment. And I posted this observation on my #1 source for Glee spoilers, the Glee Forum.

This weekend, I was going through my pictures, which admittedly are not that fabulous. But I found it interesting that in almost everyone, these two were next to each other. Not something I was looking for at all.