shadowhunters | the mortal instruments girls as dc superheroes

clary fray as batgirl;
isabelle lightwood as cat woman;
lydia branwell as supergirl;
maia roberts as wonder woman;

let me know if you want to see this thing with boys. i have some thoughts on who is who but i really want to read your opinions;

It’s been 100 days since you kissed her,
And that doesn’t matter anymore or maybe the fact that I’m still counting means that it still matters all too much

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t hurt like a knife anymore. I can see you without wanting to run as fast as I can (I still haven’t decided whether I wanted to run to you or away from you)

Somewhere during these 100 days my body got tired of being sad over someone who doesn’t deserve my tears, who never deserved me in the first place. So maybe it does still matter, but it doesn’t hurt as much and I guess that means I’m getting somewhere

  • [before a meeting with the Clave]
  • Isabelle: Okay, all those straight members of the Clave are gonna assume we're one of them so we'll be like gay secret agents.
  • Clary: Lesbionage.
  • Magnus: Bi spy.
  • Raphael: It's an ace case.
  • Simon: Pan with a plan.
  • Alec: ...
  • Alec: Secret gaygent.