Every time I go to plug my phone in, I unwillingly think about that first episode of Sherlock where he looks at Watson’s phone and determines it must have originally belonged to an alcoholic due the scuffs around the charging port. 90% of that show’s “deduction scenes” were terrible, but that one was particularly bad. Who doesn’t struggle to plug their phone in, and how drunk do you have to be to manage to scratch up the metal casing with the charger?

Do you have any behind-the-scenes stories you can share? (Preferably Supernatural related, if possible.) 

“Well, the boys are always goofing around in their makeup trailer doing videos … they’re always goofing around. It’s hilarious; it’s like they’re at camp. They’ll photo bomb you which is great … if you’re taking a shot on set they’ll definitely go and pull your ears … and you’ll be like, “What just happened?” They’re great. They’re like just a bunch of goofballs on this massive show, and they’re just everyday guys which is nice, you don’t get intimidated by them.
Hmm, behind the scenes … they dance a lot whenever there’s music. I caught Jensen – well, I wouldn’t say I caught, but there was a bunch of us that caught Jensen doing a little two-step once when there was music playing. I don’t think he thought anyone was looking but oh yeah, there was a whole video … they’re always goofballs, they’re definitely big, adult goofballs.”  

Lisa Chandler, the stunt performer for Supernatural, talking about J2 and Jensen’s dance moves on set [x]