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Mike’s basement

See, I was thinking, once all this is over and Will’s back and you’re not a secret anymore, my parents can get you an actual bed for the basement. Or you can take my room if you want, since I’m down there all the time anyways.


Starling, veteran yard-sale decorator, stood in the center of the room and turned slowly around. Fredrica had done a pretty good job with what she had. There were curtains of flowered chintz. Judging from the piped edges, she had recycled some slipcovers to make the curtains.

There was a bulletin board with a sash pinned to it. BHS BAND was printed on the sash in glitter. A poster of the performer Madonna was on the wall, and another of Deborah Harry and Blondie. On a shelf above the desk, Starling could see a roll of the bright self-adhesive wallpaper Fredrica had used to cover her walls. It was not a great job of papering; but better than her own first effort, Starling thought.

In an average home, Fredrica’s room would have been cheerful. In this bleak house it was shrill; there was an echo of desperation in it

Thomas Harris - The Silence of the Lambs


Created By Lulu265

Urban Bedroom

Created for: The Sims 4
An Urban Loft style Bedroom, with 3 variations included, Distressed wood and rusty metal make this bedroom perfect for you loft corner