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Sean Patrick Flanery is Problematic

First things first- I’m fine. My friends and extended family in Vegas are fine. I’ve been up for about 2 days straight processing everything- but I’m grateful that I didn’t lose anyone and I’m gutted that 59 families can’t say that and that hundreds more people will never be the same. It’s incomprehensible. It’s infuriating- but I honestly don’t have the strength or the energy to get into yet ANOTHER debate about why gun control is an absolute necessity in my country.

Instead, I want to shift focus to something else that was infuriating and appalling that I saw today- and it comes from ‘Powder’,’Boondock Saints 1 & 2′ and ‘30 Days Until I’m Famous’ (lol) star: Sean Patrick Flanery.

Now, like many- I’ve met Sean. He’s a funny guy. He knows how to tell a good story- but he’s also heavy on self-promotion. When he’s not making bank at conventions for autographs and photo-ops with his ‘BDS’ co-stars- he’s heavily advertising his metaphor-laced book, “Jane Two”. His tweets are a weird mix of sincerity, sarcasm, and unintelligible cryptic code when asked for advice or his opinion. 

My point is this: up until today, I never had a problem with him.

Earlier today, a fan who admitted that English wasn’t her first language and apologized if the language barrier came across negatively- asked Sean why he didn’t use his platform to talk about civil rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights, and the world’s issues in general. Sean, being Sean- re-tweeted her and commented that his answers could be found on his blog or in his book. Again, he self-promoted.

The fan, who then went on to say that she HAD read the book (twice) and DOES read his blog- but was still confused and admittedly disappointed by his answer- asked for clarification. Sean went on to re-tweet her and post this:

It didn’t stop there, though. Sean went on to post a series of tweets- most of them re-tweeted responses from his more rabid followers (see: Norman Reedus fans who trickled over) using turtle references to basically humiliate the girl while his followers began mercilessly attacking and ridiculing her.

When the girl in question confronted Flanery directly- he re-tweeted this:

This is a 51 year old (maybe 52?) man belittling and encouraging harassment towards a younger (female) fan who is trying to communicate in a language that isn’t her first. I watched as people repetitively demeaned her and mocked her attempts to explain what she was trying to say.

I finally jumped in, and was met with the same sarcasm and disrespect:

For the past several HOURS (no exaggeration)- Sean has continued to instigate and openly sic his followers on anyone who dared tell him he was crossing the line and should have conducted himself in a more mature manner. Simply saying “I don’t talk about current events or politics because a,b, or c” would have been sufficient. Instead, he tried to plug his book and humiliated an innocent girl for the sake of getting a laugh out of a group of middle-aged women who are obsessed with him and Norman Reedus.

My mentions have become overrun with their bullshit. I’ve been told I’m a terrible person, a bully (lol wat), uneducated, etc. so I’m publishing it here- just like I did when Yvette Nicole Brown and I went toe to toe years ago- because in that instance we both learned something about each other and admitted our own wrongdoings- and I’m hoping someday these women, and maybe even Sean- can do the same.

If your favorite actor/celebrity is calling for mass harassment of an individual on social media and you go along with it or perpetuate it- you’re not a hero or a fan. You’re a person who has become too infatuated with someone that you have rendered yourself unable to differentiate between right and wrong and have lost the ability to think for yourself or form your own opinions. That’s scary. That’s a very, very unnerving thing. You need to re-evaluate yourself as a person and your core values.

A lot of these women have children. How would you feel if an actor/actress your son or daughter admired turned around and encouraged their thousands of followers to gang up on him or her over a question or a difference of opinion? Yeah. Think about that.

And Sean? Grow up, dude. Seriously. That shit was pathetic.

St Patrick's Day coming soon and I know what I'll be watching

Boondock Saints

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