Get ready

  • Hinata:Nagito bro why did you try to commit murder you're being rude rn
  • Hinata:And why'd you go through such a crazy plan and try to get us all killed thinking you were the killer but you really weren't
  • Hinata:Nagito what the hell is wrong with you
  • Komaeda:Wow Hajime you're being really HajiMEAN to me rn
  • Hinata:Did you
  • Hinata:Did you just
  • Hinata:
  • Hinata:Tie him up. Tie him up right now I'm too pissed at that pun to do anything logical
  • Souda:aite

This is my apology for how long it’s taking for me to finish Komaeda Limited. I wanted to have it up during the weekend, but I ended up doing renovations to my room instead, so I’ve only had time to slap the text on in bits and pieces. The good news is that it’s about 85% done and will be up in a day or two (depending on how long it takes to upload all the pages). 

Thanks for waiting!

P.S: This 4koma is from the Freedom Days doujin, if anyone was planning to ask. The whole thing’s KomaHinaNami interactions.