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  ☆【Diabolik Lovers】 キノ KINO - Destiny 「LOST EDEN 」
Character: Kino / キノ
Song: Destiny
Game: Diabolik lovers - Lost Eden
VA: Maeno Tomoaki / 前野智昭  

This is obviously not his real character song since he’s not even had a screen time yet, but it’s Kino’s actual VA, Maeno Tomoaki, singing this. I found it kind of would suit him and emphasise his mysterious sexy but evil aura haha.  

  • Ruki:wuoooh there was some shaking, huh
  • are you guys safe??
  • Ruki:lately there have been especially many earthquakes so, yo earth, could you please keep still
  • Ruki:0 seconds after you get the notification from the disaster app...that’s some true fear

Makino Ruki & Renamon G.E.M. Series Figure

February 6th, 2016. At today’s Wonder Fest at Makuhari Messe, an unpainted sculpt of Makino Ruki and her partner Renamon from Digimon Tamers was shown off as part of studio MegaHouse’s next entry in their line of Digimon G.E.M. Series figures. The announcement comes a little over a month after Beelzebumon Blast Mode’s figure was announced at Jump Festa 2016.

The Ruki/Renamon figure pair may point to Bandai testing the waters with licensing Tamers merchandise, in light of its upcoming fifteenth anniversary this April. Previously, a reprint of the D-Ark Digivice was mentioned on a Premium Bandai customer survey in a question asking what kinds of products fans would like to see in the future.

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Diabolik Lovers en Español♥.~ ¿¡QUIÉN ES KINO!?

Mun: -Estaba mirando en Tumblr todas las publicaciones acerca del nuevo personaje, leyendo su biografía, buscando en la página oficial y en Youtube acerca de Kino cuando…-

Kou: Ne~, M-Neko-chaaaaan… ¿Qué estas….? ¿Eh? ¿Quién es él?

Mun: ¡N-nada! o.o -Intenta cubrir la pantalla con sus manitas- Dx

Ayato: ¡Muéstranos que mirabas, Chichinashi!

Raito: Seguro era algo suuucio~, ¿verdad Bitch-chan? Nfufufu~.

Mun: ¡N-no! ¡No era nada suci— ah! -Kanato la empuja haciendola caer y dejando expuesta la pantalla del ordenador con la imágen de Kino en todo su esplendor.-

Kanato: Eh…. Exactamente, ¿¡qué significa eso!? ¿¡QUIÉN ES ESE!? ¡TEDDY EXIGE QUE NOS LO DIGAS! -El grito del pelimorado llamó la atención de todos los vampiros.-

Shuu: Hey, Reiji. Tu siempre nos estás hablando de ser responsables y parece que a tí se te fue usar preservativo y tienes un hijo. -Bromeó el rubio, burlándose por el parecido de Kino con Reiji.-

Reiji: Creo que tu broma es demasiado vulgar.

Yuma: Oi, bastardos. ¿Quién es ese? ¡Mesubuta, explícanos esto!

Mun: Etto…. ¿cómo les explico? e.é ¡Yo tampoco sé mucho de él, así que…! uhm… Por favor siéntense, vampiritos. Tenemos que hablar. :’3 -Espera a que todos se sienten frente a ella, algunos refunfuñando al hacerlo.- Llega el momento de toda pareja en la que sienten taaaanto~ amor con el otro que le hablan a la cigüeña. o: ¡Y la cigüeña les trae un bebesito por encargo! …. Así que digamos que Kino, la cosita misteriosa que ven en la pantalla…. ¡ES EL ENCARGO DE KARL HEINZ CON QUIEN SABE QUIEN! :’D -Se pone a aplaudir(?.-


Kou: ………….. ¿¡Esto realmente está pasando!? ¿¡Qué!? ¡¡No sé cómo reaccionar ante esto!!

Ruki: Espero que esto no sea una broma, Kachiku.

Mun: ¡Oh! :’3 No es una broma, Ruki, por eso no te preocupes. :’D

Azusa: ….. Eve…. o sea que él es como…. ¿nuestro hermano o algo así? … No lo entiendo…..

Shin: Qué bueno que no somos de esa familia, ¿verdad, Nii-san?

Carla: …. Sí.

Mukami: summer trip. Requested by Anon.

(I want to say something and I feel bad so bad, I lied about my skin tone. I’m really tan, but I said I was pale because of all the racism I have gotten throughout my life. Everywhere I got there is always racism directed towards me since I got into 1st grade. And I was scared people would just brush me aside or that I would get hate for being tanned…..hope you sweeties can forgive me, I was simply scared ;~; don’t hate me.)

You were heading to America for the summer, you were excited but depressed at the same time.
Why? Because you would get to see your American family for the first time, but you wouldn’t be able to see them throughout the whole summer.
So you were deep in though sitting at the airport waiting for your flight to be called.

“You don’t think I would honestly let you ago alone?” A voice mused behind you, as you jumped up to see Ruki. With a small suitcase in his hand a a huge grin on his face.
“I wonder how your family will take to me.” He mused as you jumped up and tackled him.
“As if I would survive a summer without your when I can barely get through a week.”

“Kitten-Chan, wouldn’t you rather take my private plane instead?” A familiar voice behind you mused.
“Kou?” You asked shocked.
“Who else? Now come my plane is waiting. I guess I can take a break from my tour to spend time with you. My fans will have to deal with it, because you are worth a lot more to me than they ever could.”

“So are we going to be packed in the plane with a bunch of smelly people the whole time?” Right away he got a few nasty looked from the people around you. And your turned pink as you wanted to slap your hand over his mouth. But knew you couldn’t due to his height.
But never he less you were meow then excited to see your favorite giant.
“I’m never letting go of you again.” He smirked as he picked you up and nuzzled his head into your neck. “I’m coming with.”

“So…how…long…will..this flight…be?” He questioned as he sat beside you much to your shock.
“Azusa? Your coming?”
“Why…wouldn’t…I? I don’t…think….ill last…a summer…without you.”

Diabolik Lovers: Lost Eden ► Trading Vinyl Strap Vol.1

Sakamaki, Mukami, Tsukinami and Kino

Source: Amiami

Release date: Early April


Diabolik Lovers Versus III

|Ayato vs Carla|      4.20.2016

|Laito vs Shin|         5.18.2016

|Subaru vs Kou|      6.15.2016

|Reiji vs Ruki|          7.20.2016

|Shu vs Yuma|         8.17.2016

|Kanato vs Azusa|   9.21.2016

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Anyone else excited for Shuma? (Shu vs Yuma)?