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Lol please do browser history thing with the rest? Mukami, Tsukinami and Kino XD

Ruki- Good reads

How make your brothers shut up

Amazing dishes

Yuma- How to get stray cats out of your garden

Witty comebacks

What’s irony?

Kou- Top hits chart

Kou Mukami news

How do you know if a boy wants to befriend you or wants to kill you? ((Subaru))

Azusa- Pretty knives

Cute pictures of puppies

Where do babies come from?

Carla- What does ‘get rekt’ mean


how do you respond when someone jokingly says ‘fight me’? Do you really fight them?

Shin- Homemade dog treat recipes

Peanut butter bars

Cool stuff to teach your dogs

Why does my brother take ‘fight me’ seriously?

Kino- Candy crush cheats

Ways to kill a vampire

DIY- build your own wooden stakes!

Im a vampire but i want to kill vampires???

Going To Just Say This

With all of the hate anons that my sister @otomestudios has been getting on her blog, I am going to just say this one little thing: fictional characters are not only YOURS. Especially if they are otome characters. They may be yours in your own eyes and someone else’s in their eyes. Do not tell anyone that you can not love a fictional character just because you do as well. There are many fans in, specifically speaking, the Dance with Devils fandom. Since she is being attacked for loving Lindo Tachibana. There are many other Lindo fans who call them as their husband. Including her. So to the hate anons that believe that they are hurting her, let me assure you: you are not doing shit to her. She takes your hate with a piece of salt. Know why? Because hate won’t change her from loving Lindo Tachibana. I know out of everyone how passionate and deep her love is for him. Just how she knows how much Ruki Mukami means to me. Hate won’t change anything for her. But it might for others.

Hating anons are cowardly which is why they send hate without using their actual account. Remember this everyone <3 


Tsukinami Carla / Shin tweets (as of 9 Feb)

Translated this for an anon! Basically from now onwards, I’m not accepting any more translation requests (due to the nature of my blog being more of a multi-fandom, unboxing blog). I’ll probably do Ayato’s on a more regular basis because he’s my favourite boy, but otherwise, everyone else is based on my interest and free time.

The other ones whose tweets have a higher chance of being translated are Ruki, Kou and Subaru. (Kanato too maybe, him tweeting is hilarious)

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(Sleeping Ruki Anon) I-I do want to get to that but do you think that I'm ready for that, Master? *leans head against his, panting softly as his erection rubs against folds* I'm sorry, Master, if you took it as lying. I'm just not sure I'm ready yet.

Ruki: That’s true. But have you already forgotten what this is all about? *whispers seductively to your ear* Punishment. *he grins widely, nipping your earlobe harshly as his manhood still teases your lower parts*

listen i odnt care what people say i love the pastel ruki. its terrible. they ahd no idea what they were doing. i love it. olook at this asshole. Looks great