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Hello! First, I wanted to say that I love your blog, great job you do here (。・ω・。)ノ♡ now to my request: what would be the brothers ( sakamaki and mukami if it's not too much) thoughts/ reaction if their lover sleeping next to them were the first thing they saw in the morning?

Shuu would smile and pull his lover closer to him, burying his face into their hair and close his eyes. He’d probably end up falling asleep again. It’s nice to be able to wake up next to someone.

Reiji would observe his lover for a bit, possibly leave a kiss on their forehead, before getting out of bed to prepare for the day. Despite having a lover, he still has the rest of the household to think about.

Laito would run his hands lightly over his lover’s sides and arms until they responded and then he’d lean over to press kisses over their face to wake them up fully, grinning teasingly as he watched them try to wake up fully. He’d never get tired of teasing them.

Kanato would reach for their hand and hold them, staring at their clasped hands. When he lets go he’d lean over and whisper into his lover’s ear, telling them that it’s time to wake up. He’d tug on their hair to get his point across before getting up himself, sleepily dragging Teddy out of bed with him.

Ayato would stare at his lover for a moment before shifting closer to wrap one arm around them and lean close to their ear and order them to wake up. He’s awake now and wants attention so they should wake up too.

Subaru would blink, his cheeks turning pink. It wouldn’t matter how many times he’s woken up next to them already, he still wouldn’t get used to having them their beside him every time he awakened. He’d try to get out of his coffin with as little jostling to his lover as possible. He didn’t want to accidentally wake them up.

Ruki would reach out to run his fingers through their hair, lifting himself up to kiss the ends of his lover’s hair before getting out of bed. He’d get himself ready before waking his lover up.

Kou would grin and move closer to his lover, wrapping both his arms around them and spooning them, nuzzling his nose into their shoulder until they reacted by either waking up or trying to move away from him. If the tried to push him away, he’d nip their fingers with his teeth.

Yuma would slide his arms under his head and smile at his lover, just enjoying the moment for a few minutes before leaning over to kiss them on the cheek and getting out of bed. He’s got to check on the garden and water the plants before the day gets too warm.

Azusa would blink and curl up closer to his lover, enjoying the warmth shared between the two of their bodies. He’d grasp one of his lover’s hands in both of his, keeping them in the space between their bodies and wait patiently for his lover to wake up.

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Lol please do browser history thing with the rest? Mukami, Tsukinami and Kino XD

Ruki- Good reads

How make your brothers shut up

Amazing dishes

Yuma- How to get stray cats out of your garden

Witty comebacks

What’s irony?

Kou- Top hits chart

Kou Mukami news

How do you know if a boy wants to befriend you or wants to kill you? ((Subaru))

Azusa- Pretty knives

Cute pictures of puppies

Where do babies come from?

Carla- What does ‘get rekt’ mean


how do you respond when someone jokingly says ‘fight me’? Do you really fight them?

Shin- Homemade dog treat recipes

Peanut butter bars

Cool stuff to teach your dogs

Why does my brother take ‘fight me’ seriously?

Kino- Candy crush cheats

Ways to kill a vampire

DIY- build your own wooden stakes!

Im a vampire but i want to kill vampires???


Tsukinami Carla / Shin tweets (as of 9 Feb)

Translated this for an anon! Basically from now onwards, I’m not accepting any more translation requests (due to the nature of my blog being more of a multi-fandom, unboxing blog). I’ll probably do Ayato’s on a more regular basis because he’s my favourite boy, but otherwise, everyone else is based on my interest and free time.

The other ones whose tweets have a higher chance of being translated are Ruki, Kou and Subaru. (Kanato too maybe, him tweeting is hilarious)

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Girls : From left to right ; Momo, Luki, Jun, Irina, Yori and Ai

Boys : From left to right ‘ Shuu, Yuma, Azusa, Carla, Shin, Yuuto (Ai’s older brother, yes i used Reiji’s full body sprite but deal with it for now, trying to make a full body for him.) and Ruki.

Boys Full Body Sprites : Diabolik Lovers ; Lost Eden (yes i took the time to remove the quotes and turn them into silhouettes)
Girls Full Body Sprites : Custom made by the wonderful smutty @mylittlegravityfalls  

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(Sleeping Ruki Anon) I-I do want to get to that but do you think that I'm ready for that, Master? *leans head against his, panting softly as his erection rubs against folds* I'm sorry, Master, if you took it as lying. I'm just not sure I'm ready yet.

Ruki: That’s true. But have you already forgotten what this is all about? *whispers seductively to your ear* Punishment. *he grins widely, nipping your earlobe harshly as his manhood still teases your lower parts*

listen i odnt care what people say i love the pastel ruki. its terrible. they ahd no idea what they were doing. i love it. olook at this asshole. Looks great

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As long as your wearing that outfit you obey what I tell you!! Now then, suck him off!!

Yuma :Your not really going to do it are you?

Ruki:*sighs*I swear I well get you back for this *unzips yuma’s pants *