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What are some simple spells you'd recommend to someone just beginning the craft and needs to build confidence in their magic?

“Simple” is largely a subjective term, but I’ll try to compile a few spells for various intents that require little or easy to acquire ingredients. They may not be perfect for everyone, but yeah.













Locating Items:








Also, sigils. Seriously, sigils freaking everywhere. Don’t discount sigils.

Good luck!


Design Without Limits: Envato Elements Is Live

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This is the Cine Mike popcorn everyone’s talking about?
Looks good!
It’s a limited edition grilled golden corn flavor!
Huh? Wait a sec, popcorn is made from corn in the first place, right?
Doesn’t really matter to me! Let’s dig in!
What the hell’s this?!
I can’t stop eating!
This is what gold tastes like?!
The film’s gold! Even the popcorn’s gold! Now available for a limited time!
This is heaven!

Commercials are great, quick resource to brush up on your Japanese listening comprehension! Not to mention Japanese commercials are (barely) arguably the best in the world!

a note for the souls still stuck in resource blogging hell

I myself am still working on clawing my way out of the pits, but I want to send a message down below.

When you get deeper into resource blogging, if you’re not careful and if you’re not absolute about your boundaries, there comes a sinking, soul sucking feeling.

That feeling tells you, “You’ll never be able to please everyone. You’re never going to give enough, do enough, make enough or be enough for all of them. You can give and give and give until you run dry and when there’s nothing left they’ll be cursing your bones.”


Y'all. it doesn’t matter how many informative posts you make, how many videos you record, how many questions you answer. It doesn’t matter what you do or what you give or what you make. There will ALWAYS be another hand out, waiting to slap you, wanting to throw away everything you’ve worked on up until that point.

Your goal can’t be to make everyone happy. You can’t judge your success by a lack of complaints. It’s not possible. It will only make you miserable. And honestly? Some people just can’t be pleased.

The only person you owe anything to is yourself. So do your best. Do what you can. Do it for you.

Bad news and good news

I always start with bad first so that I can finish with a positive.

I still have not heard from Kaitlyn, but I’m still hopeful that this was a mistake and nothing more (technology bites us all sometimes, ammirite?)


I think I recovered most (if not all) of what we lost.  I’m working on getting it into a new folder and will post a NEW LINK soon.  This one will have editing rights restricted (I’ll set it to view), so if you want to add to the folder, just share the resource with me (mdmshakespeare at gmail) and I’ll add it.  You can add a note to the notification that tells me where to put it.

We’ll only do this for a short time while I figure out how to run an automatic backup (thanks, @windycityteacher) to protect us from this happening again.

You’ll still be able to make copies from the restricted folder (just click on the file or folder and choose “Add to my Drive” – I’m happy to do a tutorial if needed.

Hello there again

Hey there! Thready To Go has some big news! The store is now accepting payments besides PayPal! This includes Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Etsy Gift Cards and of course PayPal! 

This means that it’ll be much easier to purchase them from Etsy.com and instead of going through many hoops that could make it difficult to get your order through! This also means even more safety for you and me! 

Also there is now the introduction of beaded pride bracelets, which are more inexpensive than the traditional ones, making them perfect for a queer person on a budget!

External image


And of course there are still the traditional handwoven ones still for sale!


All of the proceeds go towards my binder fund! And in the near future I’ll be offering pronoun bracelets, and even shipping bracelets!

And until September 4th you can save 10% off your ENTIRE purchase with code “ENDOFSUMMER"so why not show your pride and have it be easier than ever before plus helping out a fellow LGBT person! 

This sale also includes custom orders so everyone is invited!

Have a great day and keep on being excellent!

//Store Link//

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your icon psd is so nice would you share it or explain how you managed to color such dark scenes so that they retain the peachy skintone & not wash it out?

hi nonnie !! thank you so much & i don’t feel comfortable giving out the specific psd i use for kieran because it’s not mine & i’ve had it forever & i actually can’t find where it’s from. the link i used to download it was deleted ?? & there’s no url attached. but ! i use my own psds on several of my blogs so i just tweaked one of them for the same effect. it definitely varies with the lighting & warning: will probably need some tweaking depending on how dark / light the scene is but should be easily fixed with a brightness or curve layer !! also, keep in mind i made this with scream’s lighting so it might definitely need some help if it’s used for say like tvd. i also sharpened my icons out of personal preference but that’s up to you !

you can download it here (  100x100 no border so you can add your own if you’d like & crop it how you please !   ) & if you use please credit me ( maskedreign / halfhell ) somewhere on your blog & like / reblog this post if you would so i know    !!    free to edit as needed as well as long as you still credit    !! 

Ling Space Resource Post

Lots of people are going back to school around now, and so it’s a good time for us to put together an easy resource post: highlights from our different video series, separated by subfield.

So, without further ado, here’s the highlight list of our first two years by topic!





Semantics and pragmatics:



That’s not even half our episodes, too. If you want to see more on these topics and much more linguistics, you can check out our different playlists on YouTube. And good luck!

Shared Resources Rebuilt
I think I got it all back, Captain

Please check the folder and see if your stuff is there.  If not, please share it with me (mdmshakespeare at gmail) and I’ll get it in.

It’s a hot mess right now, and I’ll work on organizing it this weekend, but it’s no worse than it was before The Great Disappearance and at least we have resources again.

Happy planning, educhums, and spread the word.


i went to go talk to the vp of gsa to be like yo are there any officer positions left, hmu 

and he was like yeah [new president] changed the name to “quality club” i dont know who it is even for but its not gsa anymore, and they kicked me out of the vp position by faking texts from me trying to make me look bad

and BOY i am pissed, lyall and i have joined gsa EVERRRYYY high school year and we have always left after like 3 weeks because the people in there are transphobic and antisemetic and just rude and nasty so getting to maybe start my own is AMAZING

i’m going to keep the straights out of them name, i was thinking “lgbt is beautiful” IDK but i do know EVERYONE in the office LOVES me because i came out to them as trans theyre all super fucking nice to me so idk why they would tell me know, like shit the pricipal gave me his cell number if they tell me no and “quality club” tries to fight me i’ll just text him and cry

i’ve been talking about doing my own club like this since freshman year this means everything to me

Bee a Hero for the Bi+ Community & Join the BRC Board of Directors Today !

As the oldest national bi-specific organization in the U.S., the Bisexual Resource Center (BRC) has done a lot in the last 30 years - hosted local social and support groups, participated in pride events, published and distributed bi-themed books and brochures, coordinated national meetings with the White House, launched the Bisexual Health Awareness Month, presented at national conferences, and supported other organizations and causes important to the bi+ community.

But nothing would be able to happen without an intrepid team of board members. These superheroes don their pink, purple, and blue uniforms, gather together monthly for meetings, and then soar out into the community to make the world a better place for folks in the middle sexualities.

And we want you to join us!

Hero Type: Board Member at Large

Board members are volunteer members of the bi+ community who can devote an average of 10 hours a month responding to board emails, contributing to the work of the BRC, attending monthly board meetings either in person or virtually, and would have the opportunity to attend national conferences and events with the BRC. Board members can be anywhere, not just in the Boston area.

Hero Type: Board Treasurer

Our best treasurers have not been math majors - they have just been trustworthy, organized folks who are willing to learn. The treasurer, in addition to devoting about 10 hours a month on board work, commits an extra few hours a month on monthly finance reports, budgets, managing payables and receivables, and responding promptly to requests for reimbursements. The treasurer must be local to the Boston area.

Ready to put on your cape? Contact Kate and Heather at president@biresource.net with your resume today!

The Bisexual Resource Center (BRC) has been advocating for bisexual visibility and raising awareness about bisexuality throughout the LGBTQIA and straight communities since 1985. The Bisexual Resource Center envisions a world where love is celebrated, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression or identity.

So you’ve seen the photos of beautiful notebooks with elegantly decorated lists and calendars, but how do you go about making one for yourself? What exactly does a ‘bullet journal’ involve? Maybe this post can be a nudge in the right direction for you. Or maybe you’re an experienced bullet journal user and just need a quick reminder of the basics or some inspiration to spice things up. In either case, you’ve come to the right place.

A Brief History

The concept of the bullet journal was created by a guy called Ryder Carroll, and he created a website outlining the very basic concept and the backstory of how the bullet journal came to be. Essentially, the bullet journal is a simple, easily customized method of planning and keeping track of everything going on in your life.

It’s probably best to go ahead and familiarize yourself with Ryder’s method, which you can find here.

Creating Spreads + Collections

A “spread” in bullet journal terms is two consecutive pages of your BuJo (from what I understand, anyway). You can make any sort of spread you want, but the basic ones you’ll use the most are daily spreads and monthly spreads.

A monthly spread usually consists of a calendar, to allow for future planning and tracking various events, deadlines etc. It can also contain a ‘goals’ section, to record monthly goals, or a habit tracker (google this for examples, it’s a great idea). Some examples of monthly spreads can be found here and also by searching it on tumblr or google.

A daily spread is where the bullet journal really comes into it’s own. Here, you can record all the tasks you need to do each day, then check them off when completed! What’s special about these daily task lists is that they use a key, which you can invent yourself or take from the original bullet journal method, to show which items are events, tasks or notes, and which tasks have been completed, cancelled or moved to a different day.

These spreads can be fairly basic (but still cute, like this layout) or you can put in the effort to make your dailies a little fancier (like this, which I absolutely love but could never achieve). More examples of daily spreads can be found in my tag here.

A “collection”, on the other hand, is just how it sounds. You can make a collection for just about anything: books you want to read, TV shows you’ve watched, things you’d like to do before you’re X years old, places you want to visit, topics you need to study for school. The possibilities are quite possibly endless, but you can great inspiration from posts such as this one, or by doing a quick Google search.

The Notebook

I’ll not say too much here, because you can use literally any notebook you want or have lying around, but some popular choices include Moleskine notebooks and the Leuchttrum1917 notebooks. I’m currently used a large squared Moleskine and loving it, but I also used a cheap Great British Bake Off notebook for over a year and had a great time using it too! Whatever you have on hand is more than enough to get started.

Decoration + Having a Pretty Bujo

Okay folks, I am here to tell you here and now that what your bullet journal looks like doesn’t matter. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make your bujo look like a work of art (because you absolutely can and if you do you should tag me in it #heartmadefrompaper so I can admire it). I’m just saying that you shouldn’t get too caught up in how it looks. The main thing is to get used to the system, and adapt it to suit your personal needs and lifestyle, before going crazy with the coloured pens and washi tape.

I recently had a friend get into bullet journaling, only to become discouraged because his wasn’t as “pretty” as mine or the one’s he saw online. I told him what I’m telling you now; that it really doesn’t matter! However, if you are unhappy with how your bullet journal looks because of your handwriting or lack or artistic ability, my advice is to use washi tape to quickly and easily add some flair to an otherwise plain page or spread, or to practice writing nice titles and little banners like these!

Your bullet journal is a personal thing, so don’t feel obliged to dress it up and show it to people. If it’s helping you be a little more organised, it’s doing all it needs to do.

So, if you’re heading off on your bullet journal journey, be it for the first time or as a seasoned bullet journal user, I wish you all the best, and please don’t hesitate to send me any questions you might have! Also, feel free to tag me in photos of your bullet journal if you post any, as I’m a bit nosey and like to get inspiration from other people. You can see some of my own bullet journal photos in my tag (it’s a new tag for my new bullet journal, so it’s like I’m starting the adventure of bullet journaling all over again). Happy bulleting!

How Each Myers-Briggs Type Reacts to Stress (And How to Help)

Have you ever become so stressed out that you feel out of control? Do you feel like you’re acting in a way that is completely unlike you? Have you ever tried to help a loved one who is stressed out, and everything you’ve said or done has only made things worse?

I know I have. Everyone reacts to stress differently and needs different things to calm them down. What works for you may not work for your spouse, your child, or your friends. This blog will hopefully give you some practical, easy ways to help you and the ones you care about handle stress more effectively and quickly.

Source: Psychology Junkie


So earlier today in the beginners study group I talked about a vocab book I used a lot when I first started studying. It is Word by Word, a Korean-English picture dictionary targeted for younger Korean kids.

It has a lot of pretty thorough sections on a load of everyday subjects that people seemed interested in, so I thought I’d be helpful to share.

Google drive file can be found right here~