X-71 (epilogue) [StevexReader]

Summary: You were created to be a WMD, but can you be an Avenger?

Pairings: Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: Language, angst, violence.

Word Count: 743

A/N: Based on this request, which has turned into a mini drabble series. So it didn’t end up longer. Sorry.

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The first thing you noticed, even before you opened your eyes, was the peculiar mixture of smells. It was obvious you were in a sterile room, be it at a hospital or otherwise, but that was mixed with a familiar scent intermingling with the musty smell of a book roughly a century old. You enjoyed the peculiarity of the combination, and let a smile play at the corners of your lips as you opened your eyes, your head lolling to the side, allowing you to lazily gaze at Steve.

“How long was I out?” You asked, fighting back a yawn.

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anonymous asked:

Have you made a Shisui gifset? If you did you could you do a shikamaruXtemari moments? I would be very happy please please

Mhh I’ve made lots already! 
Shisui (x, x, x)
Shisui and Itachi  (x, x, x, x, x, x)
Shisui and Sasuke  (x, x, x, x)
Shisui and other characters  (x, x)
Is there something specific you’d like to see?

Mh I’ve already made a gifset with all of their canon moments here (x) and you can find a set of Shikamaru and Temari through the years here (x)
I don’t really feel like adding the ones from the novels, but you can find my gifsets from novels adaptation here (x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x)

You can also find more contents in my ShikaTema tag!

risottoneroh  asked:

how would risotto nero and proscuitto react to their assassin S/O getting direly hurt in a mission??? this was the 10 req thing, but if im too late just delete it my g u y

joestarred sent you a message:  bdjdjx ya, i think it was fatally??? ljke they boutta die

lordy lordy you have found my A E S T H E T I C RIGHT HERE!!! RIGHT HERE!!! i shall provide

Risotto’s S/O Is Fatally Wounded During A Mission

  • Given the precision of Metallica, Risotto’s s/o would’ve probably been able to stand near him. That being said, he’d silently blame himself for the fact that they got hit, since he was close enough to help them evade the attack. But he knows he can’t waste time feeling guilty.
  • You would never guess that he’s worried by how calmly he handles the situation. If more of La Squadra’s there he’ll signal them to cover him. If he and his s/o are alone, he’ll get a bit frustrated and try and finish off the enemy as quickly and brutally as possible, and if he can’t he’ll simply pick up his s/o and run away.
  • While he stays calm in assessing his s/o’s injury, it’s still possible to tell that he’s more frantic than usual. His hands and voice are shaky and he seems to be taking more slow, deep breaths to calm his increasing heart rate as he treats them or calls for help. But he’ll disregard his own panic to focus on his lover, telling them repeatedly that they need to stay conscious and that everything will be alright.
  • If his s/o has agreed to be treated by his stand in these scenarios, he’ll try and reform their body as quickly and painlessly as he can, though “painless” isn’t exactly a good term for even the smallest of wounds he heals. If not, he’ll still be ripping off his shirt to wrap around the wound.
  • Even if he can heal them sort-of, he stills calls for help. As he waits for back-up to arrive he’ll sit against a wall and hold his s/o in his arms, even if it gets him covered in blood. He’ll keep telling them to breath and keep their eyes open, reassuring them that help is on it’s way and they’ll be able to rest soon enough. He’ll kiss away their tears, since wiping them would just get blood on their face. If they bring up anything to do with death, he’ll listen to whatever they have to say, but when they’re done he’s going to scold them lightly for thinking that they can’t pull through.
  • As his s/o recovers, he has no qualms in leaving Prosciutto semi-in-charge of La Squadra while he stays by his s/o’s side, making sure for himself that they can recover quickly and safely. It’s very hard to tell, but his feelings do change throughout their recovery. His heart feels like it shrinks whenever their hurting most, and he feels incredibly relieved as they start to be able to move and walk again. Of course, he can’t be there for the entire process, since he is a Capo, but he’s always there at the most crucial times. As the strong-and-silent type, it’s the best way for him to show he loves them (and he’d be lying if he said that seeing them bounce back from a fatal injury didn’t make him love them even more).

Prosciutto’s S/O Is Fatally Wounded During A Mission

  • Unlike Risotto, Prosciutto’s stand requires his s/o to stand out of range or at least at the border of it’s range, unless Ghiaccio’s there to keep them ice-cold, so he’d probably be mostly separated from his lover during the mission. Even still, he has frighteningly good intuition, and the very second his s/o is fatally struck, he feels like the air current has shifted, metaphorically. If they scream in agony, that’s a dead giveaway that sends him running in their direction before he can even realize what he heard, but if they make no sound it’ll only take an extra second.
  • He’s definitely more open in his worry, and won’t hesitate in simply picking up his lover and running as far as he can while shouting profanities and demanding them to keep their eyes open for him. He’ll run until he’s lost all stamina, and crashes onto his knees in some alleyway, panting and fumbling with his phone to call for help. He’ll practically shout single words to whoever picks up, enough for them to understand what he’s saying before he hangs up abruptly.
  • Prosciutto will use any and all of his clothes if need be to cover his s/o’s wound(s), even if he can’t make them into a makeshift bandage he at least doesn’t want his s/o to have to see their own blood. He’ll sit them up against a wall and kneel next to them, holding their face in his hands so they look directly at him. He wants to make sure they stay conscious at all costs, and will talk to them in a constant ramble so they don’t drift off.
  • If his s/o is crying, insisting that they’re going to die, or saying anything that eludes to them dying (e.g. saying that they love him so much) he’s going to kiss them to shut them up, not wanting them to think about the possibility of death. He doesn’t want to think of it either.
  • When their help finally comes to get them, Prosciutto will reluctantly separate himself and his s/o so the doctors can immediately get to work on them. This is also where he’ll make full use of his time alone to let out how he’s feeling, either by an angry, violent fit that gets taken out on an innocent wall and his poor knuckles, or by spending too long in a bathroom washing his face with cold water to try and reduce the puffiness of his eyes and face. And he’s not a very religious person, but when the doctors confirm that his lover will be alright, he’s thanking God over and over in a mumble as he makes his way to their room.
  • He’s a Soldato so he has to still work and go on missions, but he’s spending every spare moment he can in his lover’s room until they force him to go home and relax a bit. He’ll dote on them as much as humanly possible, including asking the doctor everyday how their condition is despite how redundant it is. Sometimes he’ll even fall asleep in the chair next to their bed, much to the dismay of his neck (the cramps are inevitable). Even after they’re released, he’ll dote on them until they’re 200% recovered. Honestly, he’s so far past being a mom friend that’s he’s a mom boyfriend.

this is very….thick? i don’t know. i love this request and these characters!