anonymous asked:

idk if you still do icons but if you ever do have the time could i request some comic book elektra icons? there are so few of them

i dont but….. if its elektra related i never say no so a) sorry this took so long b) these are messy and c) a lot of these are cropped from my graphics or taken from the massive folder of elektra icons that i hoard so im srry i didnt have time to make more. preview:

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uchiha-cherry-blossom  asked:

Can you do manga coloring of Shikadai please?

Mhh I think I’ve colored pretty much all of his scenes:
here are colorings from Gaiden (x)
edits from chapter 700/ movie stuff (x, x, x)
gifs from the movie (x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x)
colorings from the Naruto Next Generations series (x)
I think the only thing I’ve skipped are the Team 10 designs for the movie..
Is there something specific you’d like to see colored?:)