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Do you miss the Sims 3? Will you ever rekindle that old flame? <3

Awww, Anon. I do miss it sometimes. But not enough to boot it up again. ;) It really is a beautiful game, and allows so much creativity. But I really love building in Sims 4 - if I had to go back to not being able to move windows up and down the wall, I don’t know what I’d do. ;-p

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Did you like the Goblin's finale? Sigh I put too much faith into the writer...

It’s me watching the Goblin’s ending 

Honestly, I’m still feeling bitter about the ending. I rather choose the tragic ending of ep 13 when Goblin has returned to nothingness than a force happy ending. It’s sad but at least his punishment has ended and he doesn’t have to suffer anymore. It hurts more seeing he gets his immortality back and keep seeing everyone was leaving once again and he left alone as always. The sadness in his eyes and when he was alone in the buckwheat garden. This scene is so heartbreaking. The so called “happy ending” for everyone not him. Before he can meet Eun Tak again, how many years have passed and he just suffered more. If the writer planned for a happy ending, she could make something like Dots. Even It’s all kinds of ridiculous but it’s still happy. I just feel empty and unsatisfying with Goblin’s ending. There is just so much hurt, disappointment. 

#unpopular opinion: I will feel less bitter over the ending if his buddy grim reaper is still by his side. The one he can talk to, the one he can always depend on, make him feel less lonely.  Immortal duo together :D 

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do u ever just think about how alina and nikolai fit so well together?? the just both understand each other really really well and they're always there for each other when things go bad and the other's always there to comfort the other and sometimes it gets so overwhelming for alina that she LITERALLY HAD TO TELL NIKOLAI TO STOP BEING SO GREAT??? alina was like troubled and nikolai was there for her and and they TALKED (1/2)

(pt.2 and alina was all smiley and happy and she was like “stop that” and nikolai’s like “stop what” “stop saying the right thing” and it’s just so healthy and cute???? till this day i still wonder how she ended up with malaria i just dont understand (2/2))

they brought THE BEST in each other and nikolai was so kind and understanding and he loved her despite and in spite everything, he loved her when she was the most powerful grisha to ever breathe air and he loved her when she was powerless and “ordinary” and i’m sure he still loves her and some part of him always will and i just?? think?? about this?? A LOT?? i like alarkling for other reasons but nikolina’s ALWAYS been the best choice within canon and just!!!!!!! r&r/malina being endgame makes zero sense to me. zero.

why would they produce lazy writing? don’t you think they’d spend EXTRA time on writing the final episode of a series? why have they been lazy with this one? why would they give up now, even though there are conventions they’re appearing at planned?

the queerbaiting quote i have no idea what to say about because they’ve said things like that since… forever. and its shitty of them but if you believed before then it’s just the same? it just hurts worse now because we were all expecting it… and we’ve all been here so long

i understand people’s frustrations and being upset (i am too, i’m exhausted!) but i don’t know why people who have been fans for so long are giving up so easily but i guess i answered my own question - they’re frustrated and upset and have had enough, but i’m like, frustrated and upset and CAN’T WAIT FOR ANSWERS i’ll get my pitchfork out when i think i need it, i’ve looked at it a couple of times ngl but i’m not letting something i love go this easily, especially when things are so suspicious

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okay i want to read tgt bc I read soc and adored it but this mal guy sounds like the biggest wanker like omg and I know he's endgame like how do I push through that? do the other characters make him bearable?

okay so… you’re gonna feel A LOT of anger after you’re done reading bc everything about the r&r ending (a.k.a the final third book) feels wrong but i love the other characters to bits so.. i know it’s nearly impossible but try to ignore his presence as much as you can? pretend he’s just a nightmare (he is) and alina’s gonna wake up, realize she’s finally free of the emotional abuse he put her through and ditch his crusty white fuqboi ass. ALSO there are some moments that made me slow clap like there’s this scene in the second book where alina’s discussing mal with tamar, a lesbian, and tamar is like ‘ummmmmmmmm no offense honey but what do you like… see in him’ and alina almost gasps like ‘??? mal’s everybody’s type’ but tamar is just like

and it’s the best thing ever tbqh

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On of the only Het love stories I give any amount of shit for is the story of Jeanne de Clisson who's third husband was wrongly executed by the French King, causing her to sell everything she owned and gather a loyal army to conquer the region of France called Brittany. She then fled to England where she was given three warships that she used to terrorize the English Channel, her flagship was named 'My Revenge.'

what a woman?

@fandomsardonic Possible but I’d like to think not.

(I don’t hate Leta - I think she’ll be an interesting character and it will certainly be nice to see some of Newt’s past. I just think/hope it doesn’t go that way with him having kids with her and then going off with Tina)

(Also, though I don’t think that FBAWTFT should be classified as purely a “kids” movie as it’s quite dark, a lot of the audience IS children. I can’t imagine there being a “Newt has children with one woman then marries another”/illegitimate children storyline…then again, we’ve been surprised before)

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hey how are u? I love your blog and even tho I've been in the sherlock fandom for three years and known a little about tjlc it is now that I feel the most envolved in all this (because S4!?!) and it's great! but I've been reading a lot of blogs about johnlock and I've found that people don't like sherlock being ace, that it could be homophobic, but I don't get it(? I'm ace, and I feel a little bad when I see this among the fandom, idk not to be rude or anything <3 but could you explain it to me?

Hi there! I’m perhaps not the best person to go to for this kind of questions. I’m afraid I haven’t read much on the topic so my reply could not contain the knowledge that others who know about more on this subject or can give you a more informed answer, could. I think that there’s a big gap between people that see sherlock as ace and sherlock as gay. I do also know that you can be ace but be homoromantic, those are according to my limited knowledge not exclusive. I think that a lot of people (i include myself in this group) that see sherlock as gay, think so because of the way we read the sherlock from bbc. Personally, i have never engaged in those kind of discussions. I feel that as long as we can be polite, there’s no need to bash other’s ideas in such a way. But as I said, I’m not the best person to come to for this so maybe i’m wrong.

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omg that post about gracie gold's depression made me so angry. i'm so glad other people commented on it and said the op has no idea what they're talking about. (also, i love your blog! sorry for the random message.)

So many people are like “why is she depressed she should be grateful for what she has” and it just doesn’t happen like that. It’s the worst thing one can say to a depressed person. I’m pretty sure she is aware (probably too aware) she should be grateful and I’m pretty sure that’s one of the thoughts that feeds her depression. Posts like that just show how uneducated most people are about mental health and I can’t believe it’s still happening in 2017. Except I can.

Thanks for your message, I’m happy you like my blog!