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In chapter 25 I think of reverse Kurama thinks for a moment of taking Genma with him. Do you ever think of doing a au of it. I just imagine all the shenanigans they would get into.

Genma wakes with a throbbing headache, the vaguely nauseating lurch of a mild concussion, and the scent of rain and wet earth heavy in his nose.

It’s nothing at all like the sea-and-stone scent of Whirlpool Country that he remembers from before, and the air clings like a damp shroud in a way that sea air doesn’t. There’s no sense of Kakashi’s chakra, either, familiar and crackling like lightning. Instead, it’s like someone lit a bonfire right next to his head—chakra burns, as brilliant as standing at the heart of a wildfire.

Taking a breath, Genma opens his eyes, and is immediately confronted by orange-gold and green.

“Kurama-nii!” the little girl calls gleefully, grin wide and bright. “Kurama-nii, he’s awake! Are you going to torture him?”

“Are you going to eat him?” a redheaded boy, even younger than the girl, asks solemnly, leaning over Genma’s other side. Eerily pale eyes blink at Genma for a moment, and then the boy looks up. “Shukaku says you should eat him.”

“Shukaku is about ten cards short of a full deck,” a familiar voice says dryly, and a dark-skinned arm loops around the little boy and scoops him up. “Sweetheart, I thought you were supposed to be emptying out your pack.”

“But laying clothes out is boring,” the girl complains, even as she scrambles up. “They’re not that wet.”

“If you don’t stick them by the fire, they’re going to molder,” Uzumaki Kurama says, crouching down even as he boosts the redhead—the Kazekage’s child, Ichibi jinchuuriki, highly unstable, Genma remembers from the report, and can’t feel anything but bemused—up to cling to his shoulder. The boy latches on like a monkey, apparently perfectly content, and Kurama definitely doesn’t seem to mind, hardly even notices as he looks Genma over a little warily.

“Sorry,” he says, on the verge of gruff, but there’s a flicker in his eyes that makes Genma certain that he means it. “Freak Squad was incoming, and it was put you down or get the kids the hell out of there.”

Given that dropping him was hardly a time-consuming chore, Genma calls bullshit, and lets his raised eyebrow speak volumes as he pulls himself up to sit. Kurama has the grace to look faintly abashed, if not regretful, and he rolls his eyes a bit and huffs.

Well. There’s nothing to be done about it now, clearly, since Genma gets the feeling that Whirlpool Country is far behind them. He looks Kurama over, taking in the ragged clothes, the bare feet, the weary look edging his eyes, and tips his head in acceptance.

“I feel like I picked a fight with a mountain,” he says, keeps it light so that Kurama will know he’s joking even as he puts a hand up to rub at the lump on his skull.

Thankfully, it’s only humor that crosses Kurama’s sharp, almost pretty features. He chuckles softly, reaching out to gently tip Genma’s head forward. It’s a careful motion, and Genma only just feels the touch of claws against his scalp as Kurama shifts his hair. His bandana is still in his pocket, he realizes with something of a start. And—maybe it’s fitting, that Genma took off his hitai-ate before he helped Kurama, but…

Namikaze Minato was Genma’s Hokage, far more than the Sandaime. Minato was the one he loved, the one he would have given his life for in a heartbeat. And it was Minato he was serving, letting Kurama go. There’s no way Minato would ever have kept Naruto away from his last living relative, even if Naruto wasn’t his son. What could Genma do but honor that, when everything pointed to Kurama being benevolent, rather than an enemy?

“A jinchuuriki, not a mountain,” Kurama corrects dryly, letting Genma go to sink back on his heels, though dark red eyes linger on him. “It’s probably the next best thing, though, honestly.”

Genma grins, because he knew Kushina, and he’d definitely agree with that. Before he can say as much, though, there’s a scuffle off to the side, and with a cheer Naruto goes tumbling head over heels, a small white fox in his arms. They’re wrestling, Genma realizes with a start, and—

Six years, and he’s never seen Naruto laugh like that before. Like Kushina, loud and bright, entirely uncontained.

Kurama growls under his breath, more exasperation than anger, and practically dives over Genma, grabbing for the boy, and Genma looks, takes in what’s alarmed the man, and sees the edge of a cliff uncomfortably close. With a curse, he grabs Kurama’s shirt, anchoring him, and Kurama snatches Naruto and the fox up a bare foot from the edge.

“Don’t do that, kit,” he huffs, even as Genma reels him back in, heartbeat still stuttering in his chest at the near miss.

“Sorry, Kurama-nii,” Naruto says abashedly, offering up a sheepish grin that’s entirely Minato and makes Genma’s breath catch a little.

“Oops,” the fox agrees cheerfully, wiggling out of Naruto’s hold. “We’ll be more careful, Kurama-sama.”

Kurama rolls his eyes, but he sets Naruto on his feet, then lets Gaara slide down to join him. “We’re going to be up here for one night. Please try not to die, okay, brats?”

“Are we giving you gray hairs?” a blonde preteen asks solemnly, looking Kurama over with sharp eyes. “Anzu said we were, but I don’t see any.”

“If anyone could, it would be you four,” Kurama says dryly. “But no. I’m fine.”

Yugito eyes him for one more moment, then nods, apparently accepting that, and says, “Naruto, Gaara, come help me lay out your clothes so they’ll dry. You don’t want to be wearing wet things tomorrow, do you?”

“Aww,” Naruto complains, though by the way he bounces over to her side, it’s probably not nearly as much of a problem as he’s making it seem. Gaara casts one more look at Genma, faintly cautious, and then follows.

Genma watches them for a moment, taking in the small cave they’re all camped out in. outside, rain is sheeting down, and grey clouds obscure everything, though Genma can’t tell if the cloud-cover is particularly low or if they’re up high. No defining characteristics, beyond the rain, and at this time of year that could mean they’re in Ame, Grass, southern Lightning Country, or anywhere near the eastern sea.

He glances over at Kurama to find the man watching him closely, still sitting next to him with one leg bent and an elbow looped around it. Definitely not the pose of an enemy, or even someone suspicious of Genma’s motives, and that’s…strange. Kurama shouldn’t know anything about him, and certainly not enough to mark him as something besides a possible threat.

Then again, Genma supposes that he wouldn’t be conscious anywhere near the kids if Kurama thought he was a threat. Probably would have been killed back in Whirlpool Country, honestly, and it’s not a comforting thought, but it’s still reassuring. Kurama’s doing everything possible to protect the jinchuuriki children, and Genma knows bone-deep that he won’t let any harm come to them.

“What’s happening tomorrow?” he asks mildly, carefully leaning back to brace himself against the wall of the cave.

For a long moment Kurama just looks at him, dark red eyes assessing. He looks so much like Kushina, from the shape of his eyes to the angle of his jaw, that it’s a little eerie, but…comforting. Genma’s spent the last six years with the only reminder of Kushina being her son, and for all Naruto will likely look like his mother when he gets older, for now his father’s coloring overwhelms it. It’s impossible not to see Minato, when Genma looks at him, so the shadow of Kushina in Kurama’s features is a welcome one.

Raggedly cut red hair sways as Kurama tips his head a little, and his lips tip up in a hint of a smirk. “If I said Kiri, what would you do?”

Kiri? Genma blinks, entirely taken aback, and—he’d honestly been expecting Kurama to say Ame. It would at least make more sense than the Bloody Mist.

Except maybe it wouldn’t, because Kurama’s been hitting all the highlights in his jinchuuriki-acquisition tour, and besides Bee, the only ones he hasn’t visited yet are Yagura and Kiri’s second human sacrifice.

“…You’re going to take four kids into Kiri,” he says, even so, because the bloody graduation exam might have stopped when he was a kid, but that doesn’t mean Kiri is anything even vaguely close to stable.

Kurama blinks, and then snorts. He curls his legs under him, shifting forward, and says, “You know, most people skip over the fact that they’re kids, seeing as they’re jinchuuriki too.”

Genma rolls his eyes at the man, because after Genma committing treason for him he should damn well know better. “Most people probably didn’t have to deal with a pregnant Kushina. Believe me, that’s not something I could forget.”

The slant of Kurama’s mouth changes, a faintly bittersweet smile crossing his face. “Yeah. She was a terror, wasn’t she?”

“The biggest terror,” Genma says fondly, because Kushina may as well have been a second older sister, and he adored her for everything she was. These last few years have been torture, only being able to involve himself in the barest fringes of Naruto’s life, unable to be anything but an invisible watcher most of the time. It hurts, even more so because he knows it’s the exact opposite of what Minato and Kushina would have wanted.


Well. Thinking like that, it’s easy enough to know what to do next. Kurama said he was planning to bring Naruto back to Konoha, and that’s good enough for Genma.

“So,” he says easily, pulling a senbon out of his sleeve and flipping it through his fingers. “What are our plans in Kiri?”

Kurama’s eyes widen, and he looks up at Genma sharply. Genma just grins back, lazy and maybe a little challenging, and watches the realization flicker across that familiar-unfamiliar face.

“Well,” Kurama drawls, “hopefully I’ll be able to find a babysitter. And then I was planning to go punch a goddess in the face. You up for it?”

Raidō is going to murder him, but it’s still nowhere near enough to make Genma back down. He holds Kurama’s gaze, tucks the senbon between his teeth, and smiles. “I did always like to dream big.”

Just a friendly reminder to the Inazuma Eleven fandom, the first episode of Inazuma Eleven Ares will be coming out today (tomorrow for many of you) 21st October 20:00 JST

Please remember that not everyone will be able to see the episode the moment it goes live/ while the stream is happening (whether you’re at school/work/ sleeping because of timezone) so please tag your spoilers!

I’m asking please use the tags #iespoilers, #iearesspoilers, #aresspoilers, #inaaresspoilers or #inazumaelevenaresspoilers so that anyone who wishes to avoid spoilers can do so properly.

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daily reminder that you are a survivor of your everyday. you have been through all of the bad things that happened to you and you are still here and i’m so proud. that’s amazing and you should receive an award for that. remember that you can go through today and tomorrow too!

#2secondtransformation to show you that 1. Instagram is not real life and 2. Bloating happens!! It’s all about lighting, angles, flexing, and literally contorting your body until you can not breathe. Today I woke up HELLA bloated to the point where trying to suck in hurt, BUT hey it happens and that’s OKAY! Sometimes what you see on social media isn’t always the full story, so don’t beat yourself up for simply being human. You are beautiful no matter what!!! take some deep breathes and remind yourself that is this just temporary, and that tomorrow is a whole new day💕

Batfam Quotes

The batfam as things my family has said this vacation.

Tim: *softly* It’s only gay if the dicks touch.

Jason: *eating a smore with melted chocolate* This is what it looks like when you eat ass.

Bruce: If everyone could stop announcing that they have to poop by screaming at the top of their lungs, that’d be great. We do have neighbors, guys.

Dick: *while plastered* *gasps* You guys are watching The Lorax?!

Babs: Why is the pool closed? Shouldn’t it be my decision as to whether or not I want to freeze my tits off?!

Duke: All we’ve had for dinner for 5 nights straight is burgers and honestly, this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Alfred: If people would just do the dishes every once in a while then maybe I wouldn’t be going for an EKG next week.

Steph: *while plastered, talking to her phone* Okay Google. Remind me tomorrow to fight Jason.

Cass: the ice cream store closes in five minutes, get on! *goes 30mph on the golf cart to get to the ice cream store*

Damian: *softly* There’s so many dogs here… I’m gonna live here forever.

Harper: *about the female lifeguards* I’m too gay for this shit.

So I was drunk and I had this dream where when you turn 17 a tattoo that represents your soulmate appears on your skin in a random place and its colour is proportional to the love your soulmate has for you.

Jimin has two little wings on his fingers, and he knows it’s Jungkook. He just knows it’s the maknae of his group, he has always loved him. Sadly, the wings are just black, so he always wear a ring because he doesn’t want to be reminded that his soulmate -the love of his life- doesn’t love him.
When Jungkook turns 17, he and the other members are gathered in their living room waiting for the tattoo to appear, but nothing happens. Jin tries to calm Jungkook with a “maybe it takes some time, we’ll se tomorrow, yeah?” So Jungkook goes to take a shower and HOLY SHIT there’s a super colourful flower on his hip.
He’s excited but also annoyed because “wtf I’m A MAN with a flower tattooed”.
So he never let others see his tattoo ‘cause “it’s in a very private part”.
Jimin looks under the ring on his finger: his tattoo is still black. He swears he’s never going to look at it again.
Time passes, it’s 2015 and Jungkook starts to panic because the colours of his tattoo are gradually becoming less vibrant.
He spends a lot of time walking around, looking at people, hoping to meet a person that would make his heart flutter, but nothing.
The flower on his hip, once painted with beautiful colours, now it’s almost black. He just gives up.
One day he’s putting on a pair of underwear after a shower and Namjoon -who never knocks- walked in their shared room and sees the tattoo.
“Isn’t that an hibiscus?”
“S-Sorry but don’t you know that hibiscus are Jimin’s favourite flowers?”
“What the fuck are you saying hyung”
So Namjoon takes him to Jimin’s room -thankfully no one is there- and points to a picture of baby Jimin where he’s holding a bunch of hibiscus in his small hands.
“Listen hyung, it’s a coincidence, how many people have a picture with flowers, c'mon”
“Yeah, but how many people have a picture with hibiscus AND a collection of dried hibiscus?” And he takes this notebook from Jimin’s bedside table and it’s full of hibiscus, and Jungkook wants to disappear because, 1) his soulmate is a man and it’s his band mate 2) how in the hell he didn’t know about these stuff.
So Jungkook tries to make Jimin love him again, but he doesn’t tell him he’s his soulmate because he couldn’t handle the rejection. He hugs Jimin, compliments him and all those cheesy stuff that he tought would make himself cringe, but he actually loves showering Jimin with attentions.
He loves Jimin, but, apparently, Jimin doesn’t love him anymore.
Does he even know Jungkook is his soulmate?
Run comeback is near and Jungkook is so fucking tired of trying to make Jimin love him again. His tattoo is colourless. So he just gives up, again.

Jimin Is on his bed, reading a really cheesy book, when he cuts his finger with the paper. He then goes to the bathroom to disinfect it, but a little bit of blood went under the ring, the one he never -never- takes off.
He takes a deep breath, preparing himself to the sting at his heart, and slides the ring off of his finger.
His heart stops.
The wings are painted in a beautiful golden colour.
He run towards Jungkook’s room.

Jungkook is working out in his boxer, when the door slams open.
Why doesn’t anyone fuckin knock?
He sees Jimin -so beautiful- and his eyes are glossy, his cheeks flushed and wet from the tears he’s shedding and he sticks his hand towards him, showing him the golden wings tattooed on his finger and Jungkook fucking loses it.
He runs and hugs Jimin so tight that he starts coughing, but he’s hugging him back so tightly, sobbing into his naked chest, tears flowing from the older’s eyes to Jungkook’s abdomen and even if they’re are basically squeezing each other, they feel like they’re breathing for the first time.
The younger cries too, one hand on Jimin’s back and the other in the orange hair and he’s so fucking happy.

They stare at each other, tears still rolling down from their eyes, the distance between their lips reducing, and they’re kissing, feeling the salt from their tears.

Jungkook -with Jimin surprise- pulls his boxers slightly down and looks at the tattoo : the hibiscus has never been more colourful.

1) Jikook is real
2) my English sucks
3) drunk me is a genius

Your life will constantly be changing. Always. It will forever be anything but stagnant. However, when you think about it, this makes life so much more exciting. How boring would it be if the exact same thing happened today, tomorrow, and every other day to come? Very. So be thankful for the unexpected and twisted nature of this beautiful thing we call life.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

August 21st, 2017.

It made me smile that there is a solar eclipse today, because a solar eclipse somehow reminds me of Khadgar and Peregrïn. She compares him to the sun, and she is of course connected to the night/moon. So it sounds nice, meaningful even~ So I had to mark the occasion with a sketch ! 💜

Uptown Girl

Summary: Y/N comes from one of the richest families in New York. Peter crushes hard on her but knows they could never happen.

AN: hi i’ve come back from the dead lol (this is also gonna be in peter’s POV)

Peter Parker x Reader 

// Masterlist //

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“Are you coming over tonight?” My friend, Ned Leeds, said.

“I can’t. I have the Stark internship.” I opened my locker to avoid looking at him. He would see right through my lies.

“Again? Didn’t you go there yesterday too?” Ned leaned against the locker beside me.

“Well, Mr. Stark expects me to work hard. I don’t wanna let him down.”

“Don’t you think you’re working a little too hard?” Ned crossed his arms.

“No! I just want to-”

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“His Wedding” Part 4

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) Bucky and you are exes. He moved on but you couldn’t since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor - a ridiculous one. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will be fine. But it doesn’t always work out, does it?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1170

Warnings: none

Author’s Note: repost, with a lil’ editing! taglist is open!

‘His Wedding’ Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

“Um… am I disturbing you guys?”

The owner of the voice finally came in view, he had a cheeky grin on his face, having heard Natasha’s exclamations. The mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes told me he was eavesdropping on our conversation from the half open door.

“How long have you been there?” I ask him in a playful way, but also let him know that I’m a little creeped out by him.

“Oh, don’t worry, Y/N. I don’t think I heard anything but Nat shout out she saw you naked, which I already knew.” Steve chuckled before shrugging his jacket off and draping it on the armrest near me. He plumps his heavy body on the couch between me and Nat, chuckling. “Didn’t know you were into girls.”

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BTS reaction to another member walking in during sex

AAAAAAND guess who’s back with her 3rd reaction hell yeah. and what a great subject, yep, you guessed it: SEX :) you can probably guess what’s coming

btw please check out my new vkook edit on youtube :)

the following content is for mature minds only ;)

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How To Beat Procrastination When Procrastination Is A Part of You (By A World Class Procrastinator)

We’ve all seen those posts that give you advice to help you stop procrastinating, and they’re pretty good advice, unless procrastinating is inherent to who you are, like it is to me (for real, I’ve studied for my finals the day before the actual finals, so I know what I’m talking about).

So here are a few tips to beat procrastination’s ass and be a productive person, even if it’s not like you see on Tumblr.

First of, if you’re reading this post because you’re procrastinating, read the post and then close Tumblr, and acknowledge your effort. Just be proud of you for closing the app and making a first step towards productivity. You got this!

Next advice is not gonna help you stop procrastinating, but help you be more productive. Try to set your alarm clock earlier than you usually do, especially in the weekend, and wake up at 7 instead of 9 for instance. It’s a little bit hard at first, but once you’re out of bed, chances are you’ll feel energetic and ready to kick some ass. But that isn’t the best part. Because imagine you wake up at 9, and want to start studying at 10, but end up procrastinating for 2 hours. At noon, you won’t have gotten anything done, and you’ll probably go have lunch, and then take a nap, so you’ll end up starting working at like 3, 4, or 5. But if you wake up at 7 and want to start studying at 8, but end up procrastinating 2 hours, it’ll only be 10! So you procrastinated the same way you would have while waking up at 9, but you gain like 5, 6, or 7 hours of potential study time and productivity!

Another advice that I find useful in my quest to beat procrastination is really setting myself to understand what I’m studying, and imagining studying and learning as some sort of power, which it is, really! I try to think of inspiring people, tell myself “they did it, and so can I”, and try to make myself proud.

Break tasks into really small tasks! I know it’s a common advice, but we’re gonna take it to the extreme. If for instance you have to do a math exercise, break it down into small tasks such as “answer question 1”, “answer question 2”, etc., instead of setting the task “do math exercise”. It will be so much more rewarding for you and will help you stay in the loop of productivity!

Take breaks quite often, especially if you have trouble focusing on a single thing for too long. I personally use the Podomoro (Pomodoro? I’m not sure and I’m too lazy to check it out lol but you know what I mean) technique, and it works wonders with me! I use the app Flat Tomato, which allows you to set your own times, and tells you how good you did compared to other people the day before (rewarding process!), and I definitely recommend it. On your breaks, drink a little bit of water, and do what you like to do, whether it’s surfing the net or doodling or whatever, so you keep the reward system going!

What I find to be quite efficient as well is to have a visual representation of your long-term goal is, your motivation to study this shit you’re probably not interested in. Like if you have a dream job, write it down and keep it in sight, so you’re always reminded that you’re not working for nothing, that the effort you put in the work and the effort you make to not procrastinate are worth it.

Be realistic when writing down your to-do list. We usually tend to write a lot of stuff done, thinking we can do it because we’re really motivated this time and we will get shit done, but we usually don’t, and when we see how much stuff we didn’t do, we most likely feel crappy and end up guilt watching Netflix (I think we can all relate to that, at least I know I do), which definitely isn’t productive.

Don’t work too much. I know this advice sounds bad, but us procrastinators aren’t used to working over a long period of time, we’re rather used to working an awful lot over a very short period of time. So at first, you’ll want to work a lot over a long period of time, and your brain and body will just be like “what the fuck dude” and will potentially shut down, and everything you’ll try to learn won’t stick in your memory, and your attention will drastically decrease, giving you a lot of stress and making you feel terrible about yourself. Therefore, as you start kicking procrastination’s ass, be kind to yourself, and learn to know when you’ve reached your limit for the day. Then maybe take a 20-minute nap, and if you feel better and need to study, go back to studying. But if you feel too tired or overwhelmed to keep on studying, don’t beat yourself up, acknowledge everything you got done so far, and take a moment to say “go me! I did great today!”, even if you didn’t do everything that was in your to-do list, which was probably too long anyways.

So yeah, these are my tips to help you become a more productive person. It won’t happen over the night, no matter how many times you promise yourself you’ll be productive tomorrow, but slowly, you’ll start to get more work done and feel super good about yourself, even if there are times where you might feel overwhelmed. In these times, take a deep breath, remind yourself of you got done so far, and remember that it is only humane to procrastinate and that it isn’t a fatality (if it were, a lot of people on this planet wouldn’t have a job, trust me).

Go you, you got this! Go beat procrastination and be a productivity queen/king! I’m rooting for you!

I hate you │5

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

summary:  The fuckboy can’t help it but get protective when you’re in danger
member: Jeon Jungkook x reader
genre: fluff, romance, angst
word count: 2.5k
warnings: fuckboy!Jungkook badboy!Jungkook
I hate you Masterlist 123 4 5 6 7 (ongoing)

A/N: For some reason, “I hate you 2″ doesn’t show up anywhere as if the post doesn’t exist, even the link doesn’t work on my phone. Do you guys have any idea why? please message me if you do. P.S I have the next part planned out, but it’s gonna take awhile, so please don’t expect it to be posted tomorrow. I’ll post it somewhere this week though. 

You have successfully ignored his presence the whole day. Meeting him, looking him in the eyes would once again remind you how much you actually hated him. He didn’t seem to mind ignored by you either, but then after the class ended he approached you in the hallway.

“Hey” -he greeted you as if nothing had happened yesterday. What else did you expect? an apology? from someone like him?

“Your turn”- you said with as indifferent and uninterested tone as you could. You would never show him that he had any kind of effect on you. You took the diary out of your bag and threw it at him, just like he had done to you the day before. 

“I know you have every right to be mad at me but let me explain”-his words were barely audible, clearly not used to explaining his actions to others and feeling ashamed because of it.

“I’m not angry at you and you don’t owe me any kind of explanation, it’s none of my business, remember?”

“It’s not like that, I.. uh just hear me out”-he reached out his hand to touch your arm but stopped in the middle. To hide what he intended to do he took his hand back and placed it on the back of his neck. 

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The Tenth Floor pt9

Min Yoongi had gone through 34 secretaries in the past 24 months, and each one of them left in tears. This fact alone should have warned you against taking the job, but the pay was too good to pass up. Surely you could put up with a billionaires temper-tantrums, right?

Yoongi x Reader & Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, humor, probably some angst

Warnings: Strong language, and smut talked about/implied in this chapter

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Yoongi wasn’t in his office on Tuesday morning when you walked in. It wasn’t like him to be late; more often than not, he had already been there for several hours before anyone else even stepped foot into the building. He hadn’t said anything the previous day that he wasn’t coming in, and you turned away from his dark office to find Namjoon.

“Have you heard from Yoongi this morning?” You asked, and Namjoon looked up from his computer with a slight frown. “He’s not here, should we be worried?”

“He didn’t tell you?” Namjoon asked, tilting his head to the side. “It’s the anniversary of his mothers death. He’ll be back in tomorrow.” He went back to whatever he was typing, his attention hardly ever leaving the computer screen.

“Oh.” Was all you could think of to say. He hadn’t said anything to you, but then again, why would he? You still had a job to do whether he was there or not. So you couldn’t quite figure out why you felt the slightest bit hurt by it. Perhaps you could argue that it was rude of him not to say anything to you, but even that sounded petty. He was the CEO, he didn’t owe and explanation to anyone, save maybe for Namjoon who was head of human resources and actually needed to know.

You also felt a strange sadness for Yoongi, the thought of him visiting his mothers grave, perhaps by himself. Or maybe he had gone with his family, that seemed like a much better option in your mind. There was such fondness in his voice the few times he had mentioned her, it was clear she meant a lot to him, and you hoped that he was surrounded by supportive people on a day like this.

You wondered back to your desk with your mind a million miles away. Should you say something to him tomorrow? That you were sorry or something along those lines, or would that simply make him feel worse? That might depend on how long ago it had happened, which you didn’t have the fainest clue. You realized once again how very little you knew about him, and also how much you wanted to change that–not that you should.

It didn’t help that things were still slightly awkward around him, with you constantly trying to remind yourself that he was your boss and that was all he ever should be, and him switching between angry-screaming-CEO-Yoongi and odd-mostly-calm-Yoong. You almost preferred it when he was permanently angry, at least then you knew what to expect from him.

Then again, this other side of Yoongi was (while quite strange) sweet in a way, and almost seemed sane. You could actually have a conversation with him, joke with him even, and he certainly smiled more (though still not as often as normal people). But along with the good came the bad, and it was with out a doubt very bad that the more you got to know him (or tried to), the more you wanted to keep getting to know him–which wasn’t good for keeping the whole boss-employee boundary in tact.

You worked in a bit of a haze the rest of the day. It felt so strange to be there without him, and even Jimin didn’t bother to make constant jabs at you when you passed by his desk. Hoseok came by at one point to inform you that you had been staring at your blank computer screen for a solid ten minutes and that Seokjin was worried. That was when you knew you needed to think about something else. Taehyung wasn’t there, but that could have been for any number of reasons–including that he may have finally gotten bored like Yoongi predicted. Whatever the reason, you were also grateful not to have him there complicating things.

You stood from your desk without much thought, walking back to Yoongi’s empty office absently. You flicked on the light and looked around the mess that it always was. You had no idea how he got anything done in such a wreck, papers were always on the floor surrounding his desk, and the desk itself was so piled up it was almost comical. There was broken glass in one corner, and the filing cabinet in the other wouldn’t close.

You sighed as you made your way into the office–you had finished everything that needed to be done that day, checked and responded to emails, returned calls and reviewed files. So you set about picking up the space, sorting papers and re-stacking them properly. Over the last week and a half, you had learned where and how Yoongi liked things–he just wasn’t good at putting them back where they belonged.

You opened the curtains that blocked off the rather incredible view of the city that Yoongi would have from his office if he ever bothered to move the fabric out of the way. It made the whole space feel better immediately, and you wondered how much more it would help if you opened a window–but you would save that for another day.

Among the papers on his desk, you found an expired credit card, a pair of glasses with one of the lenses missing, and an invitation for a party that happened two months ago. You also found a sticky note that said “call dad” buried under an old spreadsheet. You had no idea if he actually had, so you stuck it next to the many other yellow squares of paper that covered the side of his computer screen.

“What are you doing?” A familiar voice said from the door, and in your haste to stand up, you bumped your head on the underside of Yoongi’s desk where you had been gathering papers from.

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Something's Wrong || Part Eleven

Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Part Six || Part Seven || Part Eight || Part Nine || Part Ten || Part Eleven || Part Twelve  || Part Thirteen || Part Fourteen || Part Fifteen || Part Sixteen || Part Seventeen

a/n: I am so so so sorry for not updating yesterday! I was out all day touring a college and I thought I had this post scheduled but I realized it was just sitting in my drafts! Sorry again! Will continue if requested!

 Yoongi let himself in right when he got to your apartment, carrying takeout and his backpack. His whole demeanor changed when it came to you, feeling the need to protect you at all costs ever since the two of you were young. 

He found you in your bedroom, hidden and buried beneath your comforter. The TV in front of your bed was on, playing a gossip show on low volume. All that was seen from the door way was your hair peeking up from the dull bed. 

 Yoongi set the take out and bag beside your nightstand before slipping off his shoe. He pulled back your comforter and slipped in beside you, pulling you closer to his body. Maybe it was the lighting, but you looked fae-like, precious and delicate. Fragile to everything. Yoongi didn’t hesitate to embrace you, pulling you flush to his body. 

 Your body instantly began to shake and Yoongi ran his dull nails through your hair, gently scratching your scalp. You cling to him as your thoughts overwhelmed you. 

 But Yoongi stayed where he was, comforting you. Then you started crying. 

Sobs wracked your body and you chocked out incoherent words. Yoongi shushed you, rubbing your back and resting his head on top of yours and closed his eyes. Shame and guilt overtaking his mind, seeing you in this state.

Eventually you calmed down and your eyes were heavy. “Are you hungry? We can always heat up the food,” Yoongi said softly. 

You nodded, sitting up, letting the comforter fall from your chest and Yoongi laid there. He laid there admiring the natural way you look, with your hair disheveled and your eyeliner smudged under your eyes. The look in your eyes were full of agony, agony Yoongi couldn’t exactly pin point but was clearly there. 

“I’ll go heat it up.” Yoongi lightly brushed your arm before getting out of bed, grabbing the cold bag of takeout and going to the kitchen. 

 You rub your eyes, cringing at the black that smudges on your fingers. You rushed to the bathroom and washed your hands and face. Gripping at the counter you curse yourself. Letting Yoongi in would just make it worse. 

 You heard the microwave beep and you quickly dry your hands and make your way to the kitchen. Right where Yoongi is preparing the plates. “You should go find something to watch,” Yoongi said, putting the next plate of food in the microwave. “I’ll bring everything in when it’s ready." 

 Tiredly, you nod and make your way back to the bedroom. "Don’t ruin my kitchen again,” you called behind you. 

 "Not my fault I didn’t know you couldn’t put aluminum in the microwave!“ 

 You almost freeze in your tracks and turn around. "Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Go find something to watch!" 

 So you find yourself back in the bedroom, burying yourself in the blankets and pillow as you look for something on TV. Yoongi comes in minutes later, balancing the plates on his arms and a concentrated look on his face. "Careful,” you mumbled worriedly. 

 He gave you a smile before handing you one of the plates before sitting down. “Sorry if it’s too hot,” he says as he makes himself comfortable. You both did this all the time, invading each other’s bedroom and making yourself at home. It was a ritual of yours whenever you bother spend the night. 

 "It’s fine,“ you decided to stop on a channel playing a cliche movie. Yoongi gave you another glance before beginning to eat. 

 After a bit he broke the silence. "Are you feeling any better?” You just shrug. “Want to talk?" 


 "It would change everything,” you said abruptly. “And I don’t want anything to change." 

 It was true. If he rejected you, how would you be able to be this close without your thoughts haunting you? Reminding you of what happened. If he returned your feelings, all these times you spent together like this would change. It wouldn’t be all platonic anymore, but the opposite. You didn’t know if you would be ready for that. 

 Yoongi didn’t say anything, just looked at you with curious eyes. 

 After eating and making small talk, you take the plates and brought them to the kitchen, deciding to clean them tomorrow. When you got back to the room you saw that Yoongi was already under the blankets, ready for bed. With a small sigh you turned off the side table lamp and got under the comforters. 

 Everything in your body was tense, worried about what would happen next in your relationship with Yoongi. You bit your lip and willed yourself to not make a noise as another set of hot tears rolled over your cheeks. 

 Yoongi’s arms circled around your waist and his chin rested on your shoulder. He didn’t even have to see your face to know what was happening. An internal battle amongst yourself. 

 You let yourself cry more and more. Angry and frustrated with yourself. 

 Yoongi just held you tighter, thinking about how much time he wasted loving other girls when he had the perfect one in front of him.

I just can’t seem to get you out of my head and it’s driving me crazy. Letting go of you is harder than I thought it would be. All these memories keep popping up in my head; over and over again. Everything just seems to remind me of you. It’s exhausting, but eventually I’ll get over you. Maybe not tomorrow, but I’m sure it will happen one day.
—  L.N.
The question I get the most is, ‘Do you want [Iris] to have powers?’ And while I would say, ‘Yes, I would love to strap some leather on for an episode’, I love that she provides this human quality to this very superhuman show. It’s something that our audience can all identify with. None of us are probably gonna get struck by lightning tomorrow and end up being the fastest man alive, I mean it could happen. But this show reminds us, you know, if you did get struck by lightning tomorrow, are you Barry Allen, or are you a villain? Who are you today, and what kind of person are you? So, it’s really fun for me to get to play this really human element on our show. I think [Iris] is extraordinarily important to Barry’s superhero narrative.
—  Candice Patton

HEY CHAOS KIDS, it’s everyone’s favorite piece of garbage, WeatherQuest, aka BidoofDaily! I finally broke 500, and I want to show you all how much I appreciate each one of you!

I’ll be doing another giveaway, this time a little less obtuse than the last.

The Rules

1. You gotta be following BidoofDaily.

2. Only reblogs will count, and you can only enter once!

3. The deadline to enter is May 13th, when the winners will be chosen.

4. You need your IMs or your ask box open–I need some way to get in contact with you.

The Prizes

Examples of what I’m capable of lmao:

First place prize will be a full-size, full-color image, maximum size of 8.5x11 inches (standard A5 printer paper size). Up to two characters/subjects possible, full background optional.

Second place prize will be a medium-size, partial-color image. Up to two characters/subjects possible, each in full color, with a solid color background optional.

Third place prize will be a small-size, partial color image. Only one subject possible, but you can choose between either a single sketch will extensive color, or a sketch page with color accents (not including frames).

The winners will be chosen by a random number generator. I WILL NOT draw anything I consider to be N//s/f//w/, but anything is up for grabs. I default to digital for drawings, but winners can ask for traditional art if they so wish. Full drawings will be posted here as they are finished, and winners can request that the full files are emailed to them.

Anyways, thank you everyone! Good luck if you enter!

Tomorrow, Today

Oh my gosh guys I have so much love and appreciation for these boys. JJP’s new MV brought me back from so much stress and crap that I was dealing with. These lyrics legit made me cry ok? The MV was so amazingly beautiful and I’m so proud of our boys for working so hard on this album. I will cherish it forever. We all need to take time out of our lives to sit and truly appreciate how amazing this comeback was guys. Just waves of greatness. These boys deserve the world and I will fight anyone who says this comeback of JJProject was not perfect ok? I don’t think I can really put into words just how much I take the lyrics of Tomorrow, Today to heart to be honest. Recently life has been kinda every where. Whenever I used to think about things in the future like college or what I wanted to do with my life (yeah the deep cheesy stuff I know but I also know that everyone worries about this so you probably feel it too) I always used to think “what if I’m not gonna do that, or be here for this one thing. What if I move on to a different place or quit this thing” and I’ve driven myself crazy with so much stress that I should not have at this age. It’s songs like Tomorrow, Today and these types of amazing lyrics that artist put into their songs to help us realize we shouldn’t worry as much and that not everyone knows the future that really just get to me. I don’t wanna make this rant too long (whoops too late) but I just want to emphasize I LOVE JJP AND TOMORROW, TODAY!

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6x01 post ep fic

A/N: So my ass needs to get back to writing. Not making any promises but I’m going to try and write something for each ep just to get my writing engine revved again. @hopedreamlovepray is joining me in this endeavor so go check out the fic she posted earlier today. Enjoy, and let me know what you think! 

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