.pun fun

A collection or fun things from our latest Saturday night game in which our party utterly thrashes an Orc war party and gets into other shenanigans. 

DM: “Now matching his yellow marker, the last Orc has wet himself.”

PC1: “The halfling barbarian vindictively chases down the fleeing orc.”

PC2: “There’s no better way to start the morning than with a steaming hot cup of Orc blood.”

PC2 (Paladin) OOC: “These slots were made for smitin’, and that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days these slots’ll smite all over you~”

PC1’s dog sighs and makes a grumbling noise over the mic.

DM OOC: “Aw, she’s grumpy because she wants to play too.”

PC1 OOC: “I wonder what my dog would pick as a character class….”

PC3 OOC: “Barkbarian.”

I’m on a roll with headcanons so have some more:

Shiro definitely makes a first impression on the team as Intimidatingly Cool and a major icebreaker between him and Hunk is them bonding over puns. Hunk makes a pun without thinking, and before Lance can even groan about it Shiro fires right back with a related pun and Hunk looks like he’s witnessed a miracle.

Hunk and Lance bond because they were already best friends. Hunk and Keith bond because Keith is like a sad kitten left out in the rain and there’s no way Hunk doesn’t hone in on that like a heat seeking missile. Hunk and Pidge bond over science. Hunk and Shiro? bond over puns.

Coran totally gets in there too but he’s put-out that cultural barriers mean some of his jokes require way too much explanation to be funny. He’s personally deeply vindicated the first time he makes a joke involving klanmuirl migratory patterns and Lance groans right away.

Pidge groans about puns. Her dad and her brother are both awful with puns so she’s just done with them. Lance didn’t mind puns until he started hanging out with Hunk, who takes these things to an entirely new level.

Keith is indifferent to puns but tends to get them like five to ten seconds later than everyone else unless someone explains it to him. (On that note there is no way to make Keith angry faster than “nobody explain the joke.”)

Allura will groan at other people’s puns (especially Coran’s, early on she’s the main indication the paladins have that Coran is making a pun) but once in a blue moon she likes to make them herself. When they’re her puns, she finds them absolutely hilarious. 



Meet Lolly, the Sherlollian Dinosaur. Because when you tell us that Sherlollians are dinosaurs that love frill, make up and jewelry I get inspired. Like so Inspired.

She is, in the words of @thewomaninthetanjacket “Shes Beauty. Shes grace. She might eat off your face… but that’s because she’s a dinosaur. And that’s what dinosaurs do.” And also she is probably the 3rd Greatest thing if ever done in my life.

Ps. Lolly enjoyed the meaty parts of the Sherlolly panel but she really loved the ball pit.
… she felt like the bell of the ball.