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Hi, I wondered if you guys could update the hair puling tag? Btw doing a great job, I visit here everyday and love all your recommendations xx

thank you thank you ;)

Five by Five by Inell (1/1 | 2,201 | NC17)

After a successful battle against a pack of omegas, Stiles tries to entice Derek into sexy times.

The hurry’s gonna bring you to your knees. by Alysaria_Jones (1/1 | 6,640 | NC17)

Stiles is experiencing an odd side effect of the witches curse. Strangely enough, he finds that Derek is the only one who can dull the ache between his thighs.

Lois Lane!Stiles & Superman!Derek Story by tumtatumtum (1/1 | 4,332 | R)

Stiles Lane asks Derek Kent out after a sexy and revealing encounter with Superman. Things get complicated.

What follows is angst, make-ups and a bit of smut.

One Shot! Enjoy.

Portent by Anonymous (2/2 | 2,175 | NC17)

It feels like love. Even when it does not look it.

A Mutual Conquest by ADevilsHunger (Dream_tempo) (1/1 | 4,858 | NC17)

Derek and Stiles are fuckbuddies on the edge of being something more, spurring each other on to kinkier heights by sharing details of their other conquests. Jackson is the latest target– repressed and needy. Making a mess of him might just bring some stuff to the surface for all three. Mostly a PWP with the occasional batch of feels.

Mattress Glow by tvvinkqueen (1/1 | 7,455 | NC17)

He guesses it has to do with the fact that after all these years of popping unintentional boners every time he got around Derek alone he finally got close enough to him for him to recognize what exactly that scent was and what exactly was happening beneath his Captain America boxers.

or, to put it in simpler terms,

Derek smells a boner.

I want you to smell like me when you go home to him by darkchild (1/1 | 1,795 | NC17)

“You’re such an asshole.” Stiles said between trying to catch his breath.

“And yet I’m still the one fucking you open instead of that fucker boyfriend of yours. I’m the one using your hole for the night.”

Spoiled by nameloc_ar_115 (1/1 | 5,865 | NC17)

In which there is a warrior, a virgin, several propositions, and the aftermath of a final battle.

To Know Your Place by ADevilsHunger (Dream_tempo) (1/1 | 2,588 | NC17)

After Derek gets his alpha powers, the rest of Beacon Hills is too afraid to stand up to him, until Stiles snaps and decides to put him in his place.

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Okay so have you ever wanted to whimsically jump in the air and click your heels together, then land safely like they do in old movies n shit

I’ve tried… my favorite camper of all time is really into parkour and would show off his skills by jumping into the air and clicking his heels like a leprechaun. He got the whole cabin trying it one day.

cracked the fatigued egg of my body
into the hot skillet of my bed
stirred all night and sizzled

let the spatula of dawn pull
all the scrambled bits

buttered let the bread of every day
serve me up on toasted

Heyo imma talk about JJ here bc I have lots of feelings about him

I know a lot of people don’t like JJ because he’s so egotistical, but honestly to me it seems like some of it is intentional forced confidence instead of genuine egotism. Like, as someone who struggles with low confidence, telling myself that I’m the best is actually helpful because you slowly start to believe it.

After listening to the full version of the theme of King JJ especially, so much of it seems to be reassuring to himself. A lot of the lines in there are the sort of thing I would tell myself even. While some of his confidence is real (and well deserved, because he really is good at what he does) I think that’s the reason he’s so excessive.

I think this is also why he’s so competitive. It’s a way to prove to himself that he’s great in a tangible way. Sometimes he gets carried away and says things that come off as rude, but he doesn’t mean to upset anyone.

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To help me digest Cas suddenly using Jedi mind tricks and being asked to wipe memories, I want a scene where Dean is all "Cas, you ever flashy thing me?" "No." "I'm serious Cas, have you ever flashy thinged me??" "No."

Aw! But see, this ISN’T sudden! Cas has had these abilities all along.

Dean’s just got a long, LONG history of demanding that Cas give him his personal space, up to and including the contents of his own head.

I think Cas has always tried to respect Dean’s autonomy like this, especially since he’s been made aware of how much his own head’s been messed with. I don’t think he’d wish that on ANYONE. What Naomi did to him, how Metatron manipulated him, what it was like to not be in control of himself while possessed by Lucifer… Cas is not going to do this casually.

Because Dean asked him to use that mind eraser on Lisa and Ben, you know. Dean’s ALL TOO AWARE that Cas has that ability.

And I don’t think it’s something either of them would choose to use lightly.

Probably part of the reason Cas just gave Ketch that confused look when Ketch asked him to mind wipe the secret service agent dudes. Like, no? We don’t just mess with people like that? Because it’s horrifying?

So yeah. Probably why we haven’t seen Cas pull this trick out all that often.

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Do you accept friendly hugs?

Depends. I don’t like them from strangers.

But if they’re from friends, I’m fine… what’s that? Wait…


Slow down, Blue. It’s fine. I’m glad you’re all right.

(Featuring @ask-tks-gems ‘s Blue Obsidian

EDIT: Blue’s dialogue in the background was provided by TK too!)

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Mob in B4, Deku in D1, or BH6!Pidge in B2. :D

FOR THE LIFE OF ME I could NOT get that face to look right on Mob X’’’’’’D So uh…Dimple is helping looool–also Deku is just…so precious…what a cute little fanboy :’’’D 


That kid is plotting something with the robot mice O.o (LONG TIME NO BH6 AU)

Send in a character and a face and I’ll draw it!