for those who couldnt watch the debate for whatever reason: Hillary clearly won, she was composed, mature, and intelligent and Dildo Truck was a horrible person as always and even went so far as to say that the women he has called horrible things DESERVED those things and he could have and would have done worse if he wanted. almost everything he said was false and Hillary’s website fact checked everything that was said if you want to check out some of the accusations he was throwing around. Dildo got boo’d at least twice i think and only a few cheers. Hillary got lots of cheers and WOOOs.

A Blind Warren

Imagine if Warren’s albinism had been permanent and left him legally blind.
-Warren tripping out his cane so there’s a dagger on one end.
-Leaving secret messages in braille for Kendra to find
-*warren walks into a wall* “Oh yeah there’s a wall there”-Dale
-“hey Warren wanna play Uno oh wait” “stfu all because I can’t tell green from blue ONE TIME”
-Walking around barefoot all the time because you just can’t trust shoes when you can’t see the ground.
-His hearing is heightened over time so he starts randomly popping in rooms when he hears Kendra and Vanessa “Is that shit talking I hear?”
-Warren being his own little sarcastic Legally Blind wannabe Legally Blonde self

summing up the debate:

Holt: What is your favorite cereal?

Either candidate: Well, let me tell you about cereal. Cereal is an important part of my day. Over my career, I’ve bought a lot of cereal. People have said that I’m great with cereal that I’ve shown how important cereal is for people. What’s most important is making sure our communities have lots of cereal and that we take cereal away from those who don’t need the cereal. Cereal companies have supported me and there’s been a lot of talk about cereal in the media. The media is in support of cereal and so I think they’re in support of me. Cereal is needed and I fully support eating it.

ok but when i told seb the bookmark i made was of the romanian flag, he kind of went slack in shock and his eyes grew even wider and his jaw dropped and that’s when he reached for me and pulled me in for a hug. i swear on my life his voice was shaking when he said “this is awesome, thank you, thank you so much!” right in my ear, sincere and genuine. i’m so emotional he’s such a sweetheart

Not Trying to Start Shit

But if you seriously think RF/LM Stans are the only ones who Bully in this Fandom you are mistaken. Pull out as many receipts as you want from as many platforms as you want but don’t sit here and pull them for only RF/LM and act like they’re the only ones. I really hate that people think that their ship is better than others and don’t get involved in shit…No. Trust and believe all ships have their bad apples do not play. 


i can’t tell the truth?? yoosung ur gonna be so disappointed when we meet lmao