Tutorial by mydelenasheart

How to make this: 

First of all, english isn’t my native language. I’m sorry for my mistakes. 

I used PS 5.

1. Make your gif and sharpen it. Usually, i don’t use Curves, but if scene is too dark, you can use it.

Then i added Levels. It makes your gif more pale. 

This is my settings, but it depends of brightness. You can change this setting if you want.

And this is my result:

2. Then i added a Selective Color. I used black option.

My settings: 

3. Add a Vibrance, for make your gif more brighter.

My settings and result:

4. Well, actually ypu can add Brightness layer, if you want it. 

5. Then you have to add Levels again.

This is my settings: 

6. I added Selective Color again. Setting is the same as in second step.

7. And here’s the ost important part. We’re going to make different colors, so you should have paid more attention. 

8. So, you have to go back to second step, to Selective color.

If you want to make your gif purple, you have to choose Cyans option. Here’s my settings:

For green gif, you should to choose Blues option. 

And for blue gif, you have to add Cyans with this settings:

Well, that’s all :) It’s not difficult how it looks. 


It’s my first tutorial and english isn’t my native language, so i’m really worried :D 

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