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Just a heads up.

If you want to look up news about Wolfenstein and what it is known as “The New Colossus”, you might stumble upon a few (big) spoilers related to the ending of The New Order. Those of you who played the game and completed it, you might know what I’m talking about.

So if you want a spoiler-free confirmation that, it is not just a new Wolfenstein game, but a sequel to TNO, and it will be announced in the future, well, this post is it.

I mean, the game came out almost three years ago, but for those of you who haven’t played (or finished) The New Order, you better do it now. Because we might end up hearing more about The New Colossus really, really soon.

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I always get excited when I see a post about veganism with a lot of notes. Then I open the notes and want to ram my head through a wall. People are so aggressive and ignorant. I also think if I read the phrase "but some people can't go vegan" or any of its variations my computer is going to be none-too-gently ejected from my window. I get so irritated. It feels like 40% of the vegan tag is just people saying "BUT SOME PPL CANT CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE" despite all the help actual vegans offer.

People generally believe what they want to believe. I notice that massive posts like that one can get hundreds of thousands of notes with no one asking for a single source as well, but watch how long it takes anyone to ask for one on even the most obviously true claim a vegan makes. Tumblr is really awful for confirmation bias considering how much the community dismisses those who believe “fake news” articles and the like. All we need to do is plant seeds and make our voices heard on posts like that. If even a few people stop to really think about it then we’ve done some good.

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I can't take Selena seriously after that whole Instagram thing she started with Justin. Just the way that she posted all those pictures of herself with her fans directly after she made that comment, pretty much just confirms that her sweet, kind public persona is somewhat of an act. She obviously just posted those pics to make herself look good because she wanted Justin's fans to turn on him and go to her. Anyone who isn't a bias Selena fan can see she didnt actually care, she was being phony af

Exactly. Selena is the biggest fraud I know


Tomorrow i decided to post photos of the manga convention “japan expo” currently taking place in France, where Mashima is the guest of honor,

I would want to do enjoy my watchers who have not had the chance to come but also those who don’t know and would have liked to see Mashima-sensei <3

i’ll post too videos of mashima interviews (and live drawing), it will take me some time to translate it in its entirety

and that’s why i wanted to share “a bonus taste” on the question of a  gruvia fan *-*:

Here s my translation:

QUESTION IN THE PUBLIC : Gray will give an answer to Juvia or still make her wait?

(Laughter in the room, scream and applause)

MASHIMA-SENSEI: eummm …. then i think everyone longed to know what was in his heart, what are those true/real feelings, so yes, yes… might be expected,

(scream and applause)

Presenter: ah love, love …

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Ps: the image corresponds to the live drawing he made during the public interview, and after the question about gruvia, in the end, mashima  to decided to add Juvia <3 ( when the public saw Juvia : scream and applause in the room)

See you tomorrow or Sunday for read ;)

Nina <3

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blythewonder replied to your post: [pm] What do you know about prisons specifically…

[pm] I know of someone who has gone missing and who might be in one of said prisons. Nothing is confirmed, but I wanted to know more of how they work. If there’s any way to get someone who should not be in one out.

[pm] Which prison? It makes a big difference. One is for trapping away beings who can’’t be killed and are extremely dangerous, the other is intended as a form of rehabilitation for those who are sentient, dangerous and potentially open to change.

(TRANS) Character Introduction of Yixing’s character Er Yue Hong (二月红) in the drama Old Nine Gates  (老九门)

For those who are interested! Because Yixing has been confirmed for the role of 二月红 in the web-drama 老九门 which also stars William Chan. 

*Note: this was 10% translated by me and 90% translated by the fantastic Stel (laymerence) and I’m very much in awe of her Chinese language abilities. I’m just helping her to post it because she doesn’t want to post it herself ^^

“Er Yue Hong is just such a person, didn’t you say that there are no more good men on earth? Thus I precisely wrote about one who walked down a road straight to the end, strong, infatuated, a man who is of one mind (TN: single-minded) all his life, still exists on earth.” — A post on weibo by San Shu, author of the series Lao Jiu Men/Old Nine Gates

Zhang Yixing will be acting in the role Er Yue Hong

The second master, is called Er Yue Hong. Er Yue Hong plays the female role in operas (T/N: Chinese operas), and can be said to be a famous performer in Changsha’s Hua-gu Xi opera team. Er Yue Hong’s area in the old society, is that of a classical grave robber, on the surface he is a troupe leader, bringing the troupe all across north and south of the region. Actually he sings in the day, and at night he is in the business of grave robbing. It is all kept in his chest of clothes, and in the troupe each and every one of them has martial arts training, when they get down to it is a magical sight. My grandfather said he witnessed it once, that group of people turning over a small grave (T/N: to thoroughly search it), without touching the bottom of the grave at all, using a single bamboo rod, simply skimming around the walls of the graves, with a motion as fluid as flowing water, and no one knows how they trained in that skill.

Not only is Er Yue Hong’s singing voice beautiful, of exceptional physical skill, but he is also said to be a pretty boy, and so had numerous romances, fleeting relationships with many socialities. And he enjoyed being immersed in the brothels. But the incident he was most famous for, had nothing to do with grave robbing. But was about the story of how he freed a “daughter” in his youth.

At that time when selling prostitutes, the rules originating from the Yangzhou district were that the dealers would carry the damsels and walk one round around the market. This was to tell the world that this girl was about to be sold (into prostitution). If anyone wanted to defend her against an injustice, here was the place to stand up in, if you wanted to intercept (the sale) then take out the silver, we would not push anyone into the fire. But once (the girl) has entered the brothel, then sorry, you can’t call the shots anymore.

Furthermore, this was also to tell those highly-ranked officials and noble lords that tonight there were young virgins available to be deflowered, prepare your money to “tame that maiden”.

At that time Er Yue Hong was still not a troupe leader. This kind of troupes were passed down in the family, when his father was still around, he was only the junior troupe leader.

One morning, he was drinking his morning tea at Kuai Huo Lou when he saw a girl of less than 20 being carried and paraded through the streets. Er Yue Hong knew about the fickleness of the world, and this kind of occurrence was not a strange sight to him. In those years, it was not necessarily a bad thing for a poor family’s daughter to be sold into prostitution, because at the very least she could eat well at the brothel, meet a good patron, and maybe even become a concubine of some standing. It was a place where you could have a chance at changing your fate, in the outside world, being stepped on by others was a common occurrence.

But when Er Yue Hong saw that girl then, he was stunned, because he actually knew her. That was the daughter of a noodle stall he frequented, she was five years younger than he was, and he was like an elder brother (ge ge) to her since young, watching her grow up, very fresh/bright and well-behaved. How did she end up in this position all of a sudden.

Watching the girl on the dealer’s back like a thing of beauty, Er Ye Hong couldn’t help but sigh, because that girl was very fresh, with many by-standers watching, as the girl wept she kept looking into the crowd as though searching for something. Very soon, these people might become her benevolent customer for the night, she saw all sorts of faces, hoping to find a shred of empathy and sympathy.

Just in that instant, she saw Er Yue Hong in the teahouse, Er Yue Hong and looked at her. That girl immediately recognised Er Yue Hong, as though seeing her only hope in desperation, suddenly shouting with all her might at Er Yue Hong: “Ge!”

The hopeless and beseeching gaze, caused Er Yue Hong to startle, he suddenly thought of her as the younger sister (T/N: affectionate term for a younger girl) who would tail him and hold on to his hand. Could he just stand back and do nothing, and bury that part of his memories and send it away.

His heart then, had already been trained such that it was hard as stone and metal, doing that wasn’t out of the question. But humans are emotional creatures, and someone as sentimental as Er Yue Hong, would often do many things because of a single gaze. Then he knew, he must save her.

But his father could never agree to let him do something like that, so he couldn’t possibly have any money on him to go save that girl.

Er Yue Hong was filled with youthfulness then. He took off his hat, and scaled down the wall of the teahouse in a great display of skill, coming to a halt in front of that dealer.

The dealer was in shock, because he had not been stopped by anyone on the streets in a long time. He naturally hoped that no one would stop him, because the price for being stopped in the streets was simply in the name of justice, and was twenty percent lower than the price from the brothel, he couldn’t help but secretly seethe. Such an early morning, what kind of bad luck was blocking off his road to wealth?

But one look at these young masters’ skills, that strength in climbing down from the teahouse, he knew that these people were not to be messed with.

And so he smiled in response. Er Yue Hong knew that this was also one of the eight unscrupulous trades (T/N: describing eight of the shady occupations/trades in ancient China), and definitely had origins in his own family. There could be no conflicts between the eight unscrupulous trades, or it could cause the entirety of the Old Nine Doors to fall out, and he did not dare just get rid of this dealer directly either. When both sides put forward their prices, that dealer gave a sky-high price, meaning to say: get lost, you can’t save this girl.

Then, Er Yue Hong didn’t have any other choice, he couldn’t go get money from his father, he couldn’t kill him, in order to save this girl, he could only meet this price. But he definitely couldn’t produce this sum of money.

That dealer said to Er Yue Hong: “This girl is for Ping Er’s Lao Bao Dian, if master you can’t produce this sum of money, then please step aside. If you want to be good to this girl, why don’t you go light a lamp there tonight, if you’re kinder on the first night it is her blessing.”  

Er Yue Hong’s blood was already boiling then, and said to him: “I have the money, but I have to warn you too, this money is ill-gotten wealth (T/N: gotten in underhanded ways), such a large amount of wealth, think about whether or not you can handle it. If you feel that you can handle it, then I will bring it for you, but I will warn you, be careful that the wealth may burn you.”

This incident couldn’t be settled then, the dealer couldn’t believe that someone could definitely bring so much money to free a girl, and so he agreed.

Er Yue Hong’s men watched over the dealer,  and asked him to go round the market once more, Er Yue Hong had to prepare the wealth within this round. He rushed home, put on all his equipment, got on a speedy horse and sped to the western areas. And sped back, carrying ochre and three golden hairpieces.

This girl later became Er Yue Hong’s wife, giving birth to three sons for him. When she was thirty-two years old, she passed away from illness, in the short 10 years of happiness, she was always in Er Yue Hong’s embrace, never facing any hint of hardship, and after that Er Yue Hong became unbridled.

As a woman, in that era of society, I felt that it could already be thought of as a blessing, and it was because of this, women flocked to him from then on, but till the end, not a single one could move his heart in which all emotion seemed to have died. Forever living in his heart, was that unremarkable and plain noodle stall girl, where this emotion was, we would never know, maybe it was in that sound of “ge”, and maybe it was on the horse speeding back into town, but a man like this, is the biggest fortune for a girl, and is the biggest misfortune for all other women.

Er Yue Hong never married again all his life, and lived to be a hundred and two, and was buried with his wife after death. His coffin was a segment taller than his wife’s, to allow the girl who had been waiting for him beneath the earth for many years, to lean on his shoulder again, and hear his singing voice.