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ok lmao im officially done with a significant portion of the overwatch fandom tbh??

i am tired of reading torbjorn hate.  i just am.  im tired of hearing he’s ugly, im tired of people saying he creeps women out, im tired of hearing he doesnt deserve happiness/his wife/his family/his house.

there is something really fucking evil about how many fucking people on tumblr demand “representation” and make fun of the physically disabled combat veteran and say that he should be homeless and doesnt deserve a wife or family or friends.  like, i get that we probably should have accurate representation for physically disabled combat veterans- 8% of the total us homeless population are veterans, though that number has dropped substantially (by 33% since 2010) but half of all homeless veterans are disabled.  but somehow i doubt, that this is asking for that representation and more about saying he doesnt deserve his things because he’s ugly and unliked in fandom.

its malicious.  its despicable.  

Torbjorn has dwarfism and the chronic headaches that go along with it.  im 99% certain that makes him the very first video game character to be a little person. 

tumblr has this massive problem of saying “I want representation!” but when they want it, they want it in their fucking pairings that they can “ship” and remember, from all of those shipping charts that put the little yellow circle around Torbjorn the same way they put it around winston- (Are you comparing shipping the physically disabled man with another person to bestiality or are you just upset because he’s not conventionally attractive?)

He’s close friends with mercy, with reinhardt, with ana, and from the halloween comic, probably jack and gabe too.  but in 99% of posts that talk about them he’s just left out?  like?? 

and the “creepy to women” thing, like where did that come from?  I know the voice lines you’re probably basing it off of too but i didnt ever read them as him being “creepy?”  (unless you’re saying he’s creepy because of that + his “gross” physical appearance thats attributed to his disability :) )

i always interpreted them as teasing, and several of the female characters tease back- (Mei, Ana, and satya sounds like she’s heard it before and knows he’s teasing her).  the only voice line that could be interpreted as strange would be the one with looking at d.va’s mech- but i dont think thats because its creepy, i think its because of the futuristic age they live in and how torbjorn is a world class engineer.  there’s a line between Pharah and Torbjorn where she’s showing off her raptora suit, and he has to be begrudgingly impressed by it.  its far more likely they dont want torbjorn getting his hands on the specs of d.va’s mech and she’s guarding them rather than her getting creeped out by him.

THEN THERE WAS THE MESS ABOUT PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT HIM BEING SANTA.  like.  that was so good, so pure.  why were you complaining? because reinhardt wasn’t santa?  because 76 wasn’t santa?  bc neither of your conventionally attractive characters were santa? 

i s2g if i see one more post complaining about how only skinny, conventionally attractive white girls have gotten confirmed relationships in overwatch im going to scream because as long as there is so much rampant hatred and active dislike of the physically disabled man and his wife, that makes fun of him for being physically disabled and so often it’s by the same people who make those posts and i really just wanna reiterate this:

you’re making fun of the physically disabled man for his appearance and then going back and saying you dont want conventionally attractive people.  but you still want attractive people, but attractive in “unconventional ways”.

like, god fucking, i’m so tired.  im so tired. tea is spilt, rant has been made, if you want your stupid otp to be confirmed canon to get the “representation” you want just say it upfront.  


Fictional Trans Male Appreciation Post

- Cremisius “Krem” Aclassi from Dragon Age: Inquisition
- Koi Boi from Marvel’s The Invincible Squirrel Girl
- Reno from Reno and Belial by @captainhanni
- Danny Phantom from Nickelodeon’s Danny Phantom (Not confirmed but WIDELY ACCEPTED HEADCANNON)

Wanted to see some representation all together and inform those who may be unaware. Feel free to add any Trans dudes I may have missed!

I am really, really lucky to have my therapist.

I started explaining what happened, with a brief refresher on the anti movement. I cried a lot. Haven’t cried in therapy in a good ten years.

I don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty personal stuff (basically we confirmed that I was badly triggered by those posts because of past childhood abuse stuff), but some general takeaways from my therapist:

- Antis are deeply damaged and unhappy people. “The thing you have to realize is that people like that? Are NOT OKAY. When I see people who say that kind of stuff online, all I can do is feel sorry for them because imagine how much pain they must be in to have to make everyone else around them hurt just to deal with it. They wouldn’t be saying the things they do if they weren’t miserable.”

- They are also cowards. “You KNOW they wouldn’t say any of that to your face. Not one of them would come up to you in person and say anything you just read me. They talk a big game, but I guarantee not one of them would have the balls to say boo if they were in this room.”

- Shipping to cope is perfectly valid, healthy, and harmless. “You’re not on drugs anymore, right? You’re not strung-out, not hurting yourself? You’re writing stories about people who aren’t even real. Why is it anyone else’s business if that helps you? Why does their opinion matter?”

- WE matter. “You’re not worthless. You’re not. And these people? Mean NOTHING. They’re hurting and they’re trying to hurt you to bring you down to their level. This one got to you. And that’s OKAY. Heal and keep going. Just because they’re hurting doesn’t mean that’s on you.”

And finally:

- “I’m still stuck on Star Wars being ‘problematic’. It’s fucking STAR WARS.”

I just finished watching @therealjacksepticeye play through The Last Guardian and can I just say MAN that game is incredible. I wish I had a ps4 to play it on. Props to Jack for taking me through this amazing journey instead :’) 

12x22: Raising Sammy and Seeing Dean

It’s review time!!

First of all WOW. What an episode. Berens knocked it out of the park and just… man, I could flail about this forever.

There’s so much to talk about, so I’m going to start off with some broader observations before getting into the real meat of the episode.


  • I liveblogged a little so, check my 12x22 tag for anything I mentioned before but not here.
  • Lol. Roy and Walt. Seriously?
  • Garth is alive!
  • Claire is alive! (as far as we know)
  • Toni: I’m glad to see her gone. Do I feel for her son? Sure, but there was pretty much nothing she could to redeem herself in my eyes. They went WAY darker with that character than I was expecting at the beginning of the season/end of last season and she just gets an all around NOPE in my book. That being said, I did love her rant about how Sam and Dean are action-movie-loving, cheeseburger-eating, American lunatics. And how Dean was just like YEP.
  • Ketch: What a bastard. But he will be missed. Ok, more like DHJ will be missed. (If I didn’t have so many other things I really desperately want for S13 after watching 12x23, I’d be cashing my chip for Ketch’s super sweet Canadian shifter version to join TFW just so we could keep DHJ around.) As much as I disliked Ketch as a psychopath, I really enjoyed his character. I think what made me like him better than Toni, even though they were equally as dark, is that Ketch knew he was an evil bastard…he just didn’t give a shit. Toni somehow thought she was still in the right, still better than the (other) psychopath.
  • Dr. Naomi Umbridge: The fact that she didn’t know the different between Sam and Dean was just a great reminder about how utterly clueless the BMoL truly are. And so much of that is context – they have some facts, but they don’t really see how they fit together. (I’ll talk more about the Sam-Dean thing later.) Also, I am curious to see if the BMoL will make an appearance again – it’s not like they’ve been entirely wiped out, which Hess reminds us of with her phone call.
  • JODY MY QUEEN. Fuck I love this woman probably more than I should (no, that’s a lie…there’s no such thing as loving her too much). I loved all of her moments with Sam and Dean and Alex. Anyone who thinks the brothers don’t need anyone else in their lives can fuck right off because this episode and 12x06 and really every episode she’s been in has been a case study of how having family is a good, grounding, positive influence. (Also, if you want my thoughts on Jody as a “mother”, click here.) 
    • Other Jody moment: A+ having her shoot Dr. Naomi Umbridge. This whole season has been about motherhood, and if anyone says that Mary is the ultimate dark mirror to someone like Jody, well then you haven’t been paying attention to the Kendricks School of the Fucked Up. Dr. Naomi Umbridge is the mother of the BMoL and Jesus did she REALLY fuck up her kids. (There’s a part of me that really wants to compare her to Dench’s M, especially in Skyfall and how that relationship gets twisted, but it’s been a long time since I’ve watched that and I have way more to talk about.)

So…now onto Sam and Dean…

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If you were his girlfriend blurb

If you were:

Calum’s girlfriend you would be super lowkey – like thief in the night lowkey about your relationship. Calum would neither confirm nor deny his relationship with you. Fans would be left to their assumptions and suspicions. There would be no posting of pictures together or tweeting each other or anything type of social media interaction which people would think there was no relationship or the entire thing is a hoax. But, to those who know you and Calum personally, they know the two of you are so in love. They know about the 1000 photos you keep of each other and the texting and phone calls and video calls. Calum’s a private guy and he wants to keep his private life, well, private. He’d want his girl to be the same. As for comments on social media, you would not address it. You wouldn’t respond to hate nor adoration. You’d just carry on.  Every now and then, you and Calum would be spotted together, holding hands and cuddle with each other, but all of those photos would always be so blurry or taken from a far distance by paps. If you were to run into fans, Calum would politely decline so the two of you could be on your way; or you’d step aside and let Calum take a few photos. You wouldn’t interact much with fans, solely because they’re Calum’s fans, not yours. The attention should be on him. You’d speak to them and make small talk but politely decline photos.

Michael’s girlfriend you would be open and interactive. Unlike Calum, I feel Michael would share you with the fans. Immediately, Michael would announce he has a girlfriend. He would be so excited to share the news with the fans. You would take picture of each other and post it on Instagram or tweet one another on Twitter. It wouldn’t be a secret and the fans wouldn’t have to guess – he would just tell them! During interviews, Michael wouldn’t hesitate to say “Yes, I have a girlfriend” if the interviewers asked him. You and Michael wouldn’t be seen out as much together (videogames, much?) but when you are seen by fans and paps, there was no hiding or running away. The two of you would embrace the situation and have smiles on your faces, holding each other’s hands. You would gladly talk to fans and take pictures if they asked but always directing the attention back to Michael. You would interact with the fans on social media, especially twitter. You would try to follow as many as you could. As for comments made, if it was nice or mean, you (and Michael) would respond to it.

Luke’s girlfriend you would ride the tide – figuratively speaking, of course. Luke is the frontman of the band and the attention is inevitable. It would be futile to fight it or deny it. So, the two of you would go with the flow. I think at first, you and Luke would go out of your way to keep your relationships away from the media. But as time goes on, it would be too consuming and exhausting so the two of you will not to hide it anymore. If they saw you, they saw you. Your relationship would be confirmed to the public through paparazzi photos, unlike Michael and his announcement on Twitter. Then, your follow count on Twitter would have an immediate increase, as well as your other social media accounts, like Instagram. When it comes to hate, you and Luke would occasionally address it if it got too much but if you could let it slide, you’d just ignore it. As Luke’s girlfriend, the two of you would address each other from time to time on Twitter and have cute conversations or joke around with one another. But most of the action can be found on Instagram. We all know how much Luke loves Instagram Stories. You would always be on his Story and vice versa. You both would share your adventures and food ventures with the world. 

Ashton’s girlfriend you would be simple and grown up. Ashton is the eldest in the band and it would be safe to assume his girlfriend would be at the same maturity level or even more than his. When you and Ashton start dating, you accept it’s only a matter of time until the media and fanbase find out. I imagine Ashton being confronted with the question of whether or not he was dating you on interviews all too often. So the two of you deliberate on going public. You both decide that after over six months of dating, it might be time to just be honest with the world. So at an interview, Ashton, instead of laughing off the question and changing the subject, he answers it. You, as his girlfriend, receive an overwhelming amount of attention. Fans come up to you on the street or anywhere in public where you’re recognized; you have unceasing notifications on your social medias. You keep conversations with the fans short and simple. You would follow back fan accounts, and once in a while, you would respond to questions. Ashton would be incredibly happy to be out in the open with you. It’s funny because the both of you share each other with the fans. You balance your relationship really well in the eyes of the media, with a comfortable amount of exposure and the perfect amount of personal privacy.

A/N: I’ve had this in the drafts for a few years unfinished. I had left off on Luke. Anyway, I decided to finish it for you guys. Enjoys :) Requests are open, btw. My inbox is dry as the Sahara Desert so please message me. Love. x 

I don’t make serious posts a whole ton and you guys know that, and I haven’t made one for a few weeks now, but in light of recent events, I do want this to be said.
Each and every single one of you matters. Trust me on that. I know that you probably hate hearing it and you most likely don’t believe me, but all of you do. I haven’t spoken, obviously, with each and every of you considering that’s nearly 4000 people now, but it doesn’t matter.
This blog, the Discord server, it isn’t anything without you guys here. I’ve had people tell me that it wouldn’t be here without me and that’s only true to an extent. I run them, and I own them, and I keep everything smooth and organized but none of that matters if there isn’t a reason to do so, and the reason to do so is because of all of y o u.
It’s happened a few times now where we’ve had to all gather together on the Discord server and practically track people down, whether from entirely anonymous or otherwise, but I would still do it timelessly again.
That being said, I want every one of you to remember this, because I know what guilt does to people.
You cannot rescue someone who does not want to be saved.
Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm.
As much effort as you put in, there’s only so much that can be done through Internet, and I know that extremely well but I also know from experience that it doesn’t help to play a game of blame.
Today is the third week anniversary of me losing one of my best friends. Not a single day has gone by without the thought of them haunting me. Ask those who know if you want confirmation.

I won’t go on much longer now.
The point of this post is; remember you matter. You don’t have to believe you do but the fact is still there. I love and care about every single one of you and if it was up to me, I’d make sure there was never an ounce of doubt in your mind, but all I can do is reassure you guys that I’m not lying to you to cheer you up, because if I was, I wouldn’t bother taking the time out of my day to write this post.
This blog and the server is a family. You’re all like children of sorts and without a foundation, there isn’t a family.
You guys are that foundation.
You guys all matter.
You guys are all loved.
And I hope to any being of power that someday, you can be told that without doubting it.

Just a heads up.

If you want to look up news about Wolfenstein and what it is known as “The New Colossus”, you might stumble upon a few (big) spoilers related to the ending of The New Order. Those of you who played the game and completed it, you might know what I’m talking about.

So if you want a spoiler-free confirmation that, it is not just a new Wolfenstein game, but a sequel to TNO, and it will be announced in the future, well, this post is it.

I mean, the game came out almost three years ago, but for those of you who haven’t played (or finished) The New Order, you better do it now. Because we might end up hearing more about The New Colossus really, really soon.

I’m planning on leaving the YOI fandom because the past few weeks made it clear to me that this isn’t the place for me. This fandom is toxic filled with many biased and delusional fans who take every single bait YOI has thrown at them and calling it revolutionary like no any other anime has ever done it before. Even at this point I refuse to accept the canon label Victuuri has earned even though there was no proper confirmation. A story coming from a woman who said she wouldn’t make yuri because she likes men. That’s like every single fujoshi out there. A woman who tweeted about two man holding hands and how thrown off she was by it. A woman who can’t confirm a kiss and doesn’t want to. I don’t want to and I won’t support that. Yoi fans constantly dissing others, very toxic. Even if season 2 will be made I probably won’t even watch it. If you feel offended by this post please feel free to unfollow me, you’re not needed. I’m going to completely change this blog and I’ll probably only post a few things about Yurio and other anime. It was fun at the beginning but it’s very annoying right now. Those who still stick around, thank you!

Pruquusexual, proquaasexual, and musicgenders as a concept, as well as the elegender pride flag and that one version of the aromantic pride flag that uses the same pattern as the ace flag with purple replaced by green (as well as some others iirc, I think the libragender flags?) were all made by a user named lesbiandoe who (before deleting due to being called out) was an abusive transphobic pedophile. She coerced and manipulated me while fully aware of my age to do sexual shit with her while I was ~14 and she was an adult. She deleted multiple times after being called out for upholding terf rhetoric and being extremely transphobic and tramisogynistic, insisted being trans is a choice and trans men are females who want to escape misogyny and said that if a trans person doesn’t come out to their partner they’re no better than a rapist, claimed viewing canonically confirmed trans women characters as gay men were “valid interpretations” and made jokes about trans women having sex with men and turning them gay.

I’m on mobile so I can’t supply receipts but callingoutsunny has a (slightly outdated) callout post and if you dig up the sources of any of those things you’ll find proof and like I was literally in a relationship with her lol I know this stuff for a fact she was literally a mod on pride-flags-for-us for a bit. Idc what side of The Discourse you’re on I like desperately need y'all to stop spreading those around and putting them on my dashboard without at least realizing where these came from and understanding that the idea of “attraction to feminine/masculine people” irt proquusexual and proquasexual was just her trying to come up with a “PC” way of saying “attraction to cis people” lol.

those “don’t blame monaco” posts have me like ??? because the info from l’equipe and die welt claim that monaco were the ones who didn’t let us move the first leg to a later date, but at the same time the info hasn’t been confirmed by anyone else so i can’t be petty :(((


I don’t know who the fuck decided to spread this rumor around, but suddenly pics like these are showing up all over the Internet and I need to say something about this:


There’s no way I can be any clearer about this. For the first pic, if anyone even tried to click on the link or look up the website, they would have learned that IT’S A FUCKING TROLLING WEBSITE FULL OF FAKE ARTICLES. And even if you didn’t look it up, the fact that they even give a WAY-TOO-SPECIFIC DATE is an obvious clue that it’s not real. If there really was a season 2 in production, they might give an estimated year, but they’d never give a full air date two years in advance. Come on, think people. They don’t even do that for movies.

As for the second pic, just fucking look up the damn website, Shareonfb. Right on the front it says “Create fake stories and prank your friends!” You can’t get any more obvious than that people.

Unless you see an article posted by Anime News Network, Crunchyroll, Kotaku, and other reliable anime news sites, DON’T BELIEVE A FUCKING WORD YOU HEAR OR READ. THERE IS NO CONFIRMATION THAT OURAN WILL GET A SEASON 2 IN THE NEAR FUTURE OR AT ALL. This goes for any other anime continuations. Of course we want a season 2! It would be great if they continued to follow Bisco Hatori’s beloved story until the end! But if you see something like this pop up, YOU NEED TO DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE SPREADING IT AROUND. ALL IT DOES IS CAUSE CONFUSION, FALSE HOPE, AND MAKE PEOPLE VERY ANGRY.


Thank you and have a good day.


Summary: When love was painful but never a mistake.
Type: Slight Angst / Fluff
Members: Sehun X You
Length: 1161 words

Back and ready out to dish out more! Hope you guys enjoy! :))

- Admin Fits

Originally posted by wooyoung

Love was bound to be exclusive. An emotional connection so pure and deep, a feeling so simple yet so profoundly complex. It was a feeling that left you breathless from gazing at your partner for far too long when time and reality couldn’t bound you to their realm. It was a feeling that shook your very core, tightened your already nervous insides just from anticipating another day just being in love. Love was wonderful. It was magnificent.

As was it devastating.

As it was heart-wrenching.

There were days when you laid on your bed, emotion spent and tears drained. Days when you asked yourself whether it was a good decision to do whatever you had done. You asked yourself whether you deserved the wringing of your heart, so painful that you choke on air that left your throat grated and scoured.

But those days couldn’t amount to this day.

When you thought the rays of sunshine was enough to bubble positivity deep within your chest, effortlessly pulling the ends of your lips towards the sky, it came plummeting down just as easily. Within the confines of your room, you would think that the darkness that surrounded you was one that you were comfortable with. It was the curtain, the drapery that enveloped your entity, soft to the touch.

But suddenly, the very same darkness had its hands around your throat, its nails digging into your trachea. Your chest rumbled with anxiety and your insides clenched. Still in your nightgown, you moved towards the living room with your phone in your hands, your fingers curled too tight. You closed your door softly and immediately pressed the numbers that you knew by heart, albeit shakily. The other line picked up a few heartbeats later.

“What is happening?” You didn’t allow yourself any pleasantries.

“Everything is a mess right now. I have to call you back later-” The throbbing in your chest got a little more painful, a little faster.

“Don’t you put down the phone. Please.” It was a silent plea; to hear the words you would want to hear from your manager. But bless your manager’s soul, who was as honest as she was kind. Her immediate reply was the silence that accompanied her heavy breathing and somewhere deep within your core, the truth was not in your favour.

“Whatever you read on those sites, they are what they are. We’re in the midst of doing damage control so don’t do anything as of yet. Don’t post an apology anywhere either, not until we give you the green light. You apologising might as well be confirmation stamp on something we can pass off as a rumour so just sit still until we figure this out.”
The line was cut off.

It might be an overreaction on your part but the tears came on their own, dancing on your cheeks to your chin. But dear God, were you scared. You were absolutely terrified.

This mistake of yours was going to hurt so many people. You would have to take the biggest blow, most definitely but it would trickle to your lover, to your manager, to the company and to your family members, even. It might even destroy your career.

A simple mistake as just falling in love.

You took a shaky breath, telling yourself to calm down but consoling oneself has never been that successful anyways. And so you ignored the fact that you were emotionally breaking down, and went to the social media sites to see what was going on.

Hacker. A fan. Photos. Leaked information.

That was what you gathered until you found yourself in an article, with a photo that was supposed to be intimate and private and yet, here it was for the entire world to see. Skin on skin, nothing but vulnerability and absolute love. Naked under the sheets with absolutely nothing to hide.

Of all pictures that could be the first introduction of your relationship, that had to be it. A picture so raw that would be in turn seen to be too risqué, a badge of shame and disgrace to follow you wherever you go. A stigma, a possible social pariah. That would be you.

The thoughts that invaded your mind came diving in, making you feel small and defenceless. You told yourself to calm down and that this was the parcel of being an idol. All of you were not for you to keep, but to be shared by the community. Nothing was ever yours.

That was the price of being a star and you went into the industry knowing fully well of the consequences that tagged along. But that was the entire thing: when so many people were intent on pushing you down, pulling yourself up by yourself was as herculean as it was almost impossible. Your anxiety rose tremendously within just a few years of debuting and the bathroom became your refuge to let the dam go. You were unstable but you were fine.

It was even better when you found a home. Home where the physical had no bounds and instead, a name that you heart beats calmly for. Home was where you were crying in the arms of your beloved but the only thing you felt was the calm waves deep within you, lulling you into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.

And so you seek that home, went into your bedroom and saw the figure snuggled deep within the sheets. In the deep mess that you were in, you still managed a small smile in the slight wonder of how he could sleep despite the chaos that waited for the both of you right outside. You wiped the tears that managed to leak down to your cheeks and crawled to your lover. You lifted his limp arm and made yourself comfortable as you laid beside him. Your lover shifted beside you, grumbling in his sleep.


“You can say that.” His response was to move you closer to him, closer to his body, closer to his heart. You breathed in his scent, ravel yourself in between his limbs, in his presence. Just of him touching your skin was enough to give you solace and God forbid you throwing this away.

“Sehun?” A muffled reply and you took a moment before you continued. But it was fine, he was willing to wait.

“The public knows about us.” Silence and whilst you were close to calling out to him again with a voice so timid, you waited.

“Is that so?” Your reply then was of you clutching his shirt even tighter, not letting go.


“That’s good.” You hid the smile against his shirt. What a Sehun-like reply.



And the two of you resumed to the place where nothing mattered, but the two of you.

I am tired of seeing bighit imposed as a money hungry company that is set on milking the bts comebacks for all they are worth by the fans, just because they are strategic with their marketing and with the sale of their products.

what a lot of fans need to start understanding is that all of their money is not going into the pockets of bang pd for his personal use like they vaguely claim. it goes towards future comebacks for our boys, it goes towards better equipment to produce content of a higher quality, it goes towards supporting the company that supports them and their lifestyles. 

the part that irks me the most is that bts made seven short films and a trailer with film editing / sets and props / outfits that would have cost big bucks, yet still, a minority of fans feel the need to whine about bighit snatching up their money because they are selling the comeback in a variety of four different albums? they probably had to come up with that strategy in order to make up for the profit of this comeback, which is already confirmed to be inclusive of at least one music video too, to add onto the album debt. fans go wild over this kind of excessive content, they demand more, yet once the company asks for something back in order to continue meeting this urge for supply, they start pointing fingers and claim selfish. they point fingers and say money scammers.

I understand that it is in everyone’s own right to be frustrated by this method of sales, I just wanted to make this post for those who are only skimming the surface, who are not looking deeper into the situation for what it is. making music is the career of the boys, though it can only be supported and furthered by album sales, and the quality of what they create can only be improved by profit. bts are becoming a widely popular group that have great expectations, but alike everything in this world, they need the money to keep on producing comebacks that are vastly different from the last in terms of quality. remember that in the INU era they had to use the car of their manager because they could not afford to hire one, though in fire, they literally lit a car on fire and had a giant set to hold a multitude of dancers – all because their sales had increased so drastically with their popularity, and they were finally able to have a budget that supports such a big comeback as a result. 

that is all thanks to us, the fans who purchased their product.

instead of thinking it as money scamming, be proud that our boys are so big that they can create all of this content for us (seriously, seven short films and a music video with some seriously technical editing, we are so lucky) and have four separate albums developed. and to be honest? I admire bighit for their ways of marketing these comebacks. I understand that a lot of fans think creating a four-album collection is going too far, but many are acting as though the track list is split between all the albums, which is most definitely not the case. if it frustrates you that you have no idea what is in each album in terms of the photobook – just be patient and wait for it to be released! that is precisely what I am doing myself. the only con of that is not receiving a poster and having to wait a little while longer for it to arrive, which I will happily take on the chin instead of blindly preordering and coming out unsatisifed with what I have purchased (which, to be honest, is highly unlikely to occur because when do I ever not like something that bts puts out lmao).

I also want to add on that you are not a bad fan if you do not want to, or cannot afford to by one or all of the albums. that does not make you any less of a fan at all, no matter what you or anyone else may think.


Today is truly a Black Friday. 

Despite there are happy things that happen to me today like buying a new car.


“Whatever happen in the future, don’t ever regret. I feel lucky to get to know them [2NE1], and their music live forever… cheer up.”

Thank you for seven amazing years, but goodbyes simply mean I’ll miss you until we meet again.

2009 to FOUREVER 

Fourever and always a Blackjack no matter how old I am 

♠ Definition of 2NE1: The name of the four sisters who came together to become legends in the kpop world. They are a one of a kind of “21st century new evolution” ♠ 

The name will always be there, so will the four sisters. Because the name represents so much. Their history is always there. Each girl will always be spoken as part of 2NE1 no matter what they decide to do after disbanding. They are a part of 2NE1 just as much as 2NE1 is a part of them. 

Proud to have gotten to love their music, gotten to love each member, and gotten to be a part of the fandom. 


They are legends. Can’t nobody, and I mean NOBODY, HOLD THEM DOWN NOW. 

They are irreplaceable. 

Maybe someday their records will be broken, but no one will ever forget who started it all.


They are the first girl group I love so dearly because of their charismatic stage presence, catchy songs, and cute personalities. I still remember their debut stage. I was in awe. Back in 2009 no one was like them and I love them for just being quirky, fun, charismatic, and love doing music as a job. And I will always continue to love and support them even now 7 years later me in college, struggling to juggle classes and work at the same time. I love how their music energizes me. I love listening to each girl’s vocals. All so different yet sounds so right together. I used to blast their songs in the house that my parents thought it was next door having a really loud karaoke party. Hahaha~ that was before I had earphones, now I just blast the music through my earphones so I don’t disturb them. They are the first group I feel those good vibes of girl power. They are everything I tell myself to look up to and to mirror: 

To be confident, be strong, to stand strong for what you believe in

Love your friends fiercely, hold family dear to your heart

♠ Never give up on your goals

Make your dreams happen

No matter how much society denies it, you are fucking gorgeous and will have many chances to show it.

Never let a man’s opinion of you shape how you see yourself. You make your own opinions of yourself. No one’s negativity is important.

Make the best of life. The haters will hate. So what? Don’t give a damn. Screw the haters just let them sit and stare.

Your body is yours. Get plastic surgery. Get tattoos. Get piercings. Wear outlandish clothing. Do whatever that you please, just don’t harm yourself.

Dare to be different. Do it and do not mind everyone’s judgment. Not everyone will like you. So what? You do you and pay no mind to them.


I NEVER knew YG would fuck up their first most successful girl group this bad. This company is really going downhill. The company used to have the least groups out of the Big 3 but the close-knit relationships between the artists and the managing staff was awesome. And there was artistry freedom. There was good managing skills. I just…. ^%%$#@#&^% really want to knock some sense into YG. Now it is more groups, more artists added to the roster, and VERY POOR managing skills! Sighhh, this sucks. At least now they all can pursue what they want to do now. Let it be singing, dancing, acting, going completely out of the public eye and going off to marry and have kids. Whatever it is, this Blackjack will support them all. Because once a Blackjack, always a Blackjack and I have been one since 2009. Til fourever!


To me, 2NE1′s disbandment really marks the 2007 to early 2010s era ending with all the groups disbanding, losing members, or inactive. Really appreciate the groups who manage to continue to stay together with no members change or lost (like SHINee and Big Bang). Kpop scene is truly changing now. New era, new groups. I will miss the old very much, the new I am not particularly interested. But I hope there will be a continuation of good Kpop music just like the old groups (like DBSK, Wonder Girls, Big Bang, SS501, SNSD, 2NE1, KARA, etc) portray Kpop as. Because that was the start of the Hallyu wave: catchy dances, beautiful vocals, awesome rapping. 

But like in the words of Alexander (former member of U-Kiss): 2NE1 are irreplaceable. They are legends. 



And also Taehyun of Winner, hoping he recovers and continue to do music. He tried so hard to debut with his members to make this group named “Winner”. It’s sad to not hear him sing again. But health always is important. Hopefully he will be back soon. And YG is so shady for implying that he was the fault for the delay of winner’s comeback.


It’s most definitely official: I hate YG entertainment with all my heart. This company screwed the girls over terribly. I wish one day they can still come back together to sing together for all of us Blackjacks like S.E.S is doing now.

Update: Dara’s handwritten letter and seeing pictures of her on that Filipino show just makes my hatred for YG deepen. And CL’s twitter update and a post of Dara’s…

And Bom unnie! You have a beautiful voice. Keep doing what you do best and that is singing.

Update: January 20 before 2NE1′s first song as a trio and the last song known as 2NE1 to the public “Goodbye” drops on the 21st. Minzy posted this. I’m disappointed in her. Her posting this now just make more sense to me she is really playing the victim card so hard. She’s already in another company. It could be YG didn’t notify/ ask her to sing this along with the other girls or it is just her not wanting to.

I agree with this comment on Minzy’s IG post.

But maybe the translation was off. Maybe what she meant was she did not except her unnies to disband. Maybe she thought the company would let them go on as a trio but was shock to see on the news that they were disbanding and “Goodbye” will be the last song they put out under 2NE1′s name. Maybe….

Maybe “Goodbye” is for Minzy. Like a comment I read on 2NE1′s upload of ‘Goodbye” on their youtube, this could be a song for Minzy therefore she wasn’t invited to sing in this song. Examples: CL says: “not to give into temptation” - other label who are promising Minzy perfect solo debut; Bom says: “ don’t believe in half stories” she meant her scandal and everyone knows that the government used her incident to cover up the Sewol incident. I think this song is for Minzy. Like CL’s parts, she is saying if Minzy returns, it is going to be a tough road ahead for her, but everyone will help her. That’s why it is a goodbye till she comes back. And…if not, they will try to go on but maybe with a new group name. Like CL’s IG post:

CONFIRMED: The song was for Minzy written by CL Or maybe it means this?“I don’t think there is drama from Minzy, I think she meant she was upset that 2NE1 would even be having a final album because she thought they’d continue 2NE1 and that she was upset they disbanded. Then she said that she wanted to express her gratitude to those who supported and loved 2NE1 throughout the years which was what her post was about. I think how it was translated was a bit off making it seem like nobody told her and that she wanted to be involved. But the hate she’s getting is completely unnecessary, especially when they say she’s using 2NE1’s name to get fame when that’s the exact reason why she hadn’t talked about 2NE1 since she departed.“

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Even if the fire has distinguished, the history of 2NE1 is still there. Their history can not be erased. They were the ones who shaped the modern look of girl groups in Kpop. They showed that girl groups can be successful by having their own music style. No need for girly or sexy concepts, instead go for badass and full of girl power concepts. It is doable. They said, ”Dance your heart out, sing your heart out, do it for your passion and the fans who love their music. Nolja!” And I love them for that. That’s why they are my only girl group who I fangirl to the core. They deserve that, because they are truly one of a kind group out in the Kpop scene. They broke the standard for Kpop girl groups. And that will go down in history forever. 

In my heart, they’ll always remain to be the best group with the best music. And, in my heart, and they’ll remain in history as the most badass girls in Kpop. 

Fourever & always. 

They were truly the first of their kind.

Annyeong is goodbye to the ending of the group, but  annyeong is hello to a new beginning for the members in their solo activities. Good luck to all of them and hopefully….it isn’t goodbye forever. It’s see you later. Soon. ❤️️


Talking to Loki

So, you want to work with Loki! Awesome! You’ve invited him to contact you, maybe lit some candles or set out some offerings. Good job! But…how will you know if he responds?

The post we’ve previously linked to in response to this question has since been deleted by the user. Apologies to all those who came to this blog looking for this kind of info and finding only a broken link between now and then. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the options you have concerning communication with the Trickster:

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We will begin making a few selections starting today/tomorrow! Please continue auditioning, and we will update everyone! We will contact those who have been selected to confirm their place in the ranks! Once we have selected that role, the auditions for that character will be closed! We want to thank everyone who has auditioned and encourage them to audition for other characters if they are not selected! 

Please continue to share/reblog our main post ! Tell your friends if you think they might be interested in our group! Thank you! 

-Admin Jay and Admin Teddy

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anonymous asked:

Hey :) Just curious but I see you sometimes tag misha/jensen posts as jensen ackles/misha collins but sometimes as cockles, can I ask why? Do you tag cockles when you assume others will think it gets too 'gay' or 'romantic'? If so that last jensen/misha gifset you reblogged needs a cockles tag ;)


Oh my god… :p This ask is especially hilarious to me because I only have one rule for separating which posts I tag Misha Collins & Jensen Ackles, or Cockles: I only tag Cockles for things that are fan speculation or headcanons, or if they’re manips. 

So Cockles texts that contain speculation that isn’t confirmed, Cockles fanfiction, or gifs/graphics that are clearly manips. Things that are fabricated by shippers but aren’t real, those I will tag as Cockles or Cockles for TS. 

Meanwhile, I tag all other Jensen and Misha posts with actual footage of them, as Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins. The reason I use this tagging system for “Cockles” is because I have a lot of followers who want to see gifs or pics about their friendship, but want to blacklist shipping-posts. 

So the post you referred to, yeah it looks pretty intimate…

But it’s not photo-shopped or made up by fans, it’s just an actual interaction between them caught on tape, so I’ll tag it with separate actor tags for “Jensen Ackles” and “Misha Collins”. 

Same goes for this

And this

And this

And this

I don’t decide which tag to use based on if it looks too “romantic” or “gay”. If I had to do that there’d be too many posts with actual screenshots and pictures that I’d have to tag as “Cockles”. :p 

Which means that basically: If THE FANS are “making it gay” by making things up, I will tag it as “Cockles for TS”. However if Jensen and Misha are “making it gay” by just being themselves, I will just tag “Jensen Ackles” and “Misha Collins”. 

Oh man, this reply is a train wreck in so many ways, lmao!