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Kannst du mal ein paar Beispiele geben was ihr für Spitznamen für einander habt? (Also Pi, Ardy, Luna und du)

Hier eine Liste der Spitznamen, die uns jetzt auf die Schnelle eingefallen sind. Das werden lange nicht alle sein, aber man bekommt ein Gefühl für die ganzen Variationen, die über die Zeit entstanden sind!

Pipi - Pi, Pieps, Pipo, Baby, Pipoli, Pipan, Beboli, Kleini, Beuli, Penelope, Piposs, Schniepsi, Piepsi, Bebilon, Pipes, Schnaufi, Babykopf, Apfelkopf, Kleinod

Ardy - Ards, Dizzy, Dizzman, Dizzmaster, Dizzbert, Dizzler, Ardizzle, Mister P, RD, Bubi, Ardymardy

Luna - Lunes, Ploo, Ploom, Plooms, Ploomara, Lumara, Limbo, Lumi, Lu, Lumos, Lumix

Mary - Mary The Muscle Murphy Man, Mary The Mixing Monk, Murph, Murphy, Mary Murphy, DJ Leygay, Marley, Mary Man, Mary The Man, Belly Mary, Maurice, Mary The Larryharry

Taddl - T, T-Brick, Brickler, Brick, T-Bird, T-Dog, T-Man, T-Rizzle, TJ, Tebert, Brickmaster, Brickminister, Bricky, Bricklord, Mr T

Today, I fucked up by wanting to pet a cute doggy.

My doggy. So yes, I’m biased. Still:

It’s 630AM. I stumble downstairs to get my wife’s lunch together for school (shut up, she’s a teacher). And there’s Buster, his entire body whipsawing back and forth under the force of his tail-wagging joy at the reminder that I exist as an entity. He’s already been on a three-mile run with my wife that morning, but is he the slightest bit tired? Heavens no.

I stump over to the coffee maker. Buster jams himself between me and it, his desire for Pettins an almost palpable form hanging in the air, his big soulful eyes following me like a junkie tracking a hit. I decide (well, it’s decided for me) that the Booboo better have his felt needs addressed, and I lean over to pet him, give him ear-scratchings, etc. You know the drill.

Buster, however, feels that the time it’s taking me to lean down is altogether untenable and decides to meet me halfway up. He launches all seventy-five pounds of lanky half-Chocolate Lab/ half Weimaraner muscle up at me with the speed of a thousand lasers. His weaponized skull, which I swear to Christ must be made of Adamantium or some shit, connects with my face so hard the air around us ignites. There is a massive PA-PLOOM as my eyeballs bounce off the back of the inside of my (surely freakin’ liquified) skull, purple and green shockwaves ricocheting around behind my eyelids.

I get back onto my feet (oh yeah: my lil’ Boo laid me the fuck out) and claw my way up to the kitchen sink, blood geysering everywhere from my destroyed nose. I do what any sane man would do, which is bellow something along the lines of “OH YOU FUCKING DOG” over and over again whilst bleeding into the plumbing.

This of course prompts my wife to come charging out of the bathroom, all naked and soapy from the shower, which in any other situation would be just fine with me. However, I am still shrieking invective into the sink, so I don’t actually see this. What I hear, however, is the squeak and thudity-thud of her being bodily tackled by a thoroughly freaked-out dog who is learning more about the world being a confusing place every day.

Anyhoo. Buster has calmed down now. I mopped the blood off of the floor and gave him his antler to gnaw to pieces as a calming exercise. He’s taking his mid-morning nap now. My wife was able to rinse the blood, soap and dog hair off and still get out the door on time. I’ve been sitting here with a bag of frozen peas across my eyes, hoping the shiners aren’t too bad by the time I have to go to work myself.

This is Buster. He’s my buddy and I love him very much, but omigod fuck him so much right now.


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post-game headcanon:

after he finally earns his z-ring, guzma remakes team skull into team reskull (that one grunt in iki town got the idea into his head). they all try to make up for all the shitty stuff they did in the old team skull, going around and helping folks and pokemon. they fix up po town into a much better base/home (but the graffiti stays. that’s their style, yo)

they’re still a buncha numbskulls, but now they’re well meaning numbskulls who make their muns through more legit ways rather than stealing and selling pokemon

the new gig really helps the self-esteem issues of some of the grunts

also gooz and plooms totally hook up because yeah

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You have pansexual characters BUT Do you have PUNsexual characters??

I actually have a panther character by the name of Ploom, who is pansexual/panromantic, loves puns and was created because of a pun so yeah man I even have that

RWBY Fic project. Renora.

My bumbleby AU will be updated tomorrow.

But today!

Renora one shot, if you fancy!

Prompt - Disaster strikes.


“REN” The high pitched, now distressed voice yelled. “REN HELP!”

Running as fast as his legs would carry him, Ren burst into the clearing at the edge of the forest.

“Nora? Nora what’s wrong?!” Ren yelled, his usually quiet voice raised quite dramatically.

It was this moment when the shorter, red headed huntress turned around, tears brimming in her ice blue eyes. Ren, concerned for his partner, quickly rushed over, grabbing gently her shoulders.

“Nora, please tell me what’s wrong. Are you hurt” This caused Nora to shake her head, looking down at her empty hands.

Wait.. Empty?

“Where’s Magnhild?” Ren queried, his pink eyes searching for the giant hammer.

At this, sobs bubbled up in Nora’s throat, and she began to cry.

“IT’S GONE!” Nora yelled, “A BIG MEAN URSA GOBBLED IT UP! THEN RAN AWAY WHEH I THREW A TREE AT IT!” Finishing up with a rather childish foot stomp, the energetic girl pouted.

While he had several questions about what his partner had just said, Ren decided to act upon the most pressing issue at hand.

“Okay okay! Which direction did the Ursa go?” He spoke softly, running his hands up and down Nora’s smooth arms.

Sniffling, Nora pointed left from where they stood. The direction led across the clearing and into another, thicker section of forest.

Ren sighed. He had hoped to polish Stormflower tonight, but his partner came first.

“Let’s go then.” Ren took Nora by the hand, and begun walking in he chosen direction.

After about 20 feet, the pair had to step over a felled tree… In the middle of a clearing… Seemingly ripped out by the roots.

Choosing to say nothing, Ren simply raised an eyebrow at his grumpy partner.

She stayed silent.

10 minutes passed, before Nora suddenly let out a roar that Ren was pretty sure would even scare the wits out of Yang.

It was no surprise, then, that as soon as Nora roared, 4 Beowolves and 1 large Ursa came charging at them.

Ren instinctively pulled out his weapons, and targeted the leading Beowolves. His and Nora’s team tactics usually consisted of Ren taking out the smaller, faster opponents, while Nora used her hammer and her semblance to take down the bigger ones.

Even without her hammer, Nora still charged head first at the Ursa. Using her deceivingly strong hands, she grabbed the bottom of the Ursa’s large jaw, and also latched onto its ears. Using this hold, Nora managed to swing the Ursa to one side, slamming it into a tree. This served to stun the large Grimm.

Ren, on the other hand, was now onto his last Beowolf. Shooting its rear end first, Ren jumped high so that he could use him momentum coming down to stab the Grimm in the back of the neck. Killing it.

When Ren looked back over at his partner, she just caught a glimpse of Nora pulling the Ursa’s head and jaw.. In opposite directions.

Sure enough, after a few sickening moments, the jaw of the Grimm was ripped clean off. Nora dropped the now useless bottom row of teeth to the ground. It promptly dissolved.

The Ursa itself, however, was still alive. And without its bottom jaw, it was powerless to stop Nora from shoving her entire arm down its throat.

After a second of rummaging, Nora made a sound of glee, before smiling deviously.

A faint click could be heard, before the belly of the Ursa exploded in a cloud of pink.

Nora, surrounded in a ploom of the now dead, dissolving Ursa, stood proudly. She had retrieved her hammer, and was now brandishing it over her shoulder.

Ren, sighing, walked over to the redhead.

“Wonderful, can we go back now?” He asked, rolling his sore shoulders.

Nora nodded gleefully, taking the taller boys hand.

“Yup! Thanks for helping Ren!” She chirped, before placing a chaste kiss on his nose. “Boop!”

Ren simply blinked, a faint smile painting those stony features of his.

While making their way back to Beacon, it didn’t seem to occur to either of them that the hand-holding was no longer really necessary.

Rain & Shine (Taemin scenario) Part 1.


You sigh to yourself as you tread down the dim sidewalk. You knew no one was ever out this late, even in this part of Seoul. 3 A.M. was perfect for your late night snack runs. The familiar bell chimes lightly as you enter the convenience store you’ve found yourself frequenting since you moved to Korea just a few months ago. You grab a few things to eat and some tea as you remember you just ran out and probably won’t feel like grocery shopping in the near future. After paying the emotionless young man, who you’re sure probably anticipates your arrival each night around this time, you hurry out the door and begin your walk back to your apartment.

Summer nights in Seoul are beautiful and cool. The brisk air sneaking through the thin fabric of you sweatshirt reminds you of home and fills you with a momentary loss of placement as you reminisce in memories of summer back home. You’re pulled from your trance when you notice it’s beginning to rain. It’s a very light sprinkle so you continue on your way, but not before you remember there was one more thing you forgot to buy at the convenience store. You jog back to the store, just in time to take refuge in its shelter as the rain begins pelting the streets. It doesn’t seem as though it’ll be letting up any time soon so you make yourself comfortable at the bar seats in the window, watching the rain dance across the half lit streets lazily as it sparkles across every surface it comes in contact with.

Your thoughts are interrupted once again by an extremely wet and somewhat noisy source. The person that just entered the store is a bustling blur of platinum hair, dripping clothes and endless repetitions of “I’m so sorry!” and “Please forgive me.” You don’t look up until you’re truly disturbed when the person plops down in the seat directly next to you and somehow manages to drench your entire left side in a matter of seconds. You look up at the person’s face, slowly growing angrier the more the water soaks through your clothes. You look into their eyes but instantly feel as though you’ve forgotten why you’re angry. He takes you by surprise. Such a manly look for such a kind face. He looks back at you and his infectious smile that reaches all the way to his soft eyes turns to an apologetic frown when he sees the state you’re in. 

“Omo! Did I do that?” He asks, hand pulling his long, incredibly soft looking hair back away from his face. He seems to take your silence as a yes and proceeds to fuss around looking for a solution to the problem he caused. “I - let me help. I’ll clean it up! I just need- ”

You can’t help but laugh at the way he’s squirming around almost frantically beside you. Your laugh seems to confuse him as he stops what he’s doing and lowers himself back into his chair to look at you. “It’s okay,” you assure him, stifling his protest. “It’s no big deal.” You laugh again. You pull off your sweat shirt and use the dry side to soak up some of the water he drenched you with. You smile and hand him the sweat shirt, offering what little absorbency it still holds. Still shocked and confused he slowly accepts it and that huge smiles creeps across his entire face again and something about it makes it feel like sun has come out again. He continues to smile while he uses your sad, wet sweat shirt to dry himself. 

“Thank you!” He chirps. That’s it, this is the prettiest man child you’ve ever seen in the history of ever. He looks so familiar. You think you’d recognize someone this perfect and weird and goofy. You know you recognize him but can’t think where you know him from.

Your train of thought is lost when he places a pack of yogurts in front of you both and gingerly wraps your dripping sweat shirt in a plastic shopping bag. He flashes his sunshine smile at you once again and punctures one of the yogurt bottles’ foil tops with a straw a slides it toward you. You gaze down at it and back up at him. “Thank you,” he says again, “please have some, I wouldn’t want to be the reason you got sick tonight.” Something inside of you bubbles over and you return his smile and take the pack. “It’s nice to meet you, even if it is on a night like this.” He extends his large hand to you and you take it with your free one as your other supports the yogurts, straw still in your mouth. “I’m Taemin.” he says with his shining smile, “And you are?”

You choke and erupt into a fit of coughing. That’s embarrassing. But now you know where you knew him from. “No way.” you breathe through heavy coughs.

“Sorry?” His smiles drops, almost to the floor it seems, and he begins patting your back to try to sooth the coughing away.

“You’re Taemin?” You manage, “Lee Taemin?” He nods. “Of SHINee?” He nods again, smile slowing finding its way back to his face. “What- I mean- Why are you-” You sputter, yogurt coughs becoming the last of your worries.

He laughs a contagious, bubbling laugh as you try to find your words. “And you are?” He repeats himself.

“Oh! I’m _______.” You bow your head. You realize a little too late that you’re the same age and you don’t need to speak or behave as formally with him as you have been. But he is one of the most famous idols in Korea and you would feel a bit odd treating him like your peer. However, he did just drench you and use your sweat shirt to clean up his mess. You are very confused right now. 

He laughs again, waving his palms toward you. “You don’t need to bow like that!” He chuckles, “I’m sure we’re not very different in age, right?” The flood of warm pink to your cheeks gives you away. “I knew it.” He says coyly.

“But,” you start, voice small and hoarse. You clear your throat and try again. “But, what are you doing out so late here. You don’t live around here, do you?" 

"Well, actually, I’m staying in the dorms lately because I’ve been working on my solo debut, so I have to be at the SM building practically all the time.” He sighs, leaning back in his chair and sweeping his fingers through his long, platinum blond hair. You would give anything to play with those fluffy plooms of hair. “But I’ve been coming here around this time for weeks now and no one is ever here.” He says, gesturing to the store at large. “What are you doing here so late?” He leans forward, pointing at you.

You feel yourself blush again. “I almost always come here at this time of night since I moved here.” You say, and you’re proud that you were able to say it so nonchalantly given that your insides feel like they’re having a rave right now.

He cocks his head stares at you intensely. “If you’re always here at this time, why have I never seen you?” He prods.

"I- I forgot something this time and came back to buy it and ended up staying because of the rain.” he sits back, your answer seems to have been enough to satisfy him. You sigh in relief as his intense gaze lifts from you.

You return your attention to the window to see that the rain has let up significantly. “Well,” you breathe, standing and collecting your things, “it was very nice meeting you, Taemin-ssi. Congratulations on your solo debut, I think your new song Danger is wonderful!” You gush, extending a hand to him. He looks baffled.

He grabs your hand and stands up in front of you. “Wait you’re leaving already?” He whines. Is he really the same age as you? “We only just started talking.”

“I know, and I’d love to know more about you, but I have to get home. I have a lot to do tomorrow so I should get to bed.” Bold faced lie and you know it.

“Oh,” he pouts releasing your hand. “Well, it was nice meeting you. I’ll see you around…I guess?”

You smile, nod and tear yourself away from looking at his perfect form and facial features. Even makeup-less and soaking wet, the man is a god. You leave the store with another chime of the bell and begin walking home. You hear an identical chime follow after less than a minute or so and heavy foot steps catch up to you from behind. “Wait!” Taemin grabs your shoulder, breathing heavily, smile wide and bright as ever. “Please, let me walk you home, a city is never safe at night.”

You move to protest but his smiling eyes urge you to do differently. “That’s…fine…I guess.” You smile gently in return and begin walking home once more, this time with Taemin close at your side. The two of you make a bit of odd small talk the whole way there but none of it feels very awkward because of Taemin’s bubbling and bright personality. When you arrive at the door to your apartment, (you don’t know why he felt the need to walk you inside the building all the way to your door,) you turn to face him for the final time. You give him a big smile and he returns it instantly. “Thank you for….everything.”

“No,” he waves his palms at you, “Thank you! You’re company was great tonight, ______. It was just what I needed.” You swear if you could melt you would because damn. How can a person actually be this perfect. “I guess I’ll be seeing you then?”

You nod and he bows ever so slightly before turning around and walking away, back to the elevator and back to his own little world. If little can even be used to describe being an internationally famous idol with a perfect everything. 

The moment you’re back in your apartment you put the bags from the store on the kitchen table and jump onto your bed, pulling the covers over you, unable to sleep with the thoughts of your late night adventure running through your head over and over again. You’re turning over to finally drift off to sleep when it hits you. He never gave you back your sweatshirt. That little shit.


AN: I hope you like this! I’ve never written anything like this. Please let me know if I should continue. It was really fun and I think I’d like to see this story progress, wouldn’t you? Let me me know what you think! :)

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I didn’t put too much effort in it, so it’s nothing near perfect… but it’s something I desperately wanted to do ever since we started talking about this ~ submitted by kendricks-booze.

A/N: I would like to preface this by saying that I am no Harry Potter expert. I’ve read the books, I’ve seen the films. That’s about it. So just… keep that in mind, and I apologise for anything that strikes anyone as OOC. KB and I have been screaming about this for a while though and I promised to write it for her. And then after she made this manip for me and I kind of freaked out about it… so, here it is. ;)

Beca loves every dark and dingy corner of the castle. The cold stonework that’s forever blanketed in a thin film of dust and shadows so dark you can literally disappear into them. She loves the musty smell of the books, the one that saturates the furthest most corners of the library and clings to hallway walls that are far removed from any old texts. She doesn’t actually read all that much though, enjoys the smell more than the words on the pages, but sometimes it reminds Beca of her father. Those days, she’ll pack up her stuff and leave the library early.

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