Pokemon Go headcanons. (I don’t have this game I’m just doing this because of the hype because it seems funny. If I got something wrong, let me know!)

  • Keith hasn’t started playing yet. He is still trying to decide between Team Valor with its flaming bird mascot or Team Instinct which is practically named for him.
    • When he finally is able to play, he’ll get a Charmander. He doesn’t rename it.
  • Lance makes fun of Keith, but he hasn’t managed to catch anything other than his starter, a Squirtle he unimaginably named Lance Jr., and ten Rattatas.
  • Pidge has a lot of Pokemon. Like, almost an unreasonable amount with a lot of variety. Everyone is sure she is cheating, but no one can prove it.
    • She had a gym, but she lost it to Hunk.
    • Starter was a Bulbasaur named Matt ;(
  • Hunk only has a few, but that is because he is very focused on training them and leveling them up and thus has sent pretty much all his duplicates to Professor Willow.
    • Starter was also a Bulbasaur he named Weird Rose. He later renamed the Bulbasaur
    • He took Pidge’s gym only a couple of hours after she claimed it, due to the strength of his Pokemon
    • Lance swears he’s gonna beat Hunk, but has yet to prove that he can.
  • Shiro caught a Ditto. No one is sure how. Probably his strange Deus Ex Machina powers. Ditto is probably not even in the game. But he did it.
    • Starter is a Charmander named Bob. He was having trouble deciding on names, but he didn’t want to leave Bob nameless. Now he is too attached to the name to rename Bob.
    • He’s a game completionist so he is trying to Catch ‘Em All™.

Here ya go!

applesauce oatmeal

1 pkg instant oatmeal (any flavour, the kind with extra added protein is best)
½ c. or one individual container of applesauce (any flavour)
¼ c. water or milk (cow’s or soy/nut)
cinnamon, to taste

combine all ingredients in a microwave safe bowl and stir. microwave for 1-2 minutes, stir and eat.

recipe can be easily multiplied. when made with a high-protein milk and/or oatmeal, this counts as a nutritionist-approved balanced meal (whole grain + fruit or vegetable + protein).