5SOS: Lisbon, 4th of May.

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me: gets home

me: takes bra off and changes into boxers

me: fixes food and drink

me: with a sigh of relief, lays down

me: lifts drink to lips

me: fucking spills it all over myself

So first it’s confirmed that Salad is Sasuke’s and Sakura’s daughter.

Then, Salad believes that she’s the daughter of Karin.

And now apparently Salad is some sort of a vessel for Orochimaru and she holds both the Uzumaki and Uchiha genes.



gazebo–a small, roofed, garden structure that offers a scenic view =“467” data-orig-height=“195” class=“tmblr-full”>

Gazebo is a totally made-up word.  In the 1700s in England there was a fashion for fanciful buildings set in landscaped gardens.   Buildings were often Greek or Roman temples and, as a taste for things Oriental infiltrated after trade with China opened, Chinese temples.

 The word gazebo is first attested to in a 1752 book, New Designs for Chinese Temples by William and John Halfpenny.  The authors seem to have coined the word combining the idea of a structure from which one might “gaze” onto a beautiful scene, with the Latin future tense verb ending “-ebo”.

Mit érdemel az a bűnös magyartanár az Origó videójában, aki

Jékely Zoltánt ”jékej”-nek ejti?

Közoktatás, halál rád!

Monument to a Broken Sword by Drazelic

"Once, in an ancient time, Man and God waged a grand war across the heavens. Mankind thought itself strong and independent now, but Man's works were nothing in the face of the power of the Sword of God, and all the great nations perished and there was a great cataclysm.
But when God saw his work, he felt penitence, and so cast his sword down from the heavens, promising never again to war against Man. The Sword of God crashed into a mountain, and stands there yet, cracked and broken, a sign of God's oath to Mankind.
Occasionally, the pious traveler or zealous paladin may venture there on a pilgrimage, to see the divine weapon for themselves, and reaffirm the covenant between Man and God once more."