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Okay, so first off, I love your blog! Your art is absolutely stunning and I'm in love with your style!! But anyway, I was just watching Deathly Hallows Part 2 and the Epilogue just came on and I saw Ginny with like shoulder-length hair and I was like "Where's her pixie cut?? This isn't Ginny at all!" And then I remembered that Ginny's pixie cut isn't (technically) canon and just a headcanon and I got sad haha but at least it will be forever immortalized in your beautiful art!!

Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy this headcanon so much!! In my headcanons, Ginny with a pixie only after the war! I draw her with long hair during hogwarts too because I love her long hair just as much as her short one (I just think short hair makes her look more mature and a pro Quidditch player hahaa)

@aanau replied to your post “Comsidering the latest addition the the Dan analysis, what do you…”

Im surprised ive never seen an au where This Kid lives

Same, honestly. For whatever reason, fans don’t really talk about him much. At least not as far as I’ve seen. I think it’s a shame, because he could be really interesting to explore.

Oh well. Maybe someday someone will explore him a bit more. When he has a bit more time and isn’t running this blog all day. Wait, what?

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i found this blog a while ago, but i can honestly say that it still makes me laugh, or at least crack a smile. you have a knack for that, friend, and i'm so glad you and your blog exist. 🐧

Aw, thank you, friend. That means a lot to me. I know it’s just a silly blog, but being able to make other people laugh or smile, that makes me really happy. 

I know I haven’t been super-active with replies recently; there’s been some stuff going on in my personal life, and I’ve been kinda anxious and down lately. But it makes me smile to know that my dorky blog can make you smile, and I really appreciate the kind words. :3

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Is it wrong if I'm planning on assembling a cube including some of the more functional (as in cards that despite potentially destroying balance, at least work under the games rules) cards on this blog? (And also foegod)

Just don’t include the cards that ask you to literally kill your opponent.

Hey yo so like Staff did you know that instead of using time and resources to put in Dumb shit like this you could ugggghhh maybe instead get rid off the Neo-Nazi and pedophilic blogs on this Hellsite or for the fucking least fix your God Damn code Fuck Dude

Wounded| Scott Mccall

Requested by @tvdtotwfanforever:
“Hi !! Can I have a Scott McCall imagine where he gets hurt and the reader takes care of him ?? Thanks !! Ps I love ur blog ❤️”

Hope you like it, even if it’s probably not that good.
Also it’s my first time writing for Scott so tell me if you like it.
If y'all recognize the quote at the end I’m gonna love you forever.

Warnings: blood, stitching.


Requests are open 

Originally posted by allpeopleareincredible

You checked your phone, hoping for a text message. You’ve been checking your phone every 5 minutes for at least an hour.

The other had gone on a ‘mission’ as you call them to defeat the current evil that had settled in Beacon Hills.

You sighed and passed furiously a hand through your hair.

Being a human member of the pack was hard. You were the only one that hadn’t special powers and sometimes you felt particularly useless.

At least before there was Stiles with you, but now he was gone and in the pack you felt like you were the only human, of course there was Mason but you were the only one that had to stay at home while they were out risking their lives because Scott said that he didn’t want you in danger and that at his house you were safe.

When he told you, you simply rolled your eyes and told him that you could take care of yourself, hopping into Stiles’ jeep. That mission finished for you with a trip to the hospital and at least 5 stitches. You remembered Scott’s disappointed and worried expression, so you decided that from now on you would have stayed at home.

You checked your phone again, hoping for a ‘we’re okay, we’re coming back’ kind of message.

The door of Scott’s room bursted open and Malia walked in, holding Scott from one side. Scott’s head lolled to the other side, his eyes barely open and his hand pressed on a giant cut. You ran to him and took his face in your hands.

“Scott? Scott! Can you hear me?”

Scott lifted his head slightly and tried to smile at you.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly.

“You are asking me if I am okay?” you laughed a little, tears starting to form in your eyes.

“Help me get him on the bed,” you grabbed his wounded side and dragged him to the bed with Malia’s help.

“I can take care of him, go help the others,” Malia looked at you with a hesitant look and then at Scott, “Go.”

Malia closed the door and ran out of Scott’s house.

“Why are you not healing?”


“Okay, so should I stitch you up?”

Scott looked at you.

“Can you do that?”

You ran out of the room and grabbed the first aid kit and a bottle of alcohol.

When you ran back into Scott’s room, Scott was following your movements.

You say down next to his wounded side and lifted his shredded shirt up. Scott wrinkled his nose at the smell of the alcohol but didn’t move.

“I know but I have to disinfect this.”

You grabbed a ball of cotton and dipped it in the alcohol, passing it lightly on Scott’s wound. He hissed in pain and grabbed the sheets in two fists, shredding them when his claws came out.

You threw the cotton ball into the bin and grabbed a needle with trembling hands.

Scott’s eyes were fixated on your face, he studied every movement and every expression.

When you finished you went to the bathroom and washed the blood away from your hands and put the aid kit back, under the sink.


You heard Scott calling you and rushed to the other room.

“What? The stitches weren’t enough?”

Scott laughed lightly and motioned you to sit next to him.

“When did you learn that?”

“I’ve been taking nursery class with your mother, I wanted to be useful.”

Scott grabbed your hand and caressed it lightly with his thumb.

“You are useful, you help me be a better alpha-”

“Scott, you don’t n-”

“No let me finish. You help me be a better alpha, you always show me a better way. You give us always hope and that’s what keeps us going. Hope. You are useful.”

You felt a tear slipping from your eyes and running down your face.

“Okay, Scott, it’s time for you to rest.”

Scott gently grabbed your wrist and made you may beside him.

“Stay with me.”

Scott closed slowly his eyes and you wrapped your arms around him.



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you don't annoy us with your problems, we care about you and if you wanna talk about your problems, we're willing to listen. (or at least I am, I don't really wanna speak for everyone else?)

Thank you, that’s very kind of you :)
I don’t want to flood this blog with my problems, so if I talk about it, it will be either on Discord or on my personal blog :)
This blog is a safe and positive space for everyone, and it shall stay that way :) - Mod Lily

Hey people! So I really need some inspiration for edits, and I also wanted to do something to celebrate reaching my next hundred followers, so I’m doing some url inspired edits! I’ll try to get to as many as possible but depending on how many notes this gets I might not do edits for everyone, just the ones that inspire me the most!


  • must be following this mess
  • reblog this post
  • maybe check out my creations?(optional but appreciated)
  • must be either a hp related url or another fandom I’m in (check my navi page for my other blog if you’re not sure)
  • be patient!! some may take awhile

that’s all, and if you’re still unsure if I’ll understand your url then just send me a message with a quick explanation or at least put in the tags your fandom pls, it’ll make my life much easier!!

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I know you're probably sick and tired of seeing my name in your ask box, but I really just want to tell you that you're amazing! And I'm trying so hard to keep up with your blog (and posting on my own) with this whole college thing, but the wifi sucks here and I used up all my phone data, but every chance I get I check your blog because it makes my day 1000% better. Thank you so much E! I really really love what you do on top of being a downright spectacular human being! ♡♡♡

Aw gosh you’re so incredibly sweet and kind! I hope college isn’t giving you too much trouble! I know you got your wifi situation sorted out at least, right? Using up all your phone data can be such a pain in the ass! In any case, I hope you have a great day today sweetheart!

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How would black hat react to a smol and shy S/O? Btw love your blog!!!!!

Ahh thank you! It’s kind of short, my apologies!

Basically, Black Hat tries to keep S/O in the dark about his business. His line of work is far too dangerous for them and them getting hurt would be terribly annoying. (Meaning, he cares about them, at least a bit) 

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Hi, I am going to be without the internet for a few weeks maybe a month or two, so I just wanted to send you this message. I hope you are able to move on from this breakup, and that you at least have some good/happy memories. Thank you for being one of the ones to inspire me into writting again. So thank you, may I write someithing inspired by you, if one of your works bites me with plot bunnies? Thank you for setting up this blog Sweetspark-Nox

Hello darling! I’m sorry you’re going to be without internet for so long. D: I’ve been there and it sucks hun. Thank you for sending in this message, sweet heart. <3 

And you’re welcome! :o I’m not a very inspiring person but I’m glad I could help? You are free to write whatever you like but if you take something directly from my writing, please credit me. Anyway thank you and have a lot of fun!!


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Who are your fave and least fave from every royal family? I saw this ask in a blog so I am copying it hahaha

Hi there! Well I am going to name a few of the royal houses I am familiar with okay?

Fave has to be HM, Princess Anne (she is a badass) and Catherine (she is amazing!)
Least fave has to be Prince Andrew (he is one sketchy motherfucker) and Princess Michael of Kent (she is way too classist for my taste and keeps living on his ancestors “glories”)

This is hard as I find all of them quite…stiff and distant (this is just my opinion okay?)
Fave Princess Marie (she is so lovely and while she is barely covered she always puts sould and heart in her engagements)
Least favorite oh man, most of them lol but definetly Henrik (Queen Margrethe’s waste of skin and bones husband) and Prince Joachim (guy is so arrogant)

Fave will always be CP Victoria and Princess Sofia
Least fave I think it would be Carl Philip, I don’t knowhe is just…there, existing nothing that remarkable.

Fave was difficult but King Harald and Queen Sonja and also Princess Martha Louise (any woman who does not give a shit about what people think of her is a true hero)
Least favorite is CP Mette Marit, I mean she is just there, existing.

The Netherlands
Fave is Princess Mabel (girlfriend is a human rights activist waaay before she entered the royal scene and let’s face it the majority of our royal blood faves wouldn’t be into charities and activism if they were not royal)
Least fave I don’t know, no one I guess

Fave is forever Queen Fabiola, what a cupcake she is truly missed
Least fave would be all of them lol, they are so meh

Fave would be CP Masako because she has been battling with mental illness but she still manages to smile and deal with her princess role like a champ
Least fave I have no one, they are fine I guess

Fave would be Charlene, I mean we barely see her but I love when she attends charities that involve water/swimming because she looks hella happy
Least favorite I don’t know, Princess Stephanie perhaps? She is just there existing

Oh man, this is hard because I am not that into them but I think my fave would be CP Hussein and my least fave (dont hate me) would be Queen Rania (yes, she is smart and whatever but girl cant go around the globe talking about poverty when she spends millions of dollars in clothes and jewels while the majority of her country lives in poverty)

They are all my faves! The Sofias, Leti, Felipe, Leonor, Elena…
Obviously Juan Carlos does not have a soft spot on me and also Cristina.

And that’s it I guess.

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if you're going to write anymore... personal problems, at least tag it like #personal or something. and put it under read more. not everyone wants to see the drama. I know it's your blog and all. I don't wanna see it or get involved.

Yeah- I already said I’m not posting personal stuff here anymore… but thanks for the tip. Unless you don’t want to see my positive personal posts either- I’ll tag those too.

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listen i disagree with a lot of stuff you say but honestly im so sorry people are bitchy like that??? i love season 7 but seeing you hate it doesnt bother me at all i mean ill just scroll past it but i see no reason to unfollow you (i love your blog!!!!) anyway hope you will at least enjoy a bit of episode 7 and i'm sorry it hasn't turned out like you wanted, i would've been pissed too

omg this has to be the sweetest message I’ve gotten all week ?? honestly thank you so much taking the time to send this kind message !!! It really means a lot :D and I’m glad you’re enjoying the season ! :)

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Hi! I'm looking for some other than yours good quality stuff for Eldarya to read about. Do you maybe know any people who write imagine/headcanons/scenarios for the fandom that you could recommend to me? I like don't know anyone apart from you who does that :/ (and sorry for my English if it sounds off, it's not my first language)

Hello dear anon ^^

You honor me with your thoughts oof my wirtings being of  good quality- even tho lately I think what I´ve been writing sucks and maybe that´s the reason I haven´t been writing that much :v

Well, from the blogs I follow, @incorrecteldarya has done many headcanons that are simply amazing!!!

@foresthuntermajrach also does awesome scenarios and headcanons.

I know there´s also at least two or three blogs that are dedicated only to writings but I didn´t notice that I don´t follow them and so I don´t remember the names of their blogs ;-; -I feel shitty now, I´m so sorry.- Anyone out there who knows the blogs I´m talking about???

Aside of this I´m not aware of more. I´m very sorry of not being a big help :(

And your english is just fine,really! Don´t worry about that. English isn´t my first language either :)

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Could you give me some meanspo please i am fasting atm and am trying to for 50 hours because i have to eat something with my dad at a baseball game and im trying not to give in

(50 hours isn’t healthy, darling. :c I really encourage you to at least eat something small. An apple or some veggies won’t hurt your weight one bit 💕 also I’m very very bad at meanspo. Mostly because I love my followers and don’t want to hurt you guys in any way :c )

50 hours? Are you serious? That’s almost nothing. That’s barely making it over two days. TWO DAYS. You can’t even go two days without stuffing your face with gross, fatty foods? That is pathetic. The girls you blog about can go weeks without so much as a bite of a green pepper, but you can’t even make it two days. You will never be small and pretty and cute if you don’t learn how to control yourself. Get a grip, drink some water, and try and reflect on why you would even think about putting food in your mouth.

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hello,my name is kimi,I'm your follows,I like harajuku and cute styles too ,I have two shops ,may I have your email(I can tell you the details),I want to cooperate with you and make clothes ads( put clothes picture and shop's logo) on your blog,Looking forward to your reply




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Hi there, just wanted to say I've been spending some time on your blog lately (I am the one who asked about a cure for the obsession). I am older so I should be wiser, but all I really wanna do is spend my time in a universe full of pictures of Colbert. Luckily the SWC DVD I ordered arrived, so I'll have something to comfort me in the long winter of the Late Show vacation. How are we going to survive this? So, anyway - thank you for this blog. It feels good to share these feelings with someone.

Thank you so much for your message! I also wish I could just look at gifs and pics of Stephen forever, but at least the real world presents the opportunity to actually meet him if we work hard enough! I’m planning on using similar coping mechanisms for this break — besides moving into my dorm (!!!), I will be watching lots of Strangers With Candy. Thanks for your kind words and for following me!


Welp, I finally reached 10k followers! Wow. I am so grateful!! I’ve been planning on doing a big art give away for quite some time now, so I am excited to do this! Here is what I am offering:

  • 1st Place: Hi-res 11x17 inch full-color picture with a minor-ish background, single character. It’s fullbody but some body parts may not show in favor of the composition. ONE winner will be chosen.
  • 2nd Place: A small colored single fullbody, OR a sketch of some sort of scene happening, up to 2 characters. The latter will most likely have monochrome flats with some shading. TWO winners will be chosen.
  • 3rd Place: Thigh-up sketch of a single character, with flats. TWO winners will be chosen.


  • You don’t have to be a follower, although a follow would be appreciated!
  • Only reblogs count. You can reblog as many times as you like. (also please don’t tag as giveaway, I guess tumblr has issues with that)
  • Give away blogs do not count.
  • I will draw OCs and canon characters! Any gender, species, and body type! I will also draw monsters/body horror, anthro, mecha/robots and uhhhh yeah I’ll draw just about anything
  • You MUST have at least one already-drawn reference (or a screenshot) of your character for this. even if it’s a messy sketch, it will do!
  • I will NOT draw NSFW or fetishy stuff. This blog is SFW, and so is the give away.
  • Please keep your ask box or messages open so I can message you if you win! If your ask box is not open at the time I announce winners, I will pick someone else.
  • If a winner does not respond to me within 48 hours, I will pick someone else.
  • Winners will be selected by a random generator.
  • The give away ends on September 15th, 2017! I will announce the winners within the week.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. Thank you guys so much and good luck!