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When I first joined the Darren/Blaine, Chris/Kurt, Klaine and CC fandom’s on tumblr friends who knew a little about it said, “Oh tumblr.. that’s just going to be pictures of kittens and cats and stuff” and I said “No it’s full of people with intelligent insight, articulate people and creative people”!……..Yeah turns out though (cough) there was still a fair bit about cats……😉

  • Sam: It's probably my mom. *Checks phone* Called it. Hi, Mother. It's Sam. Mm-hmm. Yes, ma'am. I'm at the home of Darren Shan. Mm-hmm. Yes, ma'am. We're-- we're just hanging out. Oh... Darren's parents. They're, uh-- they're in the other room. You would like to talk to Darren's dad? Oh, okay. Hold on a moment.
  • Darren: That's gonna be pretty hard since my dad thinks I'm dead.
  • Sam: I can't tell her that!
  • Darren: Mr. Crepsley, quick-- you have to pretend to be my dad to talk to Sam's mom.
  • Mr. Crepsley: *Takes the phone* Hello. This... is dad Shan. Yes. The children are playing swords. Sorry-- playing with swords. They are bleeding. Oh no, they are dead. Do not call again. *Hangs up the phone and hands it back to Darren* Sorry, I panicked.

dieseanni  asked:

I've red on Instagram that stonewall is a gaybar in NYC and this girl met D there. Its getting reaaalllyyy obvious, I love it

Oh Darren he certainly is enjoying his freedom.  He certainly is making a point of letting his true self shine!