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Hmmm, Daleastreet was a freaking joke the first time they tried it. Why does pr think we'll accept it this time? I'd be insulted that they think we're this stupid, but I can't generate the energy to care.

To be honest, I don’t know why anyone cares. We have much bigger things to be concerned with.  

Let Darren use Lea’s 4.5 million IG followers to get some traction for his band. Everyone else does it. And Von Beard being present at the PR dinner. Well, isn’t that a huge hint at the truth. She is PR too!!!!  And right now, she is getting her finale promotion.

I think a lot of people are missing something that is very important. Lea has very much been using Chris in social media as well.  Chris has actively commented on Lea’s post. most recently saying “Hi Edie” on a pic of her and her mother.

And he liked a post Chord posted recently about his single.  

A post shared by Chord Overstreet (@chordover) on Apr 5, 2017 at 1:42pm PDT

Clearly Chris has no issues with this promotion. Remember, Darren connecting with Glee people he hasn’t really interacted with at all.  THAT IS A GOOD THING.  Because it could possibly lead to an even better thing.  AN EXCUSE FOR DARREN AND CHRIS TO ACTUALLY GO THE SAME EVENT OR PARTY.

I wish people would stop criticizing everything.  Its honestly exhausting and the focus right now needs to be on Von Beard exiting and helping Darren in every way possible to start on his journey towards the light.

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(Hal attempting to flirt with Darren) "Wow that's a lot of stuff you're carrying. Who ordered all those elfroot potions? Was it Hanin? Sometimes those ducklings ask too much of you, in my opinion, they needn't put you to work like that. Oh, the inquisitor ordered the potions? I. That's me. Oh. Okay I did that. Sorry. Well it looks heavy and you must be very strong. I like strong m- Oh my, don't fall! Oh dear. This is awful. Please let me help." (and then he falls too)

Darren: I-I ah, well, yes, yes it is! Heavy, I mean. But I don’t mind! It’s something to do, y’know, keeping myself busy. Oh, they’re for you? Well that’s okay - even better! Where did you want them? [Grunts a little, hoisting the crate up higher, teetering] S-Strong? Me? Oh, uh, thank you, I… uh oh… a-ah–! [Stumbles. Falls. Potions everywhere. Both of them on the ground. Disaster.] 

Darren: I’m so sorry Inquisitor! T^T

Remember the Time - Chapter 1/?

I’ve been giving this fanfic a lot of thought. Debating whether I should write it or not. And then when I did, it took me a long time to come to the decision to actually publish it. But here goes nothing. 

Set in an alternate universe where Chris and Darren meet under very different circumstances. Rated T for angst & language. Warning for minor references regarding thoughts about suicide/death (in this chapter). 

Chris looked up, facing the mirror in the airport bathroom. He tried washing his face with cold water once more, hoping it would lessen the reddening around his eyes.

‘Stop crying, just stop it.’

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  • Sam: It's probably my mom. *Checks phone* Called it. Hi, Mother. It's Sam. Mm-hmm. Yes, ma'am. I'm at the home of Darren Shan. Mm-hmm. Yes, ma'am. We're-- we're just hanging out. Oh... Darren's parents. They're, uh-- they're in the other room. You would like to talk to Darren's dad? Oh, okay. Hold on a moment.
  • Darren: That's gonna be pretty hard since my dad thinks I'm dead.
  • Sam: I can't tell her that!
  • Darren: Mr. Crepsley, quick-- you have to pretend to be my dad to talk to Sam's mom.
  • Mr. Crepsley: *Takes the phone* Hello. This... is dad Shan. Yes. The children are playing swords. Sorry-- playing with swords. They are bleeding. Oh no, they are dead. Do not call again. *Hangs up the phone and hands it back to Darren* Sorry, I panicked.