Random Headcanons

- Do not leave Genos alone in water - he’s a massive ton of metal that will sink to the bottom floor if left unattended
- Saitama sings to the radio when cooking breakfast
- Every time Kuseno is on his his way out of the lab to go for a much-needed vacation, Saitama comes over carrying a wrecked young cyborg. (The old man sighs internally, he can only stare at brochures and dream)
- Saitama is always woken up by a smol rover and minibots jumping over him and Genos just watching, shaking his head in his pink apron and smiling and it’s very domestic
- Genos forced to endure puns
- Sonic sometimes chills at normal gyms, tries too hard
- “I’M NOT UNEMPLOYED! I’m…just jumping in between assassinations right now.”
- Amai Mask music videos are like a diabolical mix of korean drama lovesongs and walking on the beach with a white horse
- “Sensei, tell me a paradox.”
- “If I punch myself, will I die?”
- …
- Genos.exe has stopped working
- Saitama walking in on a Caped Baldy fanclub meeting
- Genos is standing behind a stand, the minibots and rover sit around him
- The lights are low, there’s candles and a giant portrait of Caped Baldy on the wall
- “Ah, Sensei, you made it in time for-”
- Saitama walks right back out
- “teacher’s pet” tank top
- When Genos shuts down after a terrible battle and Saitama gets really nervous, he mumbles nonsensical nonsense underneath his breath
- “My cyborg is cybroke”
- “Where’s the doc, where’s the doc, gotta keep calm can’t keep calm freaking wAKE UP GENOS”
- “Dadadum… Just waiting, it’s quiet, the train’s frea-king quiet”
- “Ah, come on, you beautiful idiot you…”
- Genos wakes up early, but always lingers in bed for ten minutes to appreciate his sensei’s warmth
- Genos has a set of cuddle arms

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Do you think Jin eats the PUH as good as he eats them noodles... do you think he makes the "NyAM" sound after hes done 👀👀👀

I hope not that would make a puh go dry

HOLY SMOKES I got 3 of these in a row! @nyam Thank you! (Does this mean at least 3 people include me among their fav followers? :’D Hopefully not that I have to do 30 facts total, buaha! XD) I’m flattered there are some interested in knowing more about me. :3 Ok let’s see, it took a while, so a little bit of story time with some of these…

1. I’m the same age as Tatsumaki and Reigen. :’D But the youngest of 3 siblings (separated by an 8 year gap).

2. I’m actually an illustrator in RL, but for the natural sciences (just last week I finished up a project that will be published in April!) Ideally, I do hope to make more fanart stuff when I can! :’3

3. I first got into opm before the anime, when a friend showed me a gif of the manga’s sparring scene (like this), as an example of how well the anime would be expected to be, with that kind of source material! Immediately I recognized Murata’s art from Eyeshield 21 (yup I followed that back in the day too), and had to check out THIS manga to see what all the latest fuss was about! 8D Then I continued the webcomic and then welp boi I was sucked in deep.

4. My first impressions of that gif were, “Who’s the main character here? The guy with ‘the face’ (WHY is his face like that) or the guy with ‘those arms’? Is he a villain??” So yeee, I first thought Genos was some kind of bad guy or something, and was like wtf with Saitama’s egg face, wondering if he could ever show a ‘normal’ face otherwise. XD I am SO GLAD those initial impressions were smashed to the ground after getting the actual answers from the manga, being way better than I could have expected! (so much praise for ONE subverting expectations from first appearances, as many things were definitely not as they seemed) :’D   

5. Previously I was a staff member/judge for an annual fanfic competition in my last fandom community, for several years. Always a fan of meta and feels! 8D

6. This is my second tumblr, my previous one – tied to that fanfic service (a library of recs), still exists for the data…but is on indefinite hiatus. In short, the drama/environment over there became too inhospitable to bear anymore, but THIS fandom I’m currently in has just the right amount of welcoming heart and chill, it’s a blessing :’33

7. So actually I was here, still lurking around on hiatus, witnessing all the things that happened during opm’s anime release (so there’s lots of old art I recognize), never planning on fully engaging (but leaving some stealthy anon support here and there)…until I chanced upon @rironomind‘s stuff, finally breaking the ice for me. :’D Because her stuff was different and had bits of what I valued most and searched for among fics previously.

8. Tags are important to me, not for blacklisting stuff, but for archival purposes so I can find stuff again (I’ve worked in database management), and especially for leaving commentary on things. I’ve made it a point to myself to provide feedback where I can (I KNOW how much of it is lifeblood to creators), so I won’t reblog something unless I have something substantial to say about it in the tags. (Often I end up meta splurging tho, buaha) So that means…I have 100+ drafts piled up until mood strikes for me to write something for them! X’D 

9. Guinea pigs are my secret weakness!! (used to have one as a kid) >3< Them and hummingbirds are some of my fav animals. :3 I always must have wall calendars of both!

10. Like many, FF7 was my first rpg, but my fav would probably be Xenogears, as it completely blew my mind as a kid. I recently replayed it and ohhhhhhhh gawd, they (Square) don’t make games with that kind of ambitious storytelling scope anymore. :’))) (I got plenty of opm feels from it this time around, concerning the use of population limiters, channeling real strength, and especially key lines from the main romance. O.O BY GOLLY how many similar themes just so happened to line up!! XD)