66. ‘Leave Me Alone”

Hair- *PH* 8031

Shirt- BTTB 1992 sweater - antisocial
*{Versus Event}

Bottoms- .miss chelsea. Effi Shorts

Shoes- Flite.-xPumps
*{Versus Event}

eric nyam!~

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by loleafa

monichihuahua: and damn akaashi still looking as pretty as ever

Akaashi left the chat.

(because we need a chat fic for the pretty setter squad)

Words: 1567, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Hair- *PH* 8148

Dress- .:villena:. -  Split Maxi Dress (B/F) - Bleach Tie Dye Gray

Shoes- R.icielli - NATANA High Heels

Glasses- #Foxy Swerve Sunnies - Open
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Nyame Biribi Wo Soro ••

The Adinkra symbol which stems from the Akan Tribe of Ghana directly translates as “God’s something is in heaven”. It is a reminder that God’s dwelling place is in the heavens where he can listen to all prayers. The Nyame Biribi Wo Soro Adinkra Symbol is in the shape of two ovals conjoined to form an infinity sign with a diamond shape located at the point of intersection.

Adinkra symbols are visual symbols originally created by the Ashanti’s which represents certain concepts, aphorisms and objects that convey profound messages and traditional wisdom including facets of life and the environment.

Nyame Biribi Wo Soro is a monument at the African Burial Ground which signifies the fact that although life may have been difficult for Africans who went through the slave trade, there was still a God watching out for his people.

It is known that, the pattern was stamped in front of the palace where the Ashanti King would touch it, then touch his forehead and then his breast and repeat in Twi, the language of the Akans, the phrase “Nyame Biribi Wo Soro, ma ebi nka me nsa” three times. This means, “God everything that is above, permit my hand to touch it”. It is a symbol of HOPE and FAITH.

Get the Nyame Biribi Wo Soro neckpiece • a brass Adinkra symbol from the Ashanti region of Ghana - threadedtribes.com

anonymous asked:

You have been accused.. of being the BURRITO ANON. How do you plead?


nyame one instance where i didn’t meme publicly so that literally everyone & their brother & their dog could call me nyout on it nya ;’’’’) srry, fam, nyu gotta search for this one i have nyo idea…. rip in burrito-y pieces


62.”Everyone Is One”

Hair- ::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Gigi_V2.

Shirt- BTTB harajuku tee - occult
*{Bon Voyage}

*{The Epiphany}

Visor- wv$. #ASTRO (Noir)

Backdrop- RAMA - #selfie_RAMA Finch Lavatory

                         “   a staaaar,  huh    n  ??   how CUTE  !!     of course,  daiya could not see the described mark,  but with the damp,  velvety snout of the quiet racehorse cuddling close to her shoulder,  she found it did not matter that much,  either way.   she was sure it was quite adorable.   ohhhh,  but she felt like such a princess   ———  or,  she would,  if the man had been serving MILK TEA,  instead of  …  this GROSS stuff.      diegoooo     n  !!   don’t  -  cha have somethin’ sweeeeter  ??   sweets  !!   nyam  -  nyam  -  nyam  !!   

@fortunasua ’d for a starter  !!