Guys? You know about these strange, inexplicable tumblr updates? Putting the activity, likes, and just about anything under one drop menu? Switching two of the buttons? Awkward logo? It’s more sinister than random choices. By January 1, 2016 Tumblr dot com dashboards will assume a harsh, orange color. The color of LCL. Your reblogs, texts, and own tumblr will be tanged. Tumblr is trying to commence Instrumentality. It’ll all come TUMBLRING DOWN TUMBLRING DOWN TUMBLRING DO-O-WW-N.


nge + minimalist

requested by anon

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here it is, my oil of shinji ikari holding kaworu’s grotesque head. it’s based on this painting by caravaggio of david with the head of goliath

it was my first oil featuring people and it’s not perfect but i kinda gave up on it oops. i still might make some prints though!

the best thing about neon genesis evangelion is that it’ll never die?? its over a decade old and has 4 movies (5 when evangelion 3.0+1.0 comes out) following the original series so its still alive while other anime like sn.k died after a year s1 ended and had ppl waiting 39 years for s2