I got one of those “mystery figure” boxes with nge characters in it hoping for Eva 1 but got asuka now I have two asuka figurines and feel like a goddamn RUBE

what he says: i love you

what he means: what the fuck is the dark enigma behind Neon Genesis Evangelion? Why have I been softcore obsessed with this series and the outcome of the character’s lives since I was 12? Is NGE the demon eating at the walls on my mind? Did it urge my young brain towards nihilism and the obsession with the fact that life is ultimately pointless? How the fuck could the creator of NGE be evil enough to make Rebirth a sequel rather than a remake? That’s some next level mindfuck alternate reality bullshit right there. Will I still be asking these questions in 10 years? How about 30? How about 2000 when THE WORLD FUCKING REPEATS ITSELF LIKE IT DOES IN NGE