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Link found on Twitter to a PDF version of Another Man issue. HARRY begins on pg 182. I wouldn't normally do this, but since it's so impossible to find the thing, I am sending it along. (I'm still going to buy a physical copy, IF I can ever find one) t(.)co/4aa4J3d2r9 just hit the "download anyway" button.


2:42 am
I feel less lonely,
when my lungs
become numb
and my brain
begins to slow down,
I can feel
memories of us
start to fade.
I can almost feel
myself move on,
but when the sun
lights the world,
I’m back
to where I started
missing you
all over again.
—  I can’t seem to escape you and I’m not sure I want to // A.H.

This vole was brought into us recently after being attacked by a cat.
It had a small wound above one eye, but this was only small and after cleaning and some food it was moved into one of our pods for some rest.
It is being monitored by our vet team, and is being given its medication by pipette!

800+ ndrv3 urls giveaway!

Before anything, I’m really grateful to have reached such a number in so little time! You all give me hope. I wasn’t quite sure about what to do to celebrate it, but, since I have some urls saved, I decided to give one of them. Here is everything you must know if you want one of them! Of course, they all are sideblogs, so once you join as a member, I will leave and the url will be yours and only yours.

(credit for celes’ sprite edit goes to @hungry-enemy!)

|| urls list

  • robokiibo
  • iruma–mius
  • yonaga–angies
  • toujou–kirumi–official
  • kaede–akamatsus
  • official-akamatsu-kaede

|| rules to join

  • you must be following me (i will check if you are).
  • no giveaway blogs allowed.
  • you must reblog this post. every reblog counts as +1 entry, so feel free to reblog as many times you want! likes don’t count.
  • if possible, please especify which url are you interested for in the reblog or the tags! it’s alright if you don’t though.
  • you must have the private messaging feature enabled, or otherwise i won’t be able to contact you if you win and you will lose the right to have one of these urls.

|| the winner will get

  • a follow from me if i’m not following already.
  • promotion during two weeks! aka, you will be mentioned in my description and i will reblog and/or queue a lot of stuff from you.
  • and, of course, one of these urls! + a icon made by myself of the character the url is based from.

The giveaway will be on until the 8th of this month, then I will message the winner. If they don’t answer me in 48 hours, they will have lost and someone else will be choosen. That’s everything! Good luck if you participate and thank you!

seeing a dead body
  • Ouma:*memeful screaming*
  • Kaede:*girly screaming*
  • Tsumugi:*silent screaming
  • Himiko:*screams progressively getting louder*
  • Kaito:*crying while screaming*
  • Kaede:Then there's this bitch
  • Iruma:I'm cute