Guess what?

So I was just studying for my Latin exam in the upcoming week and happened to come across a really interesting thing.

You all know how Victuuri/Victuri is a homophone for victory right? 

Well, victuri (just one u, but still) is also a word in Latin. It is a future active participle (genitive singular or nominative plural masculine) to be exact. 

So, what does it mean? There are two different possibillities, as they are two different verbs which contain this form.

And Tbh, participles are kinda difficult to translate, so pls correct me if I’m wrong (after all I’m translating it straight from german to english), but the overall meaning is 

  • For vincere:  ‘of the one, who wants to win’ or ‘the ones, who want to win’
  • For vivere: ‘of the one, who wants to live’ or ‘the ones, that want to live’ 

I personally prefer the second translation (nominative plural) for both of them, but you can choose.  (*^ω^)

Idk if this is relevant at all, but I found it quite amusing and just wanted to share this! Pls tell me if sb mentioned this already! 

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