Catch Me (Day 2)

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,300

I cannot thank you enough for editing this @avengerstories

Day 1

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“Well that was interesting,” Clint comments, referencing the bird documentary the two of you just watched.

You smile and nod, lacking the heart to tell him that you fell asleep twenty minutes into the film and woke up right when the credits started rolling. In your defense, there is only so much information your brain can retain about hawks, the mating season, and their diet.

“So what should we do now?”

“Eat,” you respond immediately. “Definitely eat.”

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                         runaway/shelter group verse created by the great @oldcrblake.

                          SEEKING SHELTER?

Need a place to stay? Have no where to call home? Or no place to sleep? Bellamy Blake will always greet you at his door with open arms & find a place for you in his tiny home! Be it just for a night, a week, a couple months, hell even a few years; The Blake’s will take care of you! 


1.  This is an au t100 shelter group verse! But any fandom is welcome!
2.  OC’s, Canons from different fandoms, Multis; you can all join! 
3.  IC drama is greatly wanted but please guys, no OOC drama. 
4.  Activity checks are NOT a thing. This verse is just for fun, do not feel pressured. 
5.  A bio is needed. So that it makes plotting easier! ( preferably within a week from joining. )
6.  There will be triggers, it’s a shelter for runaways, of course there are going to be triggers!
7.  Track our gv tag ( GV. ) THE BLAKE’S SAFE HAVEN when accepted & follow members!  
8.  SUBMIT THE APPLICATION HERE! Message me or Heavyn, @oldcrblake​ , if you have questions.

                     THE APPLICATION IS BELLOW!

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Busy - Jinyoung (Day 67/100)

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Prompt: Busy
Member: Jinyoung x Reader
AU: HarryPotter!AU

Word Count: 2149

Two in one day?! OMG, my mom would be so proud :’)Also, this is one of my favorite AU’s and drabbles. I think I love it because I incorporated more than just one character, but I really like this one y'all~

“Wait, so what happened when you asked her?” Jaebum asked, sitting down across from Jinyoung while adjusting his green tie. Jinyoung had his chin in his hands and looked solemn with a faraway expression.

“Apparently she just said she was too busy studying for exams,” Mark chimed in from where he was sitting next to Jinyoung. Jinyoung gave a small groan but continued to stare off into the distance as he thought about his encounter with you earlier that day.

He had known you since your first year since you were both in Ravenclaw, and you had been acquaintance for a while, but it was only recently in the past year or so that he began to develop feelings for you. He had never really dated anyone before, though, so he wanted to make sure that everything went well.

He had talked about you to all of his friends and they had agreed that he should ask you out, but when he asked you to hang out with him at the Three Broomsticks that weekend, you had apologized, saying that midterms were going to be the death of you.

“Maybe she didn’t pick up on the fact that you were actually asking her out,” Jaebum pitched, reaching over to grab a muffin. Jinyoung hummed but continued to mope and feel sorry for himself.

“Try asking her again tomorrow!” Jackson pitched, excitedly appearing out of thin air, his red tie loosely draped around his neck as he sat next to Mark. Jinyoung looked up at his friend and shot him a confused look.

“Why bother? She already said no,” he said, putting his head back in his hands and sighing wistfully.

“No, she said she was busy studying for exams. That’s not a no. That’s a ‘this time doesn’t work for me so ask again later’,” Jaebum said with a small smirk on her face.

“Yea! You have to be persistent! And since it’ll be Friday tomorrow say ‘next week’ don’t just be like ‘Saturday night at 7’,” Jackson said, using air quotes before letting out an ‘oohh’ at the muffin in Jaebum’s hand and grabbing one for himself.

“So you want me to get rejected twice?” Jinyoung asked, looking back and forth at his friends. They all had encouraging looks on their faces and seemed to want him to go for it once more.

“Just do it. What’s the worst that can happen?” Mark said, giving him another smile.

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This Side of Paradise Part [1/?]

When it’s all over she thinks they were stupid. Stupid, or naive. Enough to think that any event in Mystic Falls would be different from the rest. It’s Mystic freaking Falls for crying out loud. This town is known for two things; its constantly decreasing population and town events gone haywire.

Still, she lets herself hope. Hope that maybe her life would be able to attain the slightest bit of normalcy.

“Are you sure you want to come to this?” Matt asks her.

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For Mother’s Day, Jenny flew back to Twinbrook and decided to visit her mother’s grave.

Today was one of the hardest days I’ve been anticipating. After six years, this was the first mother’s day I’ve spent back in Twinbrook. I haven’t visited her grave since I left.

I used to go to my mom’s grave very often when I was younger, the first few years without my mom were so difficult. The person I loved very much wasn’t there to hold me anymore, comfort me and to bring a smile on my face even when I was hurting. I couldn’t grasp the fact she was gone. Those years were empty because I was lost. I wasn’t the only one who suffered, my sister, my dad, my whole family was a mess. After my mom passed, Gina started becoming reckless, picking fights and starting trouble in school.. My dad was never the same.. Growing up, My mom was always more lenient and understanding while my dad was the ‘strict’ parent. It wasn’t that my dad was a terrible person, but he just didn’t know how to express or show his affection, and after the passing, he has changed the most. He often tried to neglect himself from this reality by burying himself in work, not really focusing on Gina and I.

Although she had destructive ways of grieving and moving forward, my sister was still always there for me. To comfort me at night when I was crying for my mother, praising me for getting an A for a project or helping me with homework while dad was uninterested, little things like this reminds me to be thankful of my sister who did her best to take care of me. I can kind of understand why she’s been strict with me for the past few years, it took a while for Gina to get herself together and realize she needed a change.. She is strict because she doesn’t want me to go the wrong direction and make bad choices like she did when we were younger. If only she didn’t live in a different country. I know how much she wanted to be here today, to visit our mother’s resting site. Despite her past actions, I know that my mom would still be so proud of my sister for taking care of us.

It was right after my high school graduation where my life started to change drastically. To get our fresh start, I decided to leave town with Gina and live in Bridgeport City. After I left, I began to feel so much guilt because I stopped visiting my mother’s grave. It wasn’t like I couldn’t, I just didn’t make the effort to. For some reason, I thought I couldn’t bear going-back and experience the pain I’ve felt when I was younger. I think I was actually afraid to go back. Since my time in Bridgeport, I was able to eventually move on, live my life and be happy like my mother would have wanted. I guess I never visited because I thought by doing so, all those painful thoughts and depression would return.

I still think about her a lot to this day. She was my everything and she shaped me to be the lady I am today. I could never forget her kindness, love and compassion. This year, I decided to seek closure by visiting the burial site of my mother. To not be afraid and conquer the anxiousness I’ve had for a long time. 

When I went to the grave, so many emotions became overwhelming as I looked at her name engraved onto the stone. Many tears were shed. This moment made me realize a lot of things. I spent so many times making excuses to avoid feeling that sadness again but I’m glad I came here. Although I cried, I also reminisced about all the good and beautiful memories I’ve had with my mother. I’m grateful that this experience has reminded me to cherish those memories. Knowing she is in peace now, knowing I can still fall back to the memories whenever I feel down has helped me reach a peaceful state of mind. 

Even though she is physically gone, she is still in my soul and heart. She is not fully gone because I know that she is still with me. I love you forever and always Mommy. One day we’ll be together again but for now, rest easy in the skies.

Happy Mother’s Day,

-Your little girl, Jen