The signs as things in the black butler movie

Aries: Sebastian has to deadass makeout with Ciel to save his life in a very dramatic fashion. 

Taurus: Sebastian leaning against a wall with a cat (which he somehow found in a high security building??) while Ciel runs away in a panic because the building is about to be gassed out. 

Gemini: Sebastian leaning in really really far like nose to nose to tell Ciel he’s a brat 

Cancer: Ciel’s angst 

Leo: Ciel is a 17 year old girl pretending to be a boy

Virgo: James Bond opening

Libra: Sebastian eats maybe 12 poison ball things but he does it like really fast for some reason like he’s poppin pills

Scorpio: Ciel is dying and Sebastian has the antidote in his pocket but just chooses not to use it until Ciel is literally on the verge of death.

Sagittarius: Ciel throws a bomb off of a building in slow motion. 

Pisces: Random inexplicable cut scenes to a church full of white people in this Japanese movie 

Meeting Newt for the first time would Include

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Anonymous asks:Hi I don’t know how busy you are, but can you do like a meeting newt for the first time would include thing? I adore your include things so much, sorry I just do!!!

  • You meeting Newt at Tina and Queenie’s house. You think he’s dressed kind of oddly, but you don’t judge a person by how they look or act.
  • The two sister telling the two of you that they need to go get some food to cook dinner with and say they’ll be back in a bit.
  • Once they leave, the two of you are quiet. You’re a little shy, but nowhere near as introverted as Newt.
  • Newt not being able to look at you. He’d probably be awkwardly looking away, wishing he were with his babies.
  • You trying to engage Newt in a conversation, and probably failing, making you feel extremely awkward and self-conscious.
  • You thinking Newt probably really dislikes you, but the truth is he’s doesn’t trust people quickly. The little amount of trust he has for you is because you’re good friends with Tina and Queenie and they trust you.
  • Newt mumbling a lot, trying to figure out how to tell you he really doesn’t want to talk to you right now.
  • You mentioning animals, and suddenly Newt looks at you all interested like.
  • You’re knowledge about animals is really high and you especially love otters. You realize he too likes animals, but not just ordinary animals, magical ones.
  • Newt scooting closer to you, now looking into your eyes and being a little less shy.
  • You’re glad Newt seems more interested, and you scoot in a little too, making sure you don’t break the new bond with him.
  • Newt showing you Pickett, and letting him hold him. But Pickett quickly runs back to Newt.
  • You laughing when Newt imitates some funny beast noises.
  • Newt smiling shyly when you tell him he’s really good at making graphorn noises.
  • Somehow the conversation steers to you and you tell Newt that you’re looking for a volunteering job, preferably with animals, to which Newt raises his head to you and askes softly, “Would consider helping me out with my animals?”
Sleepless Nights Pt. 4 (Newt x Reader)

Chapter 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Word count: 1750 Warnings: none. Its mostly just fluff


For once, you woke up before the red-haired man.

You laid there, nuzzled between his arm and chest, pressed firmly to him with your hand against his steadily beating heart.

You watched the way your hand rose and fell with every breath, deep and calming. Lifting your head to look at him, you were astonished at how incredible he was. The stress melted away and he looked carefree, a small smile caressing his lips.

You moved your hand off his heart and began to trace small shapes on his chest, dragging your fingers lightly. You felt a small shiver run through him but brushed it off, using the chilly room as an excuse. Because of this, you burrowed farther into the blankets and him, enjoying the smell that clung to him.

Still letting your fingers wander with a butterfly light touch, you looked back to his face, allowing a fond grin to appear. Gentle sunlight shone through his hair, creating a halo behind him and falling softly onto his skin. His lips, positively ravishing, were curled up and made him look infinitely happier. His eyes were shut tight, thick eyelashes fluttering against his freckled cheeks.

How you adored his gorgeous freckles.

Sliding your hand up, dancing across his skin until you got to his jaw. You traced the outline with the tip of your finger, coming up to touch his lips. They were incredibly soft. With a featherlight touch, you dragged your finger longingly around them, dipping down in his dimples and cupids bow. You followed, reaching the curly hair that was flopped into his face. Gently sliding your fingers through his mess of hair, pushing it away to reveal the rest of his face.

The light filtered warmly through the window, glittering against various shiny objects in the room and allowing you to soak him in. You were absolutely delirious on him, his very presence affecting you like a drug.

Your hand continued its journey along his face, stopping again at his lips. You slid your finger around, touching so lightly it tickled him, based on the twitch of his nose. The arm wrapped around your shoulders and resting on your hip tightened, pulling you delightfully close.

You closed your eyes, fingers poised over his mouth as you drank him in, finding solace from being around him.  You lifted slightly, bringing your lips to his cheek.

“You are absolutely, incredibly, entirely, marvelous Mr. Scamamder.” Your lips ghosted over his skin, sending tingles through you. You felt drunk on him.

Suddenly, a metallic click filled the room and angry footsteps stomped down the hall. You jolted slightly, cheeks coloring in embarrassment.

From your abrupt movement, Newt began to rouse, gripping you closer and harder as a low groan slipped out of his lips. He tensed for a moment, stretching, and then he relaxed,  his body hugging yours. Your face was pressed into the crook of his neck and his nose buried in your hair.

“Mmmh,” he groaned, voice gravelly and rough from sleep. The sound sent shivers down your spine and you glanced up at him, stunned to see his sleepy eyes staring down at you. He peeked at you through lashes and a lazy smile graced his lips.

“Morning, love,” he murmured, still cloudy from the haze of sleep. Another shudder ran through you and this time he noticed, curling around you.

“Are you cold, love?”

After a second’s hesitation, you nodded softly, barely managing to maintain eye contact with him. He was still muddled from sleep and it gave him a confidence that was usually absent. It was intense and the peculiar look in his eyes didn’t help.

You laid there, silent, and still holding his gaze. After minutes passed, a small had worked its way to his lips and you glanced away, first at his lips and then towards the door. When you looked back, it was like a spell was broken and suddenly he was back to normal with a light blush dusting his cheeks.

“Breakfast?” You asked in a small voice,  dreading leaving the room. You could’ve spent the day in his arms and still want more.

His gaze flickered around the room, meeting yours once or twice before he nodded. You sighed, a pleasant and happy sound, and nuzzled into him for a brief second before sitting up.

With your hair sticking every which way and lips parted in a yawn, you knew you were a mess, but you couldn’t find it in yourself to care. You used a hand to ruffle your hair and smiled down at Newt who had sat up on his elbows.

He wore a sleepy grin and started getting up, the blush still faintly there. You raised your arms up, stretching them above your head before slipping out of bed. You padded over, opening the door and heading to the kitchen.

“Morning, honey,” came the sweet drawl of Queenie’s voice. Despite your haggard appearance, she gave you a fond smile and continued making pancakes.

“Good morning, Queenie, “ you grinned, making your way beside her. You could hear Newt coming up behind you as you charmed a hot cocoa. Within seconds it was finished and you started searching for the cinnamon. You felt a gentle hand ghost over your hip.

“Here,” Newt said, handing it to you. Sparingly, you sprinkled it over the cup, smiling as you plopped in some marshmallows. The warm, chocolatey smell wafted up, surrounding you.

“This is for you. I know mine isn’t nearly as good as yours but…” You handed him the cup, heart beating hard as he placed it at his lips.

“You made it,” he murmured against the glass. “That’s all that matters to me.”

You cast your gaze down, heart fluttering and your cheeks rose when you heard both a squeak beside you and a huff of annoyance behind you.

Eyebrows knitted in confusion, you glanced to this side and saw Queenie with an excited smile on her face, eyes shining in affection. You lifted your eyes and look behind, catching the harsh glare of Tina.

You felt your throat go dry and quickly averted your eyes, going back to Newt who was now looking at Tina with his face scrunched in worry.

“Is she alright?” He glanced at Queenie who’s eyes were closed and she looked positively exasperated.

“Yes, just being dramatic,” she sighed, her eyes tired as she smiled sadly. You already knew what was going to happen before he set down the drink and walked over to her.

Queenie dropped her head and sighed again, almost sounding like a growl. You ignored the tight feeling in your chest and blink away the few tears that came, rubbing a hand against her back.

“Are you alright, Queenie?”

She looked to you, an exhausted and agitated expression clear on her face.

Her lips curled into forced smile and she shook her head.

“I’m fine, sweetie. Just tired,” she lamented, continuing with the food. You frowned slightly and went to sit at the table, fiddling with your wand. You could hear Newt and Tina talking in hushed whispers behind you, although you couldn’t pick up on any of the words.

Patiently and quietly waiting, you saw Jacob come from Queenie’s room, yawning sleepily as he stumbled beside you.

“Morning,” he mumbled, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“Good morning, sweetie.”


“Good morning Jacob.”

“G’morning,” you greeted, laughing as he looked around to everyone with a smile. You nodded towards Queenie.

“Food’s almost done.”

Everyone came over and sat down, chatting aimlessly. Tina, Newt, and Jacob all talked about the manuscript and how it would be done within a month or two. You and him just had to go to the Philippines to study a colony of mermaids and various creatures there.

You stayed silent for the most part, enjoying the gentle banter and descriptions. Queenie sat by Jacob, hands intertwined as they ate and talked.

“We should celebrate, tonight,” Tina said suddenly, grasping Newt’s hand and smiling.

“C-celebrate what?” Newt asked, eyes flickering down to their hands with reddening cheeks. You felt a clench in your heart, but ignored it. He’s not yours to get jealous over and you knew that.

You caught Queenie staring, irritated, at their hands and she huffed a small sigh.

“Your book is almost finished! Next time you come down to visit, you’ll have an actual published version. We’ve got to go celebrate that,” she emphasized, grinning around the table, even glancing excitedly towards you.

Her lovely dark eyes glittered in anticipation as her lips stayed pulled over her teeth in a breathtaking smile.

“Well… A-alright. I suppose that is cause for celebration,” he agreed, albeit hesitantly.

“There’s this great place I know. Its got butterbeer and dancing and it’s quite fun.”

He looked down nervously, cautious of the idea. When he glanced up and  caught your eye, you sent him a small, reassuring smile. The side of his mouth quirked up slightly and he looked away, gaze darting around the room.

“Well, if that’s settled, I’ve got to check up on the creatures. I’m sure they’re missing their Daddy, “ you laughed, standing up and making your way to the case. You grabbed your wand and quickly magicked on some more suitable clothes.

You carefully made your way down the steps, shutting the case firmly behind you and clucking your tongue at the mess. Papers were scattered around.

You prepared the food, stepping outside and nearly falling backward as the friendly Demiguise tackled You into a hug.

“He-hey Dougal,” you laughed, hugging the creature back and slinging him onto your shoulders as you started down the line. You stopped by the Bowtruckle tree and searched for Pickett, holding your hand out for him to climb on. He scrambled onto your shoulder, sitting on Dougal’s arm. When you passed by Niffler’s nest, you took a polished coin out of your pocket and tossed it towards it. He pounced on the shiny trinket and added it to his pile.

When you made it to the Mooncalves, they bounced and hopped along, nibbling the food. They chirped at you when you left.

After you’d finished, you went back to organize the office again and almost ran into Newt. You smiled and grabbed papers, shuffling and straightening everything.

“Are you sure about tonight?” He had seemed pretty nervous and you knew he didn’t like these types of events. He’d much rather stay at home with his creatures.

“I’ll be alright. It’ll be fun, right,” he reassured with a shrug. “It’ll be fun.”

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Bother Me (Part One)- Percival Graves

Pairing: Percival Graves/OC

Request: “anonymous asked:

hey could you please write a percival graves imagine where you and him absolutely hate each other but everyone thinks you’re perfect together and just need the two of you to see it?”

Warnings: None much :)

A/N: Loved this idea! Tweaked it a little to make it work for me, so I hope it turned out alright! Once again, I made it too long so I split it into two parts. I just get so carried away, guys.

The air inside the conference room was thick with tension and tight-lipped silence. Madam President sat at the head of the long, oak table while the rest of the investigative team filled in the seats around her. I chose to stand, leaning back against the nearest bookcase. I’d learned to have a love/hate relationship with our weekly meetings. Emotions always seemed to run high, nothing ever truly getting accomplished. Yet, I’d never missed one. Grindelwald was the first big case I’d been assigned to. I was determined to be the one to finally bring him in.

I shifted my weight from one foot to the other, focusing my attention on President Picquery as she carefully folded her hands across the table and addressed the room.

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