So I was packing my #safari clothes & couldn’t find my #ratties anywhere. An hour later I started to worry….when suddenly I saw these two heads stick out from my folded pants! I think #Miwa & #Kuma think they’re coming on this trip with me! #Cute babies. I miss them so much!

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Bless @nebulabetta for making all of this canon tbh you are the guardian angel of unexpected friendships

Queen Minnie, like every single other female Kingdom Hearts character, is fucking underrated and deserves a Keyblade and any kind of plot or agency whatsoever. Her fighting style is predominantly defensive/evasive but if you do somehow break through her status effects she will obliterate you in a blinding explosion of light so don’t you dare hurt her friends. She’s so Pure and full of Light that Vanitas finds her really overwhelming and has a headache so she gives him Minnie Mouse sunglasses and he probably never takes them off again. Anyway she basically adopts him because every darkness disaster child needs a Mouse Mentor and teaches him important things like meditation and how to eat ice cream without getting brain freeze.

The shaft of her Keyblade is made of diamond which would actually be a terrible material to make a blunt weapon out of but it’s not like physics was ever a consideration in this universe


Ok so I was re watching ‘The Great Mouse Detective’ for research for my Zootopia crossover fan fiction and I realised Disney used to take more risks with family friendly movies (Although I am glad most of the racism is gone, let’s face it Disney is still a little racist….and stupidly sexist)

But the Great Mouse Detective has is one scene…

1. Knife Crime

2. Gun Crime

3. A burlesque show 

4. Heavy tobacco and alcohol use

5. Spiking (Drugging) of beer

I realise this was released a year before I was born but even for the late 1980s this was edgy for a kids film about a Sherlock Holmes inspired mouse, I gotta say I love this film I remember my parents buying it for me on video when I was 6 and loving it, now I’m 28 and still love it. If you haven’t seen this gem give a watch and if you’ve seen it give it a rewatch 

Lets make a trade

Idk but I had to, your dingos were to cute to pass up in a quick crap comic I drew, all in all they thought they could get parts and afew gallons of water for a box of random parts they picked up. The sheila of the dingos said all that syber would do is shoot at them for trying this crap…but…hey atleast they tried right? Also gomen for useing the dingos, they belong to you and I should have asked.

Oh my god. Hahah <3
I like how Banzai is just winking while he presents the box of TRASH, like “yeah babe gotchu some fucking trash. <3333″