A few characters I did that I’ll probably use for a beat-em-up if I have the chance to program and make content for it

Justa  brief intro for them sooo

Top: Jacket

Presumably the pack leader of the crew. Appears calm but actually pretty pissed off in the inside for whatever reason. Former biker gang member with old scars, will be leery if met. She’s the all-rounder character but she deals better damage the more combos she does.

Top Middle: Candi

Also called Sweet as a nickname for her. Has sugar addiction but never feels energetic or joyful. Surrounds herself with cute sugary things to stay happy in the inside. Sort of. She may not look like it but she’s the crew’s punching-mouse. Hand-to-hand moves are her specialty.

Top Bottom: Smiley

A literal psycho. Never spoken for years. Hangs out with them because they always have stuff to do together. Nobody but the rest of them has seen her face. She’s the crew’s tank. Great with chainsaws, axes and knives. Brutal grapple attacks. Takes ¾ damage than usual. Has a chance to rise up when beaten down once. Slowest movement of the crew however.

Bottom: HoiHoi

Genki girl. Nobody knows her age but they assume midget. Always hyper as fuck. Loves video games. Apparently obsesses over learning Japanese and spout random Japanese exclamations at times. Because of her size, she can’t grapple or land a hard punch BUT possesses a weird ability to make small weapons huge and deadly (AND HUGER WEAPONS HUGERER). Friggin’ fast.

Promotional press clipping for The Great Mouse Detective, circa 1986.

Vincent Price Cut Up at Birthday Bash

Vincent Price has played many a “rat” in his horror movies – and he had a special rodent friend on hand when he celebrated his 75th birthday at a Los Angeles theater. It was Professor Ratigan, the villain of the new animated Disney film “The Great Mouse Detective.” Price is the voice of Professor Ratigan in the movie.

anonymous asked:

I am okay. I am trying to keep calm and not stressed out as exams after 2 weeks and I have too much work to finish. A nonny mouse

Hello A Nonny Mouse, I’m pleased to see you again.

Exams are always a difficult time, they’re designed to be! They’re designed to push you as far as you can go. They’re never going to be easy.

I hope you’re taking care of yourself and treating yourself gently.

I wanted to share this with you. When I went through uni, the pass mark was 50%. Before I got into vet school I was used to getting 90% or more on everything with minimal effort. In vet school I worked to my limit, and sometimes only scraped by. Six years later, that hasn’t reflected at all on my calibre as a veterinarian. 

They wouldn’t have let you into the course if they didn’t think you were capable of completing it. Self doubt and anxiety will push you to become a better clinician, if you don’t let them overrun you.

You’re already in the middle. You’re going to get yourself through to the end.