.more colour this time

ok so, it turns out that i love drawing altean lance,, a lot


mchanzo week day 4 - red/blue

i love the contrasting colour schemes of these two, i think thats one of the reasons i love them as a couple so much
doing big coloured/lined pieces is so difficult in a single day! but im loving the challenge

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         It appears we have a traitor in our midst


// seokmin for dazed kr.


- ̗̀ may ; 22nd - 28th  ̖́-

psa: primary colours look sO GOOD TOGETHER 👌❤️🗣

this is definitely my most favourite spread of may- what a nice way to end the month :)

🎧 shut up and groove; heize ft. dean


Beauty and the Beast except Demospy raise your hand if you agree 

Pepero Day (M)


Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Genre: Smut, Bestfriend!Yoongi, Valentine’s Day themed

Word count: 5.7k

warnings: Rated M, language, graphic sexual descriptions

A/N: This was meant to be a valentine’s day fic, but it’s a day late, rip. I hope you enjoy it regardless!

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I just want to travel and try and feel at home everywhere because let’s be honest I’m in my own bed but it doesn’t feel like home, so why not spend time in Prague and drink some coffee or something stronger and in Berlin, where I’ll forget the grief of lost time and just look at art and people and, well, drink coffee and in India, where I maybe can dress a bit more colourful, because maybe that’s what I need, but also spend time in Stockholm, and Copenhagen, but that would bring back a lot of nostalgia, and we all know what a trouble that is for me or maybe New York, but not Los Angeles, and a few weeks or months in Perth or Sydney and be alright, wouldn’t that be the dream? To be just, alright? 



Based on this tweet from some time ago. I’ve wanted to draw this comic for Dorianmance week, but I couldn’t finish it in time :’D But now it’s done, finally! It’s kinda silly, I know, but I love that quote so, so much, and I just had to draw some fluff for it :D Thanks again to everyone who came to the streams when I worked on this, and also thanks again to @latefortevinter for Dorianmance week! :D

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You can say I spend majority of my year with Dan & Phil. I am so glad that the phandom welcomed me with open arms. I made a lot of new friends, did fun projects and achieved many goals that I’ve set for myself; like having an entire art summary filled with colours+digital and completing inktober. To me, it was been a very successful year. I may or may not still be in the phandom but where ever my art takes me, I hope to create new memories in 2017 like this year.

Jan: Kiss Me
Feb: Phamily
Mar: Dentist Kink
Apr: Shibes!
May: Love Me Like You Do
June: If I lose myself 
July: Majestic Pastel
Aug: Team Mystic
Sept: Only one
Nov: Phanime
Dec: Secret Santa

what was this even supposed to be