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reverie: think of somewhere otherworldly u wish to be within, what is it like there?

An empty church. Stone, probably, with dark, dark wooden pews. Every piece of furniture has a carving or engraving, or some other decorative indulgence. Definitely a big window. Stained glass. I want it to be warm, so in the offering nooks there are candles, blankets, pillows, dense bunches of flowers, but it is colder in the center aisle. The ceiling is so high it must be an illusion - somehow it is both higher and lower than you think. The floor is marble, patterned, occasionally inscribed with brass words, names, quotes in unknown languages. There are many narrow wooden passageways and back rooms, and floors in winding halls that have been worn down to shallow, concave troughs by centuries of passing footsteps. There is a choir loft. It is empty, but there is a persistent, subsonic echo of the melodies sung there, a tune you can’t quite hear behind the silence.


SHINee World Concert in Dallas - Hitchhiking 

mostly taemin focused because i am Trash but hEY

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people: harry only gives a fuck about la lmao he sold his soul to the azoffs and forgot his roots. harry, working with a british movie director filming in the uk, doing his debut photoshoot with an indie uk magazine taking place in cheshire inspired by mick jagger and paul mccartney, and choosing an advert promoting his single inspired by bowie and 70s british rock on a channel that only airs in the uk: mmmmmm what was that, s w e a t y?

he knows his roots and he loves his roots

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Can you write for a biker Au?

-does his own custom bikes
-his bikes are c o v e r e d with stickers and it’s all geeky game stickers like pokemon and legend of zelda
-tyler usually rides his sleek black harley davidson to the office but one day he shows up with a hot pink vespa
-“i sent my bike for servicing and it’ll only be done this afternoon so i had the make do with what they had *shrugs*”
-he takes chica for rides and she wears those cute ass doggles(look it up they’re really cute) and a dog helmet
-him going on a food run for the gang and just seeing him on the road carrying bags of taco bell while driving
-he loves showing off and doing tricks and wheelies
-looks like a BADASS on his bike
-fuckboi on the streets baby boi in the sheets

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YES ABOUT THE CU THING those books were so loved by me and my brother as we both have adhd and they let us have access to books that made us feel like we fit in for owning! We loved them!! I honestly forgot about all this until you mentioned it now I'm going to go find my copies of the books and flip the hecky heck outta those pages thank xx

Yesssss. I think a lot of people talk about reading Harry Potter as a kid, and how that made them enjoy reading and talking to their friends about books, but in my experience most people were about mmmmmm 10 years old? When they start reading Harry Potter.

But Harry Potter isn’t an easy read. It’s a legit novel. So how do you encourage kids to develop the skills necessary at a younger age so that they will be able to take on something like Harry Potter when they’re older?

Captain Mother Fucking Underpants. Go flip the hell out of those pages, haha. 


my mom and my sister really wanna go see the new Beauty and the Beast, but I’m still bitter about the whole “LeFou is gay for Gaston” thing and the mediocre yellow dress

but i’m also tired of arguing with my parents about why i don’t want to watch certain movies and i dont want my mom to snap at me

anyone who has seen the movie: is it at least bearable?