Okay so I have this job where I’m a mystery shopper and visit places in secret and judge them and everything. It’s been pretty cool. But next Monday I have to judge this kitchen company and for the assignment they need a couple. So the company I work for just decided that me and some guy are going to do that and we have to pretend that we are a couple that wants to buy a kitchen and it has to last for like four hours. FUCK. I don’t like this at all. Also, I don’t think I’m a very convincing straight person.

Damn if this would have been with a girl that I’m actually interested in or attracted to this could have been like the beginning of a great fanfic. What a missed opportunity.

It does inspire me to write a fake relationship fanfic for Holtzbert. Mmmmmm

anonymous asked:

Matt you will get yourself killed if you continue with this

Matt: pffft, Jokes on you! I can survive in the wild! like that.. That one game with the scientist!

Matt: mmmmmm Yeah, science

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