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hi, ive been trying to think of the 2 sweetest + famous quotes that mimo said to each other (momo to mina & mina to momo) can you help me out on this?

oh gosh, where do I even begin…?

Momo to Mina:

  • “Mitang, Mitang daisuki!” (Mina’s more intimate nickname + ‘I really like you’ in Japanese)
  • “I understand her feelings. Her mind is more mature than mine, so she’s been invaluable to me.”
  • “Thanks to Mina, I gained a lot of confidence. I think I can do well now!”
  • “We actually kissed! It was a real kiss!”
  • “Mina is my girlfriend. Our skinship is the best!
  • “Mina is my girlfriend. Isn’t she pretty?”
  • “I’m dancing with a special person.”
  • “It’s waaay more fun to perform with Mina!”
  • Momo picking Mina as the most beautiful member while dancing and being super shy about it
  • Momo talking about how she used to be scared of Mina but realized she wasn’t scary at all after talking to her
  • Momo talking about how she’s nail buddies with Mina and they share nail polish, but Mina’s nail art comes out better because she’s more patient 
  • etc. etc. I may add on more later

Mina to Momo: 

  • “Momo unnie, I think you always work really hard even when you pretend to not be doing so. When it’s really difficult, I hope that you’ll lean on the members. I’m really happy and thankful to be in Twice with you. Unnie, I love you.”
  • “Because I know Momo unnie has been having a rough time (competing in Sixteen), I almost cried.”
  • “Momo unnie practices the hardest out of all of us. I feel like I really can’t accept the situation (that she was eliminated from Sixteen).” - while crying very badly
  • Mina talking non-stop about how she (and her mom XD) thought Momo looked gorgeous and the members not paying attention because they’ve literally heard her say it a million times already
  • Mina saying during an interview that she may get Momo a certain gift just so she could use it too aka so they could share
  • “Momoring, hearteu!” <3 
  • “Momo unnie is so good looking!”
  • Mina talking about how she made the pasta just for Momo

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This will be long but I will not put it under a cut so please bear with me.

Again, I am a Filipino and I’ve been a Mitang for more than 6 years. I loved Zhou Mi so much I can’t even describe how much. But then he went and posted that stupid photo on instagram and my feelings kind of changed.

Understanding Zhou Mi and other Chinese Idols/Celebs:

  • They grew up in China,  were educated in China, believes in China, and were raised to love China. Pretty much how all of us are taught to love our own countries. So pressure aside, let’s all suppose that they are patriotic Chinese Citizens, made to believe that the whole East Sea was Chinese territory.
  • Whatever their stand is, whether they actually support China’s claim to the territory or not, all Chinese celebs are kinda obliged to comment or post regarding the issue. Otherwise, their silence would be treated as agreeing with the tribunal ruling, thus they will be considered traitors and anti-patriotic. Remember that Chinese netizens are hardcore witch hunters and disagreeing basically means these idols are ruining their careers and possibly their whole life in China, which people should remember, is their HOME.
  • Zhou Mi has already been branded as Anti-China some time ago because of comments he made on a show. Prior to that, he had already received unreasonable hate from Chinese people. So yes, Zhou Mi was very much obliged to share that post.

Now, on how disappointed I am:

  • These idols have been living in Korea for a long time. Granted, they probably wouldn’t have searched about how the world views their country nor studied political issues during their free time. However, one would expect that having freedom and access to information, they would be more informed and critical of any issue before posting anything on social media.
  • Posting to weibo was pretty much understandable. Posting to instagram is a whole different level of dumb. Instagram is basically their connection to their international fans - including the very same fans who are affected by China’s stubborn claim to the East Sea. There are rarely any Chinese citizens who would hunt them down on Instagram but there are many international fans who would be offended by their posts. So of all people, I am very disappointed with Mi and Victoria.
  • One would argue for freedom of expression and shit like that. But even if they actually believed China’s claim, they should have known of the damage that China has made to these SEA countries. They should have known that openly supporting China’s claim is also supporting the harassment of Vietnamese and Filipino fishermen in the islands.They should have known it is only natural for SEA fans to be upset. (Just today, after the UN Arbitrary court favored the claim of the Philippines, Filipino fishermen tried going to Scarborough. Chinese coast guard are still posted on the shoal and turned away the poor fishermen who are really just doing their livelihood)
  • As you all know, many Korean and Chinese ELF hate Zhou Mi. South East Asian fans are always the ones who stand by him each time O13s are trashing him. So for him to seemingly disregard this group of fans is very much upsetting.

Do I still support Zhou Mi?

Yes. But I am very disappointed in him.

  • Zhou Mi is a very kind person. fans who have met him can’t say otherwise. Also, he was my ray of light during the dark years of my life. His music helped me survive my depression. His smile was my sunshine and he has been my inspiration for so many years now. I probably won’t be who I am and where I am now if not for him. I can’t just stop liking him because of this.
  • If we suppose that he posted that photo out of obligation, I would be more at ease. But if he truly wholeheartedly supports the nine-dash line thing, then I’ll just consider him as ignorant.
  • And if he is ignorant, then I wish he would learn. I wish he would get educated about the issue.
  • My reasons for liking him is not based on his political views. I work with people who have opposing political views as me. I argued with company executives who support extra-judicial killings in my country. I think their beliefs are twisted, but I also know that they are good people. It’s just that their sense of justice and their sense of righteousness is different from mine. That doesn’t make them bad people.

I am a Filipino and my duty is to my country. Same as Zhou Mi is Chinese and his loyalty is to China. It doesn’t change the fact that he is a good, humble, and caring person. That’s how I knew him to be when I became his fan and I still want to believe on that.

I wish the fans who are hating on him right now would also calm down. You can be disappointed, angry, or even furious. No one is taking that away from you. But your energy spent on leaving hateful comments would not change anything. Only our respective governments can resolve the issue. I honestly d not trust our DFA Sec and our president on the bilateral talk with China, but we can only put our faith in them. Seriously, attacking celebs on social media will not get you those territories.

If by any chance, Zhou Mi makes further statement regarding the issue, then that would be the time to analyze and think thorough if I would still support him despite his stupidity.

For now, I will go watch his MV and listen to his song because man, if you haven’t heard it, you should. It’s really nice.

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Hello! ㅋㅋ Can you recommend any Block B tumblra to follow? I'm new to tumblr so I'm not sure where to start off :) *is anon because I'm quite shy*

Sorry I wasn’t ignoring you I just got really busy with other things and I wanted to actually make this right; how I want it.

Personal/Just blogs

jihoongi (Zico bias, makes things, multi fandom)

taechill (Taeil bias, multi fandom)

awwfuckno (Taeil bias, makes things, multi fandom)

blockyung (Kyung bias, makes things, multi fandom)

purrposeful (was my one and only, Pyo bias, makes things, multi fandom)

taeils-ink (Taeil bias, makes things (text posts))

taeilliesgirl (Taeil bias, makes things (fic, text posts))

taeiltrash (Taeil bias, makes things, multi fandom)

jyro (ZiBomb bias, makes things, part anime blog)

catzombiez (Pyo bias, makes things, multi fandom)

ukwno (Ukwon bias, makes things, multi fandom)

blockbcrew (all member(?) bias, multi fandom)

pyojamas (Pyo bias, makes things, multi fandom)

a-mitang-gamer (BBomb bias, makes fics, multi fandom)

befuckingbomb (BBomb bias, multi fandom)

thelemonmaknae (Pyo bias, makes things, 100% Pyo)

yukwonned (Ukwon bias, makes things, 100% Ukwon)

pyotaeil (taepyo, makes things, 100% Block B)

blockbthebuster (All members, makes things, 100% Block B)

jinkclit (? Block B bias, makes things, multi fandom)

babebomb (BBomb bias, makes things, 100% BBomb)

xxxguillotine (Block B fanart) 

eilyn-chan-mad-blockb-fanart (Block B fanart)

onlyblockb (Zico bias, makes things, 100% Block B)

kuopyo (Jaehyo bias (?), makes things, multi fandom)

kuroron-bbc (Block B fanart)

ewkpop (Taeil bias, makes things, multi fandom)

Info/update/fantaken blogs

blockbhive (Update, Block B pictures)

fuckyeahblockb (Info, update/trans)

bontheblock (Trans (our subbing team), info, major Block B things)

only-zico (Zico fantaken/update/info blog)

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jaeduckling (Jaehyo fantaken/update/info blog)

fuckyeahkimyookwon (Ukwon fantaken/update/info blog)

bibeoming (BBomb fantaken/update/info blog)

fortaeil (Taeil fataken/update/info blog)

blockbhq (All members, Scans)

ihaveathingforblockb (interactive blog where you talk about Block B, Info)

There are many, many, many other blogs out there and I’m sorry if you’re not here. These are people I follow and or know makes original stuff. But with that being said 

Welcome to the fandom 

please don’t be shy if you have any farther questions I will do my try to answer them all the best I can; might take longer.

Omfs I can’t believe I’ve actually somehow managed to make one of these. o_o 

I just wanna thank each & everyone of you adorable & awesome peeps! & hug you 5eva I’ve met so many cool people through this, people from all over the world & some luckily enough close to me! lol  Thank you so much to those of you who’ve been with me since the beginning, those who just started to join in the chaos & those of you who’ll come to me eventually~

Thanks to each of you wonderfully adorable individuals… I’ve somehow miraculously reached 500 FOLLOWERS.  ????afdsfklasjdflk?idek??? OTL

Even though this is such a huge trip [like srsly how dafuq did so many of you find me & felt like pressing follow?? XD] I’m really grateful to you all & to have reached this huge amount of followers.

Here’s my 1st Follow Forever Thingy~ \(^o^)/…sorry for the crap ass edit which in a way is actually pretty cute ngl lol I don’t know how to edit or make gifs sorryyyyy.

You should all come & talk to me more often oky?

& again, thank you! All of you. <3



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[150901] Zhoumi Instagram Update: We are “HongJiZhou”! Today it’s school uniform school uniform kkkkkkkkkkk Meeting now at SBS MTV
[150901] Zhoumi Instagram Update:(Kor)Thank you for everyone’s support ^^ I ate well and thankfully~!!!! Delicious delicious kkkkkk
 (Chi) Thank you for the food support everyone prepared,we are happily^^#zhoumi #zhoumi #MITANG
[150831] Zhoumi Instagram Update:There’s Qingdao and taiwan Beer in Korean supermarkets!! There’s even pineapple flavour! And mango!!^^ it’s great!

Well, I actually made my follow forever like, 2 months ago and never posted it, but now I’m redo-ing it cause since then I’ve followed more blogs and met more people :3 Bolded are blogs I love and italics are my crushes ^^ I’m sorry if i missed anyone or mis-labled anyone, its 1am right now and I’m just trying to get this done so I can post it tomorrow evening haha

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Zhou Mi Studio Weibo update 170722:

大暑,@周觅MI 老板顶着烈日🌞酷暑,在努力的拍摄中🎥,小室在空调房内非超愧疚],但实在没有勇气走出室外,因为怕。觅糖们,做好防晒,多喝水,爱你们呦;(Zhou Mi boss is trying hard to shoot during the intense heat! I am in a room with air conditioning but I do not have the courage to go outside. Mitang, use sunscreen, drink plenty of water, I love you!) “Mi Suger",Today is the great heat,Drink more water,Take care of yourself,LOVE U


170723 Zhou Mi Studio Weibo update: 

觅糖,你们的心意哥哥@周觅MI 都收到了,而且都吃到肚子里了,妥妥的;大家一起加油挺过这个盛夏,爱你们呦!(Mitang, brother has your love & has eaten it! All done, everyone fighting this summer, love you all oh!) Mi Suger,Mi has received all of your love and has eaten it.Everyone is taking good care of this summer,LOVE U #周觅##周觅天枢之契约行者#