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EXCLUSIVE - LOUIS TOMLINSONHE’S IN FOR A FIGHT Paparazzo No Stranger to Scuffles, Lawsuits

Louis Tomlinson is in for a legal battle with the paparazzo he allegedly attacked … because the guy has sued in the past for a similar incident.

TMZ broke the story … Karl Larsen – the photog who says Tomlinson smashed his head on the floor Friday at LAX – sued a company that produced a Lana Del Rey music vid in 2014, claiming 3 of its employees roughed him up for snapping pics of the shoot.

Larsen claimed the men shoved and jerked him and used a box cutter to slice his finger and take his camera … then made him erase the memory card. He sued for $1 million, but the case was later dismissed … which is generally code for settlement.

As we reported, Larsen has already lawyered up in the Tomlinson case, hiring Gloria Allred.

Larsen was taking photos of LDR near the LA river when 3 men from Black Hand Cinema allegedly accosted him. As you can see from the video  … things got pretty intense.

We’re guessing Tomlinson’s legal team will do what it takes to get Larsen’s Howard Stern interview before the jury.  

I don’t think you realize
just how dead inside you made me.
I had to live with myself for months,
sleeping with the broken heart you left me with.
I hold the pieces in my hands,
smashing them further into smithereens
because I don’t care enough to take care of myself either.
If there’s one thing I learned about love
it’s that I can be just as careless as the other—
but that doesn’t matter.
What matters is that I know healing isn’t linear,
I have to live with it,
I have to live with the subtle reminders that I still love you
and I just can’t stop talking about you like you are around.
I can’t stop my mind from roaming to you in my dreams,
you won’t leave my head
and your hands still burn my skin
I think about all the promises you made
that you never did,
that you never let live on for too long.
So it’s been a month without you
and I still miss you as if you left yesterday,
one second I never want to be touched again
and the next I want anyone’s hands on me.
I’m glad you can’t see me
as I’m wilting
or maybe you need to see the decay you left behind,
maybe you’ll care this time.
—  (you won’t)
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lol that awkward moment when you’re trying to write a fic so you go read fic for inspiration and then you have that realization that nothing will ever hold a candle to the Masterpiece that you just read so you just. don’t. 

Can we talk about how Noctis treats Prompto during fights ?

I haven’t seen any post about this yet (maybe I just missed it). Yesterday as I was doing one of the secret dungeons with high level daemons I couldn’t help but notice that Noctis does treat Prompto differently than Ignis and Gladio.

Gladio is basically never in danger (0 HP) for me because his HP are so high it is difficult for him to get his ass kicked. But the few times it happened, Noctis would just pat him on his back and have a “Thanks” from Gladio.

Ignis was down a few times. And - I have never noticed before - Noctis tends to scold him. When I’d make him help Specs, the brunette would say something like “You’re the one supposed to help me/lift me up !” or just sometimes say nothing.

But Prompto, when he is down (and damn this happens a lot because this boy is so low on HP!), always has Noctis to be worried for him or concerned. Noctis will ask him if he is okay, tell him that it’s fine and to not worry (when Prompto says he “screwed up again”) or would scold him “I told you to be careful!”.  

The both of them will even flirt with Prompto comparing himself to a princess being rescued by his prince ! 

And I also would like to mention the combos.Have you guys noticed how Noctis almost never fails to say Prompto’s name after a combo with him ? (btw I am playing with the japanese dubs, maybe it’s different for other versions). But Noctis will always end the combo saying something like “Well  done Prompto! Nice one Prompto! ” and the blondie will reply “Of course!” or just have a shy laugh. 

The more I play and the more I feel like Noctis is somehow very protective toward him, whereas Prompto is supposed to be the one protecting him (just like Gladio and Ignis).  And this is just so cute, showing how deep their bond is and how much Noctis care about him. I would also think that he knows his friend has self-confidence issues and that’s why he is encouraging him.

And I’m not saying he doesn’t care about Gladio and Ignis, don’t misunderstand me. They are so important to him and I’d have more things to say about these two amaazing men but I want to keep it short.

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The quotes that i relate to, make me feel like someone else feels this way too. Would you mind making a playlist for the lost and broken? Amazing blog xx

Okay, here you go (sorry it took so long)

Never say never//The fray
The scientist//Coldplay
Johnny boy// Twenty one pilots
Taxi cab// twenty one pilots
Before you start your day// Twenty one pilots
Truce// twenty one pilots
Mrs. Potato Head// Melanie Martinez
Behind the sea// Panic! at The Disco
Northern Downpour// Panic! at The Disco
Song for Isabelle// Pierce the veil
We are broken// Paramore
Tell me why// Three Days Grace
Hold on Till May// Pierce The Veil
I’m low on gas and you need a jacket// Pierce the veil
Bulletproof love// Pierce the veil
I will follow you into the dark// Death Cab for Cutie
Therapy//All Time Low
Drown//Bring Me The Horizon
Drowning lessons// MCR
I Don’t love you//MCR
Monster//Mumford & sons
Cold arms//Mumford & sons
Hot gates//Mumford & sons
Fallen Angel// Three Days Grace
Just one yesterday//Fall out boy
Miss Missing You// Fall Out Boy
Move along// The All-American Rejects
Stay together for the kids// Blink-182
All these things that I’ve done// The Killers
Smile like you mean it// The killers
Coming down// Five Finger Death Punch
Deathbeds//Bring Me The Horizon
Misguided Ghosts// Paramore
Fake happy// Paramore
It’s not your fault//New Found Glory
Oxygen//New Found glory
Bad at love//Halsey
Guns for hands// Twenty one pilots
Rose-Colored Boy// Paramore
Numb// Linkin Park
On top//The Killers
Sink or swim// Falling in Reverse
Pieces//Sum 41
Adam’s song// Blink-182
Alone together// Fall Out Boy
Lithium// Nirvana
All apologies// Nirvana
After Midnight//Blink-182
Car crash// Three Days Grace
Sorry// Halsey
I’ve got a dark alley and a bad idea that says you should shut your mouth (summer song)// Fall Out Boy

Krysta Rodriguez and Adam Riegler

Show Tune Of The Day16th July- Pulled-The Addams Family Oriignal Cast Recording-2009

I’m being pulled in a new direction,
But this feeling, I know is impossible,
So I’ll confide that I’ve tried but I can’t let it go.