Seni dünyalara değişmem, diyenler Mars’a taşınmış.

Jackieboy Man: we’re here to stop the senseless slaughter of these people!

Anti: 92.

Silver Shepherd: this has gone on for too long, and now you’re going to pay!

Anti: 355.

Jackieboy Man: we are – we – what are you…?

Anti: no, go on. continue. don’t mind me.

Silver Shepherd: and – we are the ones who will stop you!

Anti: oh, wow! 419.

Jackieboy Man: that’s it! what the hell are you doing?

Anti: oh, sorry. it’s a little hobby of mine. i hear these heroic speeches so wearily often. so i started keeping a mental list of how often i hear certain lines.

Silver Shepherd: you… you insane bastard!

Anti: 190.

Jackieboy Man: yeah? well, uh – we’re going to… FUCK YOUR FACE!

Anti: oh, my!

Anti: 12.