Alright but the fact that Hobi has obviously been working on this track for a long time, including the intense af HYYH pt 2 preparations and the Run promotions, which we all know have been one of the most intense schedules we’ve seen in a long time, goes to show his dedication and love for music and also the faith he has in himself. I’m so proud and so happy that he decided to just drop this blessing on us from out of nowhere, because even though it’s an amazing song, when you think about the effort that’s gone into it- the loss of sleep, the stress, the probable second guessing about whether or not he should go through with the release (because let’s be real everybody in BTS is really hard on themselves and set’s the standard for their craft very high)- it gives the track a whole other feel. Hobi should be proud of himself, and we should be proud of him too.

Inge Mahn

Säulengebinde, 1985

Inge Mahn in Stephan von Wiese, Poetic Interventions, Inge Mahn’s sculptural installations: „For example, the pillars, before they became supporting elements of construction, were a tree, plant. If five pillars, interlocked and leaning against each other, hold each other up, then they are no longer props, they are plants, a weft, a bouquet. Architectural elements, out of context, lose their function and are given new co-ordinates in space, new content, new form, and become autonomous sculpture.“


so what i gathered was 

John and Mary are adorable and perfect and DEFINITELY in love

But Sherlock loves John

And John still loves Sherlock

And Sherlock has 0 problems with Mary (and may even be intellectually attracted to her)

and Mary ‘likes’ Sherlock (and at least a little bit ships Johnlock)

so what i want is for John and Mary to get married and also have John (and possibly Mary) have some sort of thing with Sherlock

ok? ok

SS-Untersturmführer Gerhard Mahn (right), commander of 11.Kompanie/SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment 9 Germania of the Wiking Division, signals to his Panzergrenadiere in Sd.Kfz. 251 armoured half-tracks as they are about to mount an attack against the Red Army during the battles east of Warsaw in the summer of 1944.