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Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.366:

The image is the volume 37 cover illustration.

Magi is ending in this week’s issue. I had a lot of fun writing about the Magi world during those long eight years. There were times that I felt I was incompetent, but I’ll be glad if you enjoyed it, even a little. I think Shounen mangas are the kind of things that those who read them forget about with time as they become adults. However, during those busy days, I remembered them all of a sudden and they filled me with courage. I wish if Magi becomes something like that for you and that from now on, the Magi characters are going to be by your side!

I thank everyone who sent me letters and messages as we were nearing the final chapter. I read them while thinking ‘I’m glad that I became a manga author’. I’m going to treasure them.

This is also the last backstage update, but I hope we meet again!

10/11/2017 Shinobu Ohtaka


This scene is so emotional in such a layered way, like damn.

First off, this scene serves to reinforce that, yes, Madoka really did erase herself from this existence (in favor of moving to a higher plane of existence, but still). There really is no trace of Madoka Kaname left in the world, because even her own mother doesn’t remember her aside from getting a nostalgic feeling from the name “Madoka” and being attracted to the ribbons Madoka once wore. But even though it’s painful that Madoka’s own family can’t remember her, at least they were spared the pain of losing her. 

But I also love how this scene shows a softer, more sentimental side of Homura. Those ribbons are all that Homura has left of Madoka. Madoka gave them to her to symbolize their promise, that Homura won’t forget Madoka and that they’ll meet again someday. But as soon as Junko, Madoka’s mother (or rather, the woman who would be Madoka’s mother if Madoka still existed), points out the ribbons, Homura offers them to her. Without a single moment’s hesitation and with a smile on her face.

She was willing to give up her most cherished possession so that Junko could have just a little piece of Madoka with her. And that makes me want to cry.