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Can i get what TFP Wheeljack jealousy reaction would be with s/o? Pls and thank you!

  • Wheeljack gets jealous easy
  • He gets clingy and holds you, petting you and kissing you when he gets the chance.
  • Doesn’t give the other person a chance to speak, or speaks over them. He only talks to you and pretends you’re the only ones in the conversation, and makes sure to call you pet names as much as possible.
  • If they flirt with you Wheeljack gets right up in their face. Punching may ensue if they try to get handsy. 
  • Expect an overly affection Wheeljack for the rest of the day, and lots of lovin’ that night ;)
Sending some Super Love.

Because your kindness in this fandom is super special to me and you derserve some lovin’. @emarasmoak @lena-lipbite-luthor @sananey77 @karamelfrostedcake @iminyourhandskara @two-space-puppies @karadanversprince @karadavers @karafairchild @queensmoak @shadowjaysmith *sends puppies to shower you with love*

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Hold on, sorry. I'm lost, what's all the discourse about?

I said if a lesbian dates a trans man then they’re not a lesbian because lesbian is strictly wlw/sapphic/femme-aligned lovin’

And now people are telling me to kill myself and calling me a r*tard and saying I’m an awful person for saying lesbians dont date men.

// New Ranger blogs popping out of the woodworks and Taylor is like: 

“jfc. there are children everywhere. Put them in a playpen or tie them on leashes.”

Me: “The Rangers are teenagers??? Not toddlers or dogs??? Rei’s blog is questionable. but they’re not kids.” (lawls. love ye rei)

Tay: “Keep them away from me. I’m not babysitting them.



Any time. I love Pidge so much. But I almost always see her used as a token progress character who delivers salty one liners and then she is out of the picture. She is a much more complex character than people give her credit for. Pidge definitely deserves a better fandom. All of the female characters do. Even Matt who has been reduced to a Cis-Male Pidge half the time.

I will be forever blunt about any fandom’s treatment of female characters. There is blatant misogyny going on. I can list three fandoms that I trust to not do that: Legend of Korra, Avatar The Last Airbender, and Steven Universe. These fandoms aren’t perfect either, but they have very strong female characters who are treated as such. Let Pidge and Allura in on some lovin’.

- Mod Shiro

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Ok but like tythan hc where Tyler gets jealous whenever anyone gets too close to his boi and one day mark and Ethan are cuddled or whatever bc neither Tyler or Amy are there so hey let's curl up together and when Tyler gets home he flips out Like just imagine it

smh tyler Share, boy

ethan is always one for casual touching n just cuddling the fuck outta his pals, and tyler is never One of Those Pals so he complains whenever ethan is like
havin some good ol friend lovin
but etha  makes up for it by makin sure tyler gets extra special hugs n kisses uwu

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Is the firepit in your backyard still getting regular action? Have you thrown in large handfuls of anything overtly fragrant to remind the neighbors that they live within smelling distance of a couple of happy and proud anal lovin' homos?

We actually haven’t used the fire pit in a couple of months. When the ground hasn’t been covered with snow, it’s been total mud. Plus we have a fireplace in the house, so there really isn’t a need to deal with the wind chill in January in New England just to enjoy a fire.

And no, we aren’t sending up smoke rings in the shape of a double male symbol, or burning gentle potpourri blends of lavender and rosemary, or any fucking shit like that.

The only oddity of note that has been burned was last summer. We had an unopened pack of Reese’s peanut butter cups with the s'mores stuff, and I asked someone to hand it to me like I was gonna eat it but then I just hucked right into the flames. People were fucking pissed. Whatever. I bought them, I’ll do as I like with them.

Also I piss in the fire pit a lot. I dunno if that counts. But there ya go.