.look how much he's grown and how far they've come

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I did the math; sheldon and amy have kissed a total of 10 times on screen, and half of those kisses have happened in the last 2 episodes - not to mention that in this season sheldon was gonna propose, he had wanted amy to move in with him, and they had sex. They've come so far! God, I love these two too much for it to be healthy.

You are SO right dear Anony Anon =)))) this kind of messages are heaven to me *:* Yes, they are so grown up and happy! i love how they can’t help but show their love for each other and they don’t wanna hide it anymore (i’m lookin at you Shelly). May i add: i kinda like how the writers made it look like Sheldon is some kind of sex beast and how he is relieved to know it..like “Yeah, i was a little nervous, but DAMN I’M GOOD…I KNEW IT!!”

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And thank you for sending me this adorable message ;) i love being part of this fandom. I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to ship. i just love Shamy so much i could adopt them and lock them in my house for EVER 

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