.lol that was like a year ago


Some people sent me messages saying how they like my JJBA works and wish to see more, which surprised me

Thank you! But, I mean, what, how, why?? I did these things like 4 years ago and I was not very good then😂😂😂

Anyway here I post some of the works that won’t embarrass the now me that much lol

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I laugh at Otayuri anti's because the only reason that it's paedophilia is because Otabek is technically an adult?? I mean if the "you're 18 now so that makes you an adult" thing didn't exist it would be fine. They are like 2 and a half years apart and ????? what is the problem lol

An anon said to someone I follow a few days ago: “you’re a fucking pedo shipping a kid with a grown ass man”. LMAO. GROWN ASS MAN. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. I’m still laughing. It sounds like Otabek is 45 years old instead of 18. HAHAHAHAAHAHAH.

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Hi, I love all of your stories. You are really talented. I noticed you had a banner for "The Art of Peeling Pearls", but I couldn't find that on your blog, and I don't remember reading it. Is it something knew you are working on?

Thanks for your sweet words, Anon! The banner you are referring to is for something I started a year ago, I think? Maybe longer, I don’t know. The Art of Peeling Pearls was meant to be a continuation/expansion of THIS.

My plan was to write the entire story before I started posting the rest of it, because I was having a hard time finishing literally ANYTHING at the time. I got about six chapters in and stalled anyways. Badly. Sooooooo badly, like five-seconds-away-from-deleting-the-whole-thing-at-any-given-moment-I-hate-everything-I-write stalled. Then I got distracted by Break and I just never got back to Peeling Pearls.

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Lol I get your frustration at not being able to turn safe mode off I really do (you were me a couple years ago) but legally they can't let minors have access to NSFW content. It's why "adult" websites have disclaimers saying its for 18+. That's not to say most of the filtered out content was NAFW which was the problem but they can't just let ya'll turn it off.

im?? still pissed off abt it tho and its not like half the stuff theyr filtering out isnt even nsfw anyway and like. @ staff if ur really that concerned with stopping minors from accessing nsfw stuff then why dont u start with the thousands of porn bots ive got following me aye

also GUARANTEE that you understand neither second wave nor third wave feminism, nor the idea that ~waves~ aren’t homogeneous in the same way that generations aren’t homogeneous, but I’d like to hear whether you really think I’m asking to be “““educated””” about feminism by some dipshit brodude instead of making the point that they made large portions of second wave (and third wave) feminism out to be “pre-modern” ideas from “hundreds of years ago” (lol, walking that one back pretty fucking sneakily, now aren’t we?)

no idiot, I was saying that the notion that “straight men are predatory” wasn’t an invention of second wave feminism! it’s literally the plot of a dozen Jane Austen novels, with some exceptions made for gentlemen of sufficiently high social class.

now you could say that second wave feminism put a spin on that idea by attributing the cause to memeplex that pervades society and is imprinted on men and women early in life and reinforced by a bunch of social structures etc. etc. but the end result as is typically repeated by non-theorists is in practice almost identical to what a concerned mother would tell her daughter in 1812.

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1. Drink: iced caramel macchiato (bc when aren’t i drinking some iced coffee drink) 
2. Phone call: my boss
3. Text message: “ah dude i don’t know how i missed that” from @queerspacerock​ in repsonse to me already seeing a meme 
4. The song you listened to: sugar daddy from hedwig and the angry inch lol
5. The time you cried: like 20 minutes ago tbh

6. Dated someone twice: no
7. Kissed someone and regretted it: yes
8. Been cheated on: no
9. Lost someone special: my great grandma’s death hit me really hard and it still does sometimes even though it was a few years ago, we had a really special connection even though i didn’t see her that ften
10. Been depressed: i mean, not clinically, but i’ve had some emotional struggles
11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: …yes, but in my defense it wasn’t really my fault

12-14: pink, black, teal

15. Made new friends: yes
16. Fallen out of love: no
17. Laughed until you cried: yep
18. Found out someone was talking about you: i wanna say yes but i can’t remember tbh
19. Met someone who changed you: yes
20. Found out who your friends are: yes
21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: yes

22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: all of them i think
23. Do you have any pets: one dog
24. Do you want to change your name: it’s a name i’ve really struggled with at times (seeing as i’m a queer woman named reagan), but no i really like it now
25. What did you do for your last Birthday: i went downtown with a friend and claimed my free starbucks drink and just hung out. it was really nice because i had just started college and i didn’t think anyone knew my birthday, so i didn’t think i was gonna do anything
26. What time did you wake up: 9:00 AM (i had work)
27. What were you doing at midnight last night: watching queen for seven days lmao 
28. Name something you can’t wait for: a college friend wants to take me to new york city for the first time and see a few broadway shows with me, so i’m really hoping that works out

29. When was the last time you saw your mom: like before i went to work like 8 hours ago?
30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: sometimes i wish i didn’t go to school so far away because i’m not able to come home most breaks bc plane tickets are expensive af. but i also really like the school, so i wish it was located on the west coast

31. What are you listening right now: damage done by lasse lindh 
32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: possibly?
33. Something that is getting on your nerves: that my boss has two jobs and his priority clearly isn’t this one 
34. Most Visited Website: tumblr, viki, wikipedia, mdl

35. Mole/s: no
36. Mark/s: i have a lot of sun freckles on my arms, i have a few scars 
37. Childhood dream: i really wanted to be a lifeguard bc i spent like every day at my community pool and now i am lmao
38. Hair color: blonde
39. Long or short hair: medium
40. Do you have a crush on someone: …feelings are confusing
41. What do you like about yourself: my hair, my eyes, my wit
42. Piercings: three lobe piercings in each ear, cartilage piercing on my left ear, tragus on my right ear, i’m seriously considering getting an industrial soon
43. Bloodtype: O positive
44. Nickname: Reags, Reju

45. Relationship status: single 

46. Zodiac: scorpio
47. Pronouns: she/her
48. Favorite TV Show: kdramas mostly, criminal minds, nature documentaries, new girl, sense8
49. Tattoos: none rn, but my self control won’t hold out forever lol (i have a few in mind)
50. Right or left hand: right
51. Surgery: tonsils when i was 11, appendix when i was 12, wisdom teeth when i was 15
52. Hair dyed in different color: i dyed the underside of my hair red sophomore year, and i dyed the tips blue a few weeks ago and will probably do it again tbh
53. Sport: i was best at softball, but my favorite was water polo
55. Vacation: anywhere tbh, but especially the beach 
56. Pair of trainers: i dont have any

57. Eating: blueberry goat cheese and crackers
58. Drinking: nothing atm
59. I’m about to: watch queen for seven days lol
61. Waiting for: the opportunities that seem to be falling into everybody’s lap
62. Want: to be at the beach tbh
63. Get married: i didn’t used to think i wanted to, but i’m kinda changing my mind
64. Career: rn i wanna be a theatre teacher

65. Hugs or kisses: both

66. Lips or eyes: eyes

67. Shorter or taller: taller

68. Older or younger: older

70. Nice arms or nice stomach: arms

71. Sensitive or loud: damn, both

72. Hook up or relationship: i mean i hookup more, but i’d like a relationship

73. Troublemaker or hesitant: troublemaker (it’s bc i’m too impulsive)

74. Kissed a stranger: yes
75. Drank hard liquor: yes
76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: no
77. Turned someone down: yes
78. Sex on the first date: no
79. Broken someone’s heart: i doubt it
80. Had your heart broken: yes
81. Been arrested: no
82. Cried when someone died: yes
83. Fallen for a friend: everyone i fall for is a friend

84. Yourself: on good days 
85. Miracles: yes
86. Love at first sight: NO
87. Santa Claus: no
88. Kiss on the first date: yes
89. Angels: maybe?

90. Current best friends name: katie 
91. Eyecolor: blue
92. Favorite movie: gone girl, scott pilgrim vs the world, titanic, our times\

wow that was long, i tag @queerspacerock and @bogummies


Tokyo Ghoul Abecedary

↳  P  →  Pierrot

The Clowns (Pierrot) are a group of ghouls with a mysterious goal or purpose. Its members primarily wear clown-themed masks and state their intentions are to “have the last laugh.” There is no data on their member amount, activity area, nor goals in the CCG database. It is stated that the Clowns do not usually group up, but when they do, they demonstrate exceptional teamwork.


Hermione’s screams echoed off the walls upstairs, Ron was half sobbing as he pounded the walls with his fists…


its been like 6 years since i’ve last drawn nico, my little italian death prince


4/17: Happy birthday to the awesome Madeleine (@suzuyahz)!

Ron catching Drarry fighting like-
  • Draco: Why would you even do something like that to me?
  • Draco: This may be a huge joke to you, Harry, but for me it's real. WE are real.
  • Draco: I'm not your plaything.
  • Draco: Where's your Gryffindor honor?!
  • Draco: I always knew you'd fuck me over like this! *storms off*
  • Ron: *low whistle* What the hell did you do, mate?
  • Harry: *wearily* I took Parvati Patil to the Yule Ball ten years ago.
  • Ron: What
  • Harry: And also, it was you they took from me in the Second Task, not him.
  • Ron:
  • Harry: Yeah.
  • Ron: And you're actually in love with the neurotic bastard?
  • Harry: Madly, I'm afraid.