.lmao i just can't with their faces


I admit I thought they were stupid but my mom bought me one of those sleeping blindfolds for when I get a migraine and let me tell you there is almost nothing superior to the absolute man made darkness hidden behind this silken shroud ok I love this thing I don’t have to experience the hellscape of the world until I choose to anymore the sun doesn’t own me I am death


On today’s episode of Fernando is Extra… @judgynando


Here you witness me modelling the most incredible tjlc t-shirt by Marley @astudyinrainbows (as well as my sporadic leg hair)

Now you can channel your tjlc rainbow pride with an edgelord skull tshirt!! 💀

If you would like to purchase one for your own cool clothes needs then message them and they’ll sort you out 👀🐘

Shawols have every right to be extra and praise SHINee in various ways. Why?

1. SM finally giving them the promos they deserve!
2. We aren’t putting down or comparing other groups to SHINee.
3. SHINee amplified us being extra by using OT5/5HINee/5QUAD against us.
4. We aren’t shoving SHINee down others throats, in their faces or up their asses. (Like legit Shawols are shoving SHINee in Shawols faces tbh)
And lastly
5. We stay in our own lane??? And if a fellow Shawol swerves left or right we make sure they get back in the damn lane.)

Sleepy Wonho.

-Wakes up only if you kiss him
-Really drowsy when he wakes up
-His eyes, nose and lips are more red than usual
-Sitting up takes forever
-Grandpa wonho activated
-Extra fluffy hair and a dazed look on his face
-Pouty lips
-Groaning because he doesn’t want to get up
-Really likes it when you give him lots and lots of kisses
-Call him ‘baby’ he loves that shit
-Hold his face in your hands and give him Eskimo kisses
-More kisses all over his face to make him smile
-He puts his arms around you and throw himself back onto the bed
-Puts his finger on your lips to silence you when you protest
- “Please Jagi 5 more minutes”
-He falls asleep again
-Damnit wonho we need to get out of bed
-He’ just so innocent and fluffy have you seen him omg