.lmao i just can't with their faces


Would someone like to explain what is happening here? Is it just my mind in the gutter? (probably) lol  

I noticed it when this interview first came out but then looking at it again… This is just sketchy as hell haha. JM.. your hands.


Jon Bernthal @ SLCC 2017

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au where bakugou is embarrassed each time uraraka wants to cuddle or just kiss him in public because he's not used to it but after some months he starts to get more confident around her and he's the one who hugs her from behind when he finds uraraka in the hallway or sitting on the sofa, cooks for her when she's nervous, helps her studying (with more patience than he used to have with kirishima lmao) - their classmates just can't believe their eyes, so every time they try to say something funny+

so this seems like a good ask to post these silly, old doodles in lmao

anyway yes this is perfect and i love it

i actually had a doodle of Bakugou hugging Uraraka from behind from forever ago, but i never finished it b/c i couldn’t get the pose right. but i imagine that it’s like the only way he feels comfortable showing emotion–at least for a while. he buries his face into her shoulder b/c he’s still embarrassed and flustered but he still holds her close

i love the idea that Bakugou cooks for Uraraka and helps teach her how to cook (b/c being self-sufficient is important to her), and he occasionally makes her mochi after study sessions or when she’s down. he doesn’t even say anything, just sits next to her and hands them over, and maybe holds her hand

anyway yes kacchako fluff

Bakugou threatens death on anyone who teases him 

(it never works)


On today’s episode of Fernando is Extra… @judgynando


just got my dose of testosterone raised, a pack of new sub-q needles, and i found out that my estrometer is lowering which apparently is a good thing. what i’m trying to say is that being a trans guy on hormones can sometimes sound like being in a scifi film.

ft. my ugly boots

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we got 3C with victor how about consider this....3C with yuuri. He'd probably be sooo embarrassed ;;;)

snz meme



…october 1st

there’s a demon in my belly, at least one.
maybe two.
a hell couple in my guts whispering secrets up through my throat
my throat, my throat, my throat.
i know because caroline tells me so
and maggie may tells me i must be possessed.
well she’s a gen x baby so she must be right,
and me,
well i’m out cold when it happens, and sometimes
i think about the traps i’ll lay out in my bed
to catch those secrets the moment they escape my lips.

i talk in my sleep, you see.
mumbling, nonsensical, but they’re words.
secrets, my secrets.
“daddy says it’s demons,” so it must be,
because daddy brewed me from a hellish place
and rued the day i came out with the wrong parts.
daughter or demon?
you choose.

i talk in my sleep, they say.
you’re supposed to utter the word “rabbit” on the first of the month
when you wake, let it be the first word out of your mouth.
good fortune, i suppose.
but i talk in my sleep, you know.
i still utter “rabbit”, but what use is it when it’s not the first?
what good is it if my luck has never been in the cards anyway?

the only thing i can tell you
is that demons hate rabbits.

  • <p> <b></b> (Bangtan in an instance of slight inconvenience)<p/><b>Seokjin:</b> I RAISED YOU ON MY BACK FOR 800 YEARS. I MADE YOUR HOUSE INTO A HOME. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! HOW. DARE. YOU. I PUT IN MY NA PI TTAM NUNMUL-<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> Well, fuck me. Karma is a motherfucking bitch, ain't it? Imma sleep this shit out.<p/><b>Hoseok:</b> Just smile your way through this. Whoo! I am fine. I. AM. FINE. Oh no! My j-nope face is showing. ABORT MISSION! I REPEAT, ABORT MISSION!<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Hmm, now let me think of a way out of this. If the sun rose from the east this morning, the mass of my coffee cup is half a kilogram and my IQ is 14- Nope, I can't do this. Bye-bye.<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> Think about all the puppies you saw at the shelter and all the children you held last- OOOH LOOK A NICKEL!<p/><b>Jimin:</b> Fite meh (ง'̀-'́)ง<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> Lmao😂😂😂Nope🙈I🚫am🚫not🚫doing🚫this🚫shit🚫2nite😎😆I'll just✅✔meme my way✔✔✔outta here✅😎✅😎good🤗💤fucking bye👀👀🕶bitches💁💁see u👉👉 👉in hell💪💪💪☝💅👀👀💦💣PEACE OUT!🤓☻😈MOTHERFUCKERS😙😙HAHAHA🔥🔥🔥golden🌟🌟maknae who👀👀💅<p/></p>