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hey!!!!! i'm looking for a new anime to watch, could you name a bunch you'd recommend? thank you so much! xx

Ok please keep in mind I know how how to recommend an anime but that doesn’t mean i have watched it and or finished it so, I may not have a personal opinion on it.

bolder mean I highly recommend   


  •  sword art online 
  •  fullmetal brotherhood 
  •  cowboy bebop


  • one piece  
  • Naruto 
  • fairy tail 

comedy or romance or both 

  • daily lives of highschool boys 
  • OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB (if you follow me and havent watched this show go watch it now) 
  • Nichijou   
  • kimi ni todoke
  •  kamisama kiss
  • nagi no asukara 
  • the pet girl of sakurasou 
  • monthly girls nozaki-kun 
  • kimi ni todoki  
  • maid sama
  • yona of the dawn 


  • little busters
  • konan 2006
  • plastic memories
  • clannad
  • air


  • Your lie in April
  • nodame cantabile
  • nana 
  • skip beat


  • princess tutu
  • sailor moon 
  • school rumble
  • death note
  • case closed 
  • snk
  • black butler 
  • Tokyo ghoul 

alright thats a good amount 



Going on a crazy geology field trip tomorrow that is supposedly worth all the extra credit points, SO SURPRISE. SATURDAY. YEAH.

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Hey guys, I’m just going to sell all my figures. So here’s all of them, marked with prices. These prices do not include shipping, but you will pay for shipping as well. It all depends on where you live though, so I would give you a quote before you pay.

Almost all of them have boxes, except for Bonta-kun, Maria, Hanyu, Suzaku, Asuza, and the two Renas.

If you’re interested in any of these, send me a message with your Paypal, and general area where you live (state, or country) and I’ll get back to you with a final price before I send you an invoice via Paypal. That way if it’s no good, just let me know, you won’t be charged and we can go on our merry ways!

Thank you and reblog please! I will update these pictures as they are sold too, so be sure to check the original post before asking!