Let your tears come.  Let them water your soul

I finally decided to do my favorite sad-tragedy anime raccomandations.

Since I’m a  heartless fucking asshole in real life tragedy anime gives me my emotions back. It’s probably my favorite genre

I’ll also do the manga version if this is enough appreciated lets say

  • AnoHana

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  • Natsuyuki rendezvous

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  •  Tokyo magnitude 8.0

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  • Clannad after story

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  • Little busters Refrain

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  • Bokurano

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  • Elfen lied

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  • Angel beats

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  • Plastic memories

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  • Akame ga kill

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  • Wolf’s rain

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  • Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi

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  • Zankyou no terror

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  • Natsume Yuujinchou

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  • Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

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  • Mawaru penguidrum

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  • Donten ni Warau 

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it has some of the most painful and beatiful scenes in anime

I didn’t include the anime movies

Japanese Fans Rank The Anime They’d Like To Show Their Children

What anime would you like to show your children one day?

That’s the question posed by anime polling site Charapedia, who asked their readers, took those results and baked them into a top 20 stew fit for all children. Maybe.

Without delay, the results:

20. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
19. Pokémon
18. Little Busters!
17. A Certain series
16. Love Live!
15. Natsume’s Book of Friends
14. Digimon Adventure
13. Slam Dunk
12. Angel Beats!
11. K-On!
10. Kuroko’s Basketball
9. Haikyu!!
8. Your Lie in April
7. Sword Art Online
6. Doraemon

And the top five…

5. Gintama

4. anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

3. One Piece

2. Naruto

1. Clannad

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Michiru Shimada aka Writer of Little Witch Academia has been passes away

Shimada’s daughter announced her passing on her mother’s Twitter account and said she had been ill since last year. She also thanked fans for their support over her mother’s 38-year career.

P/S: Shimada worked on the script or was in charge of series composition for anime such as Little Buster!, One Piece, Before Green Grables, Romeo and Black Brothers

Rest in peace, Shimada-san, thank for became writer of LWA and bring us a beautiful, wonderful, best anime ever. Thanks..

Anime Genre Horoscope

Friendly reminder that perfect boys does exist


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“TV Boy” Sketchbook & Digital, 2017
FLCL aired on this day 14 years ago in the US, marking one of my favorite and possibly most pivotal pieces of work. It inspired a large compendium of my early art as well as writing and still to this day remains a huge piece of inspiration. I don’t think you can mention the series to fans without conjuring one of two images to mind right off the bat: Haruhara Haruko, for more obvious reasons of being almost solely responsible for all of the events that unfold in the show; and Canti, better known as Naota’s live-in house cleaning robot that was the first piece of Medical Mechanica tech to emerge from Takkun’s forehead. With allusions to several episodes mixed in, and after the announcement of a second (and third) season, I couldn’t not do a piece as an homage to one of my primordial beacons of inspiration. From Little Busters to Last Dinosaur, there’s nothing not to like <3


“I was concerned before shooting with her, if we would have a really nice, tight relationship, because obviously she has a father, I’m not her father. Trying to convince someone that you’re her dad over the course of a movie is just a surreal experience for a kid. So I went out to a toy store and I just got as many gifts as I could that I thought she would like and I wrapped them up, and every day I had a scene with her I would bring her a gift. We got so tight that sometimes the director would whisper in my ear “Can you have her do this?” because we just… I got close to her. By the end of it, I mean that was the hardest part of leaving that movie, it was that little girl.” (*)