Fanzine Ficlet - Sneak Peek

bc i need some encouragement to push me to the finish line, here’s a snippet from my @johnlockfanzine ficlet:

“Wouldn’t have figured you for a beach bum,” John says, lying back propped up on his elbows, regarding Sherlock from behind brand-new Ray-Bans.

“Mm,” Sherlock says, and then, “you’re going a bit red, just there… here, let me—”

He sits beside John on the beach blanket they brought and picks up the tube of sunscreen lying off to the side. Then John doesn’t really pay much attention after that because Sherlock’s decided to not so much apply as massage sunscreen onto his chest, his shoulders, and when he sits up properly, all down the sore muscles in his back.

It’s heavenly.

He glances around lazily, taking in the young families with children splashing in the shallow waves that keep rolling in, the golden retrievers running into the water after tennis balls thrown by their owners, the ambient noise of the water and the wind and the laughter and, somewhere, pop music floating out of a portable speaker. It feels right in the way John always feels right when it’s just him and Sherlock and the rest of the world buzzing along around them, only now it’s even more, because now Sherlock is his to touch and to kiss and to fall asleep next to and wake up curled around. He lets out the happiest sigh he’s capable of and turns to lean and place a tiny sweet kiss on the corner of Sherlock’s mouth. “Thanks, love.”

penntoxide  asked:

I love Gabriel Reyes. I think he has such huge potential to be one of Overwatch's most complex characters. I love the idea of him being spiteful and ambitious, I also love the idea of him being over the top and caring in his own way. I see Reyes as a guy who throws himself full force into everything. He can be murderous one minute and playful in another, though his play is usually annoying to Jack and hazardous to everyone else.

i think this also really translates into his lines as reaper bc on the one hand, he has lines that make it v clear he wanted to be the best and be seen for it (”finally some recognition”) but then he also has lines that make him seem like a theatrical dork (no one can seriously say ‘the grave cannot hold me’, you can’t tell me that). 

but i have little faith in blizzard’s ability to make it much more than what we’re given at face-value–an edgy mercenary straight out of a comic book with nothing more than a petty revenge-driven backstory. no sympathy and no consideration toward him, he’s just a bad guy. i say this with little knowledge of how blizzard handles these sort of things, but i’ve been let down before about my fave ‘villains’ in stories and i expect gabriel reyes to be one of those unfortunate causalities. 

me: *writes literally three words* 

me:…….I’ve earned a tumblr break 

Here's what happens if you lie about Everest climb
A total of 456 people reached the peak of Mount Everest during this past spring climbing season. Dinesh and Tarakeshwari Rathod were not among them.

The Indian police officers, who claimed to have been the first Indian couple to climb Everest, were banned from climbing any mountain in Nepal for 10 years.