If there could be one episode based off a Disney movie, this would be it.

also, I know Penn would be Hercules, cause he’s the hero

Boone would be Phil, cause he’s the wiseman

but I’m having trouble with Sashi, would she be Meg or Pegasus?

because pegasus seems more like the sidekick, Meg seems like the love interest, but at the same time, sidekick?


Andrew Hem’s “Mountain Full” at Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

Opening Saturday, May 14th, 2016 at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City, New York is the absolutely exceptional new exhibition by artist Andrew Hem entitled “Mountain Full.”

Hem, a force of nature at art, has created a vivid and rhapsodic body of work thoroughly inspired by the events of his life, recalling scenes and fascinations, heartaches, loss, travel - all of the massive moments and minutiae that make us who we are - stirred into his rural beginnings and the urban upbringing of his teenage years to form surreal pictures of contemporary ethereal perfection.  For “Mountain Full” Hem has focused his work around the metaphorically powerful idea of leaping and the consequences of such action.  Within the work one finds a wide range of examples, from melancholic despair to incredible moments of elation, that form a portrait of the artist but also a mirror to anyone viewing.

Mountain Full” is on display until June 11th, 2016.

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QUANTA MAGAZINE: How did you manage to become both an astrophysicist and a writer?

JANNA LEVIN: I’m more surprised people become only one or the other. All kids are scientists, and all kids are artists. They all read. How is it that we give up such big things? That’s the question if you ask me. I just didn’t give stuff up.


I very much have to write to please myself. I think some popular science doesn’t do that, and I think that’s where it stumbles. If you’re not writing for yourself, you’re always being a little bit disingenuous.


Terrific Quanta Magazine interview with astrophysicist and writer Janna Levin, author of the fascinating and wonderfully poetic Black Hole Blues (so poetic, in fact, that Ben Folds set it to song). 

Levin’s book is this remarkable