That's his safe word.
That's his safe word.

Help Me Jeffrey!

Alice sits in for Scott as she and Chris adopt Harry Styles’ new catchphrase “Help me Jeffrey!” Does it work in real life to get you out of awkward situations?

“So, who’s Jeffrey?  Was there someone else called Jeffrey, or was this a cry to help with an imaginary friend or something?”

“Yeah, no, that’s his safe word. JEFFREY!” 

“Suddenly all the shutters go down, and the lights go off…”

“He’s catapulted home.”

I found this section really interesting because it talks about how it feels when you’ve got all these ideas and only have one season green lit! We all already know that the reason season 1 is so drastically different plot wise from the other seasons is due to that, but hearing them talk about it and their decision making is so cool to me. I really love the pre production pipeline

After season 1 of Penn Zero we had a new challenge to face. The studio that had animated the first season, Mercury, would not be animating season 2 and so we had to go on a search to find a replacement.
I felt strongly about going back in to “animation development” and trying to define more for the new studio, whoever that would be. We took a month or two to create model sheets, diagrams of making strong poses, and even animating some character based walks as a starting point for the vendor studio.
I animated this walk for Sashi. For me characters are always fun when they have built in contradictions. We all do for sure! Sashi is this anger fueled ninja that has the appearance of a cute preteen. I wanted her walk to feel cute and innocent to contradict her more vicious side.
In terms of it technique I needed to be conscious of the limitations of time and method. Being that this was TV production I couldn’t animate a walk that would be impossible to replicate on a TV schedule but I also wanted something that was a step above for TV. I was also trying to take in to account what would work for the design aesthetic of the show and what Harmony is actually good at doing. It’s tricky, take a lot of thought.
Penn Zero Season 2 premieres in 4 days! Once it is done in it’s run I will post some of the literally hundreads of poses, retake animation, and animation reference that we spent 2 years doing. It was a long haul with some of the best people I have ever worked with but I am proud of what the show achieved.