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Now, do you think that Percival and/or Theseus has any tattoos?

Ooooh this is a great question my dear. It really depends on the fic/the setting for me I think, but I can def see them with tattoos? But now that I’m thinking about it:

I can totally see Theseus having at least one localizing charmed tattoo able to track down Newt’s specific life signature. Also we’re in the Wizarding World, so it does make sense if portraits have a life of their own tattoos have too, right? I can see Theseus going to a magical tattoo parlor as soon as Newt leaves home, when they’ve just fought harder and fiercer in their whole life and they’re both miserable and angry and sure the other will hate them forever, but still brothers. I can see him choosing something discrete, somewhere he can hide if he needs to during his secret missions/black-tie fundraiser events, like the hollow of his wrist. A small fox head, maybe, outlined in black ink - humming with a steady rhythm with each of Newt’s heartbeat, and prickling uneasily everytime something is very, deeply wrong and his lil brother is scared or hurting or desperate. In the beginning it feels strange, this kind of closeness; but it rapidly grows normal, comforting, the steady hum of Newt’s life pulsing against his wrist the quiet background noise of Theseus’s days.

When he meets Percival, he thinks of getting a twin tattoo - oh, he sure does. He thinks of it as he watche him sleep on their shared cot in the trenches, half-covered in dirt and half in bandages, as he listens to his laughter, as he hugs him tight before letting him slip through a discrete public Portkey and go back to NY. He talks about it with him, too, because there are very few things he wouldn’t talk with Percival about. His best friend simply smiles a tight smile and tells him he trusts his judgement. 

In the end, Theseus doesn’t get a second tattoo. He knows how highly Percival values his indepence, his freedom, his self-sufficiency, and he respects those things too much to even take the risk of tainting them.

He regrets that decision, too. Deeply. Madly. He regrets it as he digs frantically through the spot of mud and rock Grindelwald has finally told them to look under, thinking of treacherous letters lovingly sheltered in his bookcase for months, scratching at his bare left wrist as if it’s somehow all its fault. Because if he had had the tattoo, he would have immediately known something was wrong, and now he’d know if Percival is still alive, and oh Scamander, Scamander, how could you have not seen?

When they find Percival, and the Healers let him hug him for exactly three point six seconds before wheeling him away with worried faces, Theseus stumbles away - winding his way through the city. He turns corners, and follows the scent of the sea, and finally finds the port, and in every port there’s at least a tattoo parlor giving goodbye marks and inked love tokens to hopeful sailors, and usually, in every tattoo parlor there’s at least one person knowing their away around magic. He’s right. He finds one, and tells him what he wants, and Theseus Scamander’s left wrist gets covered with the black-inked scorpion, tied to the life and blood of Percival Graves.

The first shot of feeling running up Theseus’s arm from the tattoo is shocking.It’s white noise, and horrible absense, and underneath it all a frantic thudding - the sound of a heart struggling against impossible odds, of a body trying to live despite itself. It’s so intense it’s almost enough to make him sick, but Theseus endures it, gladly. He endures it for days, brushing off Newt’s concerned questions and not fooling anyone. At least it’s a beat. At least it’s something - something still working and feeling in Percival’s chest. Till the thrumming gets better, slowly, marginally, and dark eyes finally open to stare dazedly at Theseus’s tear-stained, ashen face.

“Theseus,” he croaks out.

“I got you, Graves,” Theseus says, voice shaking, leaning in to run a trembling hand through Percival’s tousled, unwashed hair. The still-raw tattoo brushes against his cheek - tears a shiver out of Theseus. But he’s already growing used to it. 

“I got you. I promise.”

civil war rewrite where steve, sam, and nat are working to find and save bucky after he’s wrongfully accused of the murder of king t'chaka. t'challa spends most of the movie hunting bucky, until he realizes that the real villain is crossbones and then they all team up to defeat the last remnants of hydra. sharon carter helps platonically. at the end bucky agrees to let steve help him and they go home to new york. t*ny st*rk makes no appearance in the film.

Review: BigBang, Following the K-Pop Playbook With Flash
For about a decade, the band has been one of the most innovative and popular acts in the flooded-with-talent and always-in-flux world of K-pop.
By Jon Caramanica

@aesthetics-of-saudade @xxxloveee apologies for making a new post but I’d like to translate what this pathetic excuse of a writer said into plain language, without all the subtleties of inference that he very kindly used to hide his casual racism and ignorance.


“It’s hard to overstate how imperious T.O.P. looks onstage. The oldest member of the outlandishly popular K-pop boy band BigBang, he walks slowly, almost reluctantly. He regards his surroundings with Clooney-like reserve. If it’s possible to be rolling your eyes while maintaining fierce eye contact with several thousand people, he can do that. He stands ramrod straight, making it seem as if he’s always peering down on what’s transpiring around him.”

What he really means:

“I have no idea what TOP’s personality is like. He’s not the standard diluted hiphop swag formula that I’m used to seeing but not really understanding so I’m going to compare him to George Clooney and ignore the fact that both Clooney and TOP are well-known for their heartwarming, small smiles despite their seemingly unenthusiastic way of standing.

-Oh and Top was a statue and didn’t dance at all, and I didn’t bother to get a translation of all the Korean he said. He probably didn’t say something humble like how much he loves and thanks the fans, because I wouldn’t do that. Ha. Ha.”

“For about a decade, BigBang has been one of the most innovative and popular acts in the flooded-with-talent and always-in-flux world of K-pop. Nothing has derailed the band — not the occasional scandal, romantic or legal; not long breaks, like the years that pass between albums; and not the success of G-Dragon, the group’s breakout star.”

What he really means:

“Bigbang have been role models in kpop and have succeeded no matter what. So I’d better find some passive-agressive way to drag them or it would seem like I’m actually praising them. Oh look, GD. Let me try to pit him against the others! THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA NOBODY’S EVER DONE THAT BEFORE I’M SO FRESH.”

“BigBang is at work on a new album, “MADE,” and has been releasing singles over the past few months that are in general less Technicolor and frenetic than its songs of a few years ago, which helped the group break out beyond Asia.”

What he really means:

“I searched up bigbang on youtube because I needed to at least seem like I read up on them. The first video was Fantastic Baby. But oh look! None of the MADE songs have GD with Beetlejuice hair! Less technicolor! The TRAVESTY! IT’S NOT LIKE THEY WERE INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN AT THE EMA’S BEFORE ALIVE EVEN CAME OUT! And Fantastic Baby was so shallow it didn’t reference every scandal and horrifying thing they went through in the years before Alive. It’s meaningless.”

“As in all boy bands, there is a hierarchy here, of course: G-Dragon is very much at the top. He gets the best clothes — a fascinating patch-covered oversize bomber jacket, or a snow-white turtleneck — followed closely by T.O.P., who at one point wore what seemed to be a Mondrian print on a suit.”

What he really means:

“I’m running out of ideas. I’ll go back to the method I used earlier of dragging the rappers. The readers won’t notice.”

“Seungri, the youngest and most mannered of the bunch.”

…HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA (I don’t think I need to translate this one)

“Throughout the night, the group’s indebtedness to American pop, hip-hop and R&B was on full display, from Taeyang’s vocal runs to T.O.P.’s post-dancehall toasting to G-Dragon’s nimble rapping and strange allusion to the “school of hard knocks” he and the band had gone through. (Well, not always full display: BigBang’s backing band, made up wholly of black American musicians, was hidden in the dark at the rear of the stage for most of the night.)”

What he really means:

“Since they obviously draw musical inspiration from American hiphop and other genres let me equate that with my own casual ignorance and racism towards the world-famous, international-artist-connected band that BIGBANG personally introduce by name at the end of the show.”

“The show and the group were almost perversely chaste, at least onstage. Less so in the interstitial videos shown between songs, which show the band members as what they are: men playing at being boys.”

What he really means:

“Since they drew inspiration from American hiphop (I didn’t say that before, did I?) They should also add as much of the other, seedier sides of mainstream music culture into their songs because they shouldn’t focus on the music at all. Music’s not about music anymore, remember? Oh and pffft. Boybands are supposed to be teenagers forever, you know. Not like the eternal nature of the Rolling Stones or the BeeGees or the Beatles, because you know they weren’t groups and they weren’t boys.”

“But like, say, automobiles, South Korean success with the form is another example of a concept kick-started here but perfected elsewhere. A night with BigBang is a loud reminder that American exceptionalism is waning — long live imports, though.”

Okay I’m not going to translate this one because he basically just called Korean music “imports” so I’m going to let him speak for himself

How did the NY times let someone as stupid and racist and pathetic as this constantly write for them

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“You two are staying here, okay?” Dean said as he slid into his jacket and walked towards the door.

“Uh, no we aren’t,” You started to argue, standing up.

“Y/N, wait,” Sam sighed, sticking his arm out to stop you. “We aren’t going to be ny help. Just let him go.”

“So what, I’m just supposed to watch him walk out and risk his life?!”

“I don’t need your help,” Dean siad calmly, “I need you safe.”

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I want to see Blaine doing something. New York would be cool. You have to be economic with what stories you’re telling so people can’t just go off to other cities in the world. If he goes to New York, I wouldn’t see that as such a surprise. Blaine really would like to go to New York, he wants to be wherever Kurt is.
—  Darren Criss on whether he wants Blaine to head to New York

Walsh coming back in tonight episode (instead of my first theory of next week because it’s a Going To Oz episode) actually would make a lot of sense for Captain Swan.

It would make the plot go full circle with New York City Serenade.

Emma meets her would-be fiancé once again and discovers his true identity, as well as why Zelena sent him to NY, and she would let go of him definitively then when having all the answers…

… leading to the failed True Love Kiss with Killian. Not so failed anymore.

Emma already let go of Neal, now all she needs to do is the same with Walsh. And she will.

The parallels are strong with this one, I can feel it already.