.last of my tuck everlasting for the night

You guys I had a dream last night that i went to Chipotle and AKB was working there! And he had Archie with him!! I started crying obviously and I was like “oh my god I love you so much blah blah Tuck Everlasting is my favorite musical!!” And he was just like “yeah, maybe if it hadn’t closed so soon I wouldn’t be working at chipotle” and then I started crying even harder lmao

The other night when I saw Tuck Everlasting, I was reminded of why I love the theatre. The show overall is quite emotional because of its focus on living forever versus living a full life, but especially in the last fifteen minutes or so, people (including me) were losing it. I could hear sniffles throughout the mezzanine, and I saw my friend sitting next to me wiping away tears. It just further goes to show me why I want to be in this business in the first place. Theatre can move hearts and minds and change lives. Not every show is meant to pull at your heart strings, but also not every show is meant to be a blockbuster that tourists will flock to. The medium has such a range which always stuns me. I think a lot of what makes it this way is the audience response. Unlike other forms of entertainment like film or television, there is a bond between the actors and the audience. Seeing something play out right there in front of your eyes makes the experience so much more visceral. It makes every emotion stronger, every joke more genuine, and every tearjerking moment cut deeper. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of having theatre experiences like this that have made a huge impact on my life, and I will never be able to repay the companies of these shows for shaping my life forever. When I saw the revival of Hair in 2009, I was so impacted by its themes of love, and the ending really touched me. I had loved musicals up until that point, but that show really made me realize that shows don’t have to just be big dance numbers with jazz hands (though I still do love a good dance break). Experiences like these are the reason that I am pursuing a career and life in this field, and I hope that others are as impacted by their experiences inside the walls of a theatre as I was.


From final dress to opening night, to last night’s closing, I was lucky enough to see Tuck Everlasting 12 times. I could not be more proud of the team involved with this show, especially my dear friend Laurie for producing your first show and for giving your time, energy, (and your nervous system) to give Tuck its day in the sun. This show deserved a much longer life than it received, but even so it was lovingly embraced by those who saw it.
“You don’t have to live forever, you just have to live” and live this show did. In a very short time, this show has given me more than I could have asked for. And after all, looking back is something to look forward to, and I will look back with nothing but admiration and pride this stunning show.
To the Tucks!