Things you should do if somebody is a:
  • Xiumin stan: Squish their cheeks; they’re really precious and cute and harmless and if they start thirsting just get them a pacifier and they’re good
  • Luhan stan: Just keep pictures of Luhan away from them; they’re pretty normal except in the presence of him. Then it gets very bad. Very bad.
  • Kris stan: Just compliment Kris one time and they’ll love you forever. They’ll treat you like family, seriously. It’s okay to make jokes about Kris leaving and how Suho hates him, but if you start throwing actual shade at Kris, they would destroy you. Kris stans are pretty nice and usually easy to talk to.
  • Suho stan: Make jokes about how much shade Suho would throw at Kris right now and talk about how cute and small and tiny and precious Suho is. And talk about how he should be protected and how Chanyeol should treat him better. Play sad R&B songs in the background as you talk about KrisHo. Also, laugh at their jokes if they take on Suho’s role in the comedy department. They’re cute and they’re just trying to have a good time.
  • Lay stan: Just speak to them normally and talk to them about how adorable Lay is, but don’t put on a dancing video of Lay because they will go to Hoe Level 100 so quick. They’re sweetie-pies, honestly. they really truly honestly love Lay dearly.
  • Baekhyun stan: Don’t talk bad about Baekhyun no matter how much you hate him because they literally have the worst attitude and could really be the meanest people sometimes. My old roommate was a Baekhyun stan; I had to change roommates.
  • Chen stan: Literally… RUN AWAY!!! Oh my gosh, Chen stans are the Top 2 freakiest; you should probably stay away from them. However, if you meet a Chen stan and you’re in a situation that it’d be rude to suddenly escape, just agree with then that Chen is the most precious thing in the world. Warning:They will probably brainwash you that Chen is better than your bias, so beware!! Also, Chen stans are not suitable around small children so all children must be required to wear earmuffs around all Chen stans. But Chen stans aren’t that bad; they’re all hilarious so just laugh at their jokes but start getting concerned when they start making you accept Chen as your savior.
  • Chanyeol stan: just… do everything as you would normally. They’re pretty good people but if you don’t ship Baekyeol, it’d be hard to bond with them. Tbh, I don’t know many but they’re good people and most wouldn’t excuse the stuff he’s done. They just wanna move on and promote his good sides.
  • Kyungsoo stan: you should just be a little bit concerned for yours and their own safety. They’re like right under Jongdae and Sehun stans. And yeah, I’ve never heard of an anti-Kyungsoo stan who’s alive today to tell their story so yeah ^^ ^^ ^^. Also, only talk about Kaisoo if you ship it as hard as they do because all of them actually have files of evidence of their love. I thought this one girl was a lawyer, but no, she was a Kaisoo shipper.
  • Tao stan: Hug them and snuggle them and give them lots of love. They’re so cute and all they want is for Tao to be happy for than anybody else, I think. However, a lot of them tend to come off as serious, but they’ll all melt when they talk about Tao. Also, a lot of them have developed diva-like tendencies, but you shouldn’t be shocked.
  • Kai stans: Just watch Kai dance videos and talk about how much of an amazing dancer he is. Okay, Kai stans are literally the chillest. They’re sweet and don’t hurt anybody and just love to promote the goodness of Jongin. However, they make very…. inappropriate vines so don’t tell their mothers. Everybody’s friends with the Kai stans. Just be nice to them and if you talk trash about Kai, they’ll never talk to you again ^^ Also, they’re Kaisoo lawyers and judges so only talk about Kaisoo if you’re ready to go down that path. Also, Kai stans absolutely ADORE Kai and it’s just beautiful.
  • Sehun stans: ABORT MISSON; LIKE, LITERALLY, PACK EVERYTHING, AND LEAVE. DO NOT GET INVOLVED!! DON’T DO IT. SAVE YOURSELF, AND YOUR DIGNITY!! RUN AWAY TO A … DESERTED FOREST ISLAND AND WAIT THERE UNTIL THEY’RE GONE!!! They have calmed down so much in the past, but they’re just… the scariest people I’ve ever met in my life. They have the most… insane URLS and you know how you see something funny on Tumblr  and you wanna share it to your friends on Facebook but you can’t because the url in it says the-furry-inside-of-sehuns-rectum-outlined-with-gold or something?? Yeah; that’s a sehun stans doing. They’re actually really nice and sweet but they’re the top 2 thirstiest and it’s a little bit of a lot bit of scary.

girl group idols trying to stay warm and then there’s girl’s day 😂😂😂😂

Exo reaction when you have another member’s pic as your phone bg

Sehun: Whatever , it’s not like I had you as my background pic. It’s Miranda in case you were wondering.

Kai: You put that pic there only to make me jealous right? now you are gonna replace it with a pic with us right?

Tao: First you say that he raps better than me and now you have his pic on your phone? this is the ultimate insult.

Kyungsoo: *sees baek’s pic* Do you want me to throw this phone into the toilet and then flush the water?

Chanyeol: *bitter chanyeol* If you like Kai that much why don’t you date him?

Baekhyun: So what? you are allowed to have a pic of your bias as your background but I’m not allowed to have a pic of my dog cause I’m not dating him, I’m dating you.

Chen:*when you told him that you won’t change it*  Don’t talk to me, I’m mad at you

Lay: *the gifs talks for himself* 

Suho:*gets ready for a pose* Here baby take a pic now and put it as your background.

Kris:*tells you to change it but no move from your part* Aren’t you gonna change it now? *still waiting*

Luhan: If you have a pic with him as your background it means that he is your bias and not me right?

Xiumin: Why do you keep that pic? is he your boyfriend? I don’t think so, now change it. 


look at this little nugget


why hello there



K-Pop Vocabulary

G-Dragon - 삐딱하게

삐딱하다 = crooked, tilted, perverse

영원 = eternity, everlasting

절대 = absolute

결국에 = after all, in the long run

변하다 = to change

이유 = reason, cause, grounds

진심 = sincerity

내머려둬 = leave me alone, give me a break

어차피 = anyhow, anyway

혼자 = alone

위로 = comfort

사탕 = sweet, candy

버럭버럭 = desperately, frantically

소리치다 = to call out

현기증 = dizziness

연인들 = lovers

화풀이 = vent one’s anger

괜히 = in vain

양아치 = gangster

동네 = village

시비를 걸다 = to start arguments, provoke quarrels

일부러 = deliberately

가끔 = sometimes

세상 = world

주인공 = protagonist

잃다 = to lose

외로운 = lonely

헤매다 = to wander, roam

섬 = island

텅텅 비다 = to be all hollow, all empty

가득 채운 = filled

맘 (마음) = heart

참 = truly, very

더럽다 = filthy, dirty, awful

믿다 = to believe in

우습다 = funny, humorous, comical

새끼손가락 = little finger, pinky finger

맹세 = vow, pledge

긋다 = to draw

짙다 = thick, deep, dark, heavy

아이라인 = eyeliner

스프레이 = hairspray

통 = doubles as word and counter for containers and buckets

가죽바지 = leather pants

가죽자켓 = leather jacket

걸치다 = to wear, put on, slip on

인상 쓰다 = to scowl

아픔 = pain

숨기다 = to hide, cover, conceal

침 = spit, saliva

투박하다 = crude, rough

말투 = one’s way of speaking

거칠어지다 = to roughen

무섭다 = scary

실은 = actually

두렵다 = fearful, afraid

돌아가다 = to return, go back

데 = place

상대 = companion, mate

그래서 어쩌라고 = so what

마냥 = forever

힘들다 = hard, strenuous

그대 = you (romantic literary you for songs and poems)

그립다 = to miss (descriptive verb mostly used for non-persons)


Showing off in front of your crush These two were made for each other

Woozi looks so gentle and loving in his photos like he looks like he would step on a leaf and then apologize
but then i remember that one time he tried to murder his bandmate with a guitar and that if it werent for the cameras hed be cursing nonstop
dont mess with woozi man
no matter what you see