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i'm wondering if tucker sided with temple so fast because his judgment is kinda clouded right now. he got told he has lots of other children (supposedly) that he can't afford to care for (i don't mean that in a bad way, i mean it in a 'he probably hasn't gotten paid in a while' way), and a random reporter takes him forgets to tell him that she knew about the one guy who would drop a bombshell on him. so he's probably a bit more vulnerable and going to side w/ someone who feeds into it. idk man

you read my mind!! this is why i’m not mad, i’m just like BABE PLS

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I know this may seem like a random question but I've noticed in a lot of selfies that Norman takes where he kinda tips his head back, his nostrils appear to either be shaped different or his nose might be a little crooked. I have heard he was in an accident & needed reconstructive surgery on his eye but do you know if his nose was damaged as well or do I just need an eye exam?

I’m sure there was a little nose damage his face got smashed a little 

It's Good for You

Summary:  You need to find a way to get some exercise when you’re out on a case with Sam and Dean.  Dean is happy to oblige.

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count:  1493

Warnings:  SMUT (oral, female receiving, unprotected sex), fluff

A/N:  I may be developing an exercise kink.  Who knew?

 If you’d like to be tagged in my fics send me an ask!

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You slam the door behind you as you stomp into the motel room.  Dean is still in bed just rising up on his elbow rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Whoa, they didn’t have the right set of dumbbells, princess?”

“Ha, ha, Dean.  No they were closed.  A water main broke or something.  How am I supposed to exercise without a gym?

“You wanna come with me for a run?” Sam asks stepping out of the bathroom in his running gear.

You’re about to give Sam your “are-you-serious?” look when Dean chimes in.

“This one?  Go on a run with you?” Dean laughs from his bed.  “Don’t you remember that hunt when she was being chased by a ghoul?  She tried to speed walk away.”

“Shut up!” you throw one of your shoes at Dean.

Dean ducks down as it whizzes past his head.

“Don’t get me wrong sweetheart, you’re the fastest speed walker I’ve ever seen.”

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On that note, I always think a moment that really sums up how Ed is a ridiculous pile of issues who broods occasionally for short periods but you should never characterize him as a melancholy brooder is this one moment in the manga where Greedling warns him not to regret things later and Ed is like “HAHA SO WHAT MY ENTIRE LIFE HAS BEEN A LESSON IN REGRET!” like…not in a dour way but very clearly in a “ARGUMENT-WINNING REPLY BY EDWARD ELRIC, SUCK ON THAT GREED” way and his companions are basically like “why are you bragging about that???”

That demonstrates so many things about Ed- he’s flawed and he’s fucked up a bunch, and nobody is more aware of that than him, he is filled with guilt, he stumbles, but ultimately he’s gonna take that shit and own it and try to learn from it (and I just realized this moment foreshadows the whole “lesson without pain” speech)and basically just be completely ridiculous about everything. “I suck but on to the next thing, gonna keep at it woohoo!!!!”

 If I can’t imagine a version of Ed basically saying “WELL I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW I AM A HUMAN DISASTER” super enthusiastically and aggressively, it’s not Ed to me. It’s such a bizarre, but ultimately really uplifting contrast you don’t see a lot, so it’s what makes him actually pretty interesting to me.

The Major Arcana as People You Meet In College

0. The Fool: The freshman. He’s fascinated by the fact he just entered college, plans on joining every club imaginable, and thinks he can handle 8AM classes. Still wears his lanyard around his neck.

I. The Magician:The one who actually has all their shit together, lives off of campus and works a real-person job. Probably works out too. You want to not like them for it but they’re too nice.

II. The High Priestess: She’s kinda quiet and reserved, but if you talk to her she’s really smart and knows a lot of fun random facts. The sweet one that unexpectedly knows a lot of fucked up shit and freaks your friends out at a party for a few minutes that one time.

III. The Empress: She’s a junior when you get to college, but she likes you a lot and shows you around. She’s a big help and tells you about local deals on food. Buys you alcohol for the party but then makes sure you stay safe when you’re drunk. Very attractive, probably gay.

IV. The Emperor: This guy is probably older than you, and tends to give really good advice when you have drama. Sometimes his male privilege goes really unchecked but he’s willing to learn and know better. Designated driver.

V. The Hierophant: Absolutely can’t cope with the fact that underage drinking is a real thing. Straight A’s, probably on some Student Government board or faculty-built club that encourages good student conduct. Kinda snobby so you don’t talk to them much, but their help in Physics class was the only reason you passed.

VI. The Lovers: You’ve never known these people to not be dating. They’re basically already married and you’re basically their first child. When The Fool comes around you get upgraded to Aunt or Uncle or something. They give good relationship advice.

VII. The Chariot: He’s friends with all the right people, gets away with outrageous antics and never gets in trouble. Always has tickets to that concert you want. Cocky with a heart of gold. Smooth af. Probably tries to ask you on a date.

VIII. Strength: Deals with way more shit than you do. Holds your arm so you don’t rip somebody’s neck out when that person tries to pick a fight. Says they’ll “deal with” the creeper who’s been stalking you. You have no idea what she said to them, but they never approach you again.

IX. The Hermit: The friend that everyone likes, wise beyond their years. Every time you invite them to hang out, they’re busy with homework or something else comes up, even though they’re legitimately not trying to avoid you. Meditates daily. Forgets about that huge campus event you go to every year.

X. The Wheel of Fortune: You meet in a class and hit it off really well. You guys are close for a while, and you learn some life lessons and gain some new interests or viewpoints. The new semester rolls around and they basically fall off the face of the map.

XI. Justice: The friend who almost got alcohol poisoning once and completely changed their life afterwards. They’re much more stable now and seem a lot happier. They invite you to a bonfire at some point.

XII. The Hanged Man: He’s kind of a weird guy, but in a way that you still like hanging out with him. Has drastically different views about the world than the rest of your friends, which leads to a lot of really in-depth, interesting discussions. You emerge from that friendship a lot smarter.

XIII. Death: The one that finally managed to convince you to drop that club, break up with that person, or quit that destructive habit. Their solution for everything seems to be hard cut offs, you’re both impressed and intimidated by it.

XIV. Temperance:The student tutor you finally go to in an hour of need. They manage to completely salvage your paper from the brink of despair in under an hour. You feel like you have been touched by an angel.

XV. The Devil:Invites you to his birthday party, which is by far the trashiest situation you ever experience. Meanwhile, he gets tanked, calls somebody a string of offensive slurs, then does a line of cocaine. You don’t speak anymore.

XVI. The Tower: They seem cool and all, you talk now and then but are still getting to know them. Then, you hear them say something INCREDIBLY problematic or hear down the grape vine about their old sexual assault charges. You can’t look at them the same way anymore and now just thinking about how you used to hang out leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

XVII. The Star: That faculty member you LOVE. She helps you build your schedule, helps you fix your grade in the class, and reminds you that some people aren’t so bad after all.

XVIII. The Moon: Things are pretty good. You have a solid relationship going with somebody, then this asshole shows up and now you have to rethink everything about your current relationship and if they’re really worth dumping someone over. You agonize over it, not knowing what you want, until it just kinda awkwardly blows over and you figure out they aren’t into your gender anyway.

XIX. The Sun: This person is the one always sharing mildly-political information on Facebook. Before you know it, you’re freshly passionate about the causes you care for the most, and still educated on the ones you don’t put as much energy into. You cared about these things before, but they’re the person that armed you with the knowledge you needed to actually have constructive dialogue about it.

XX. Judgement: Best friends with Justice, and is remodeling her entire life. You don’t hang out with her often so the next time you see her she has a new hobby, new major, new hairstyle, and has probably stopped talking to certain members of her family. It was tough but she seems better for it.

XXI. The World: Your person. They stick with you from year one to when you graduate. You complement each other really well. You still make healthy time for other people but they’re still your best friend. Eventually when you get older they’ll have a kid and name it after you probably.

Dating Enoch O’Connor would include #3

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- I don’t know if i mentioned this before but he’d be s o s o s o s o nervous about you two because he really likes you and he doesn’t wanna fuck up

- Him literally saying he loves you 5,000 times a day ?? like literally.

- “Hey Jacob wanted to-” “Absolutely not sorry.”

- Him picking out which dress you should wear on the off occasion you actually wear one

- I feel like the way he’d hold your hand is really odd ? Like not the normal kinda side hand but the full on lacing your fingers together? Kinda like this ??:

- Also the way you’d cuddle would actually be the cutest thing ever. Like you’d face each other, you two would probably giggle and talk about random things. Like even though he’s usually really cruel to everyone, he’s really sweet when it comes to you, especially when you two cuddle:

- He’d randomly sneak up behind you and hug you at different times during the day:

- You two would read together a lot. Like it seems really stupid but it’s not a huge activity but it still somehow makes you feel closer together.

- You once suggested how you thought he’d look cute in a bow tie so he got Olive and Claire and or Miss Peregrine (those cute lil baby fashion designers, bless them) to make one for him to wear to impress you.

- “If you look at my girlfriend I’ll kill you.”

“If you think about my girlfriend in a provocative way I’ll kill you.”

“If you d a r e lay a finger on my girlfriend I’ll kill you, bring you to life again and kill you again.”

- I feel like his nickname for you would be either princess or sweetheart (baby girl ??)

- He’d hate arguing so much like that shit tears him apart man

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I don't know why but it's just so endearing to me that Louis keeps adding that smiley face on stuff that's his like that website. it's just such a LOUIS-thing to do you know ?

Oh I know! That smiley face has kind of turned into his own little brand by itself, and I always think about Louis when I see it. I think he really loves drawing it on random stuff and we’ve seen it a lot, in slightly different styles, like on his shoes: 

..on his body

in his signatures and his doodles to fans

And last but definitely not least, in his very own brand: 

I love that such a small and simple symbol can be HIS. He started using it. He kept it. And now he kinda owns it. It’s brilliant really : ) 

Dating S.Coups would include:

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Choi Seungcheol

-a complete fool for you

-grants your every wish, even if he has to cross the oceans for it

-sometimes he gets you stuff you didn’t even tell him about, he just kinda knew

-and you’re just like

-……what kind of sorcery

-loves to show you off

-yet gets jealous/defensive when other men start checking you out

-“Y/N’s bod is so hot. Like she is BANGIN y'all. Look at her. I’m so lucky.”

-“Yeah, Y/N is really pre-”


-yeah he’s just the jealous type

-but you find it endearing

-such a great person with kids

-LOVES to visit your younger siblings/cousins because he could play with them for hours

-and you just love to watch him be a model father

-he’ll wrestle around with them all day, then watch a movie with some snacks

-and halfway through the ants on a log you made them you look over to find the kids passed out on papa coups’s chest

-and he’s snoring as well

-but he’s a different kind of daddy when you two get to be alone 😏😏

-them thighs……. how could he not be incredible in bed

-the boy got buns too let us not forget

-he thicc

-he loves when you praise his body because he always felt kinda insecure about his shape and his looks

-and that’s just a major confidence booster for him

-sharing with Jeonghan

-literally 24/7

-“Let’s go see the new Marvel movie, babe”

-“But me and Hannie are having a coffee date this afternoon”

-“I can’t believe you’re cheating on me like this”

-“But jagi-”


-a very big “It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination” type of person

-lots of road trips

-takes you to random truck stops and touristy photo ops like the World’s Biggest Ball of Yarn™

-because “there’s so much to see out there, jagi. We can’t afford to leave out the details”

-he knows how much you love music so he lets you pick

-you play tons of Nicki and he just watches in awe as you go tf off while rapping along in the middle of driving down a busy interstate

-but when svt songs come on you just sing really badly until he begs for you to stop

-but he secretly loves the fact that you know all the lyrics

-ice cream out of the tub HGTV marathon on a Saturday evening type of guy

-loves to stay in with you

-because he’s not huge on skinship in public

-but when he stays in with you, he loves to snuggle up to you with all the pillows and blankets in the house covering you both

-L O V E S to hug you

-it’s like his favorite pastime

-he’ll just wrap his arms around you real tight and bury his head in your neck

-and whisper what he loves most about you

-kissing isn’t everything to him, but he definitely likes doing it

-you hate to use a stupid anime trope, but his lips really do feel like petals

-they’re so s o f t

-and the way he holds you when he kisses you makes you feel like you’re in a kdrama

-he straight up whisks you off your feet or dips you before brushing your hair from your face and staring into your eyes

-just to give you a lil peck

-his number one favorite thing is torturing you with his looks on stage

-he always finds you in the crowd and refuses to take his eyes off of you while he does…… all of that

-you know what I’m talking about

-the tongue

-the lip biting

-the million dollar smiles

-the smirks

-E N O U G H

-but then he meets you after the show and acts all innocent

-“You look so beautiful today, Y/N. Thanks for coming to the show”

-“Don’t think you’re being sly, coups. I just hope you saved some energy up for when we get home”

-and then he becomes the human embodiment of the “😳” emoji

-and then you’re just like

-“You’re gonna need the energy to clean the house when you get home since you left me alone there all day”


-“Too late, pretty boy”

-in summation: Papa Coups would be an ideal bf who’s always acting a fool, but he’s your fool

Some random shipping prompts
  • “Hey babe, I’m home… wait why are you lying on the floor like that without moving SHOULD I CALL AN AMBULAN- oh wait he’s snoring…”
  • “I just woke up with you being way too close to my face - oh, you have fangs and kinda look like a vampire, that explains a lot”
  • “You told me, that cute guy from the coffee shop was nice and easygoing, now I’m crying over Taylor Swift songs and I hate you”
  • “Being a bodyguard does not include sleeping in the same bed as you because I’m pretty sure no one is going to attack you in your sleep as long as this building is monitored by the police”

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hey just wondering but what kinda keith + lance blog is this? like, is it going to end up with klance or is it just going to stick to canon/an interpretation of canon or will it stay away from ships altogether? thanks!

glad you asked! :D 

i recommend going to the “about” page which gives a brief sypnosis about the blog. Simply put, i had a lot of really random/funny ideas of them interacting, i just really love their dynamic. i made this blog because man, i love this show. i had a lot of drawing ideas so im here to share my own take of keith and lance. here they are. here comes the Cool Kids

im generally not much of a shipper… and my interpretation of them is pretty different than from what everything ive seen, but thats just me. I’ll just do my own interpretation of these characters with everyone as one big platonic family, because you can never go wrong with that!!! i guess i was so overwhelmed with so much lovey dovey stuff that i wanted to make my own take of them, featuring more of my surreal taste of humor. I prefer them as casual badass space range partners doing really weird things so I made this …full of memes and emo angst. this is still pretty different from canon bc i think keith and lance are still more geared towards rivalry than in this blog

Because of how.. intimidating the voltron fandom is.. i think it’s best for me to stay away from ships altogether. for now. Voltron has little romance to begin with. Man I’d love it if they made klance canon, though I think the chances of any ship being canon is pretty slim (at least right now) because there’s so much outside forces that the characters have to prioritize first, but of course, I could always be wrong. 

i do ship them but not to the magnitude of a lot of people in the fandom. Then again, I literally don’t ship anyone else in this show.  If klance indeed does become canon, I am TOTALLY putting it into the blog but it will mostly stay similar, except they’ll hold hands or whatever. i dont mind getting any shippy asks, i actually have a lot of fun answering them! expect some answers soon

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So I had a thought about anti. So you know how a lot of times he's depicted as being a bit grimier/has a lot of blood on his hands? Well if anti were true to the definition of his name... what if he was more put together than Jack? Like cleaned up and polished? I know it's kinda random, but I thought I'd share it with you since I don't know a lot of people to talk about anti to. ^^;;

I actually really love this headcanon. :3 The idea of using elements of “antiseptic” in his character is totally fascinating. Like, Anti being really precise and controlled and quiet, sort of cold, almost clinical. He doesn’t like to get his hands dirty, literally or figuratively. It’s so opposite Jack; it’s a fun idea to play around with.

You can totally always talk to me about Antisepticeye; he’s my fave, haha. X3 I’m 100% down with this headcanon. :D

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Hello! Your art is absolutely fantastic! I was wondering for a semi-beginner artist, if you have any tips for rendering metal? Like getting that shiny bit on bots that just seems to say that they're metal? I've been having a lot of difficulty with it and any tip would be awesome. Thanks!

im not good at teaching so im just gonna throw stuff that pops in my head

You can either apply shine based on the colour of the metal, or you can use a single colour of shine for the entire thing

It is safer to go with hard shine than soft shine, because hard shine is easier to draw and looks better in most cases. But if done proper, can be used together.

.You can have normal, decent highlights oR YOU CAN GO INSANE W/THEM

There’s no strict way on how you should apply highlights. General rule of thumb is to place them on areas of plating facing most toward the light source, and on edges of plating. But you can also place them in random spots like this and it will still look good!

Well technically, it’s not random, it does occur in real life, but someone else would be better at explaining this phenomenon than I . You can see it kinda happening here. Refracted light causes the bands of highlight, though less bright here.

edit: ok here is a gif  i just saw that has this same kind effect, but in motion

Most importantly, study other artists’ work and experiment with your own. Gold is a great reflective material to study highlights from, as there’s little risk of other colours infecting it, as silver would. And there’s a lot of reference images on google!
As you can see, there isn’t a surefire way to teach you the intuition of “Where should I put the highlights”. don’t place them in shadow areas and you should be good EXCEPT



Warning tho: Don’t use colour dodge or other filters to do the shiny for you. make it with yer own colours.


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If you have time could you do the rfa+Saeran reaction if there MC acts kinda like a cat? Like she sits on counters and really random high places, she disappears out of nowhere, gets distracted easily by the smallest things? I always get told I'm like a cat when I do those things so I was wondering how the rfa would react

sorry this took so long I procrastinate a lot >_< this was a very cute request and I enjoyed writing it

Requests are open just incase you didn’t know ;)


- he thinks its super cute

- but he also finds it weird how he would turn around for 0.03 seconds and BAM you disappear

- honestly hates playing hide and go seek with you because he can never find you

- he dislikes when you disappear because one time he went to the refrigerator to get water and out of nowhere you walked up to him and whispered “meow” in his ear

- he screamed so loud you got a noise complaint

- seven never let him see the end of it after that


- he honestly thinks its a weird trait you have, but he loves you nonetheless

- he gets slightly annoyed when you just vanish and he can’t find you

- cause he’ll worry someone kidnapped you or that you possibly hurt yourself in anyway

- sometimes if you’re gone for too long, he’ll think you left him, or maybe you just don’t like him anymore

- he straight up tells you he doesn’t like when you do this so you try not to do it

- one time he came home and saw you sitting on the edge of the balcony to your apartment

- this poor boy seriously thought you were trying to commit suicide

- you have to calm him down and explain to him you just like sitting in really high places

- “Don’t do that ever again MC”


- this boy adores you even more when he found out about this specific trait you have

- he thinks its cute how you get distracted so easily

- sometimes he’ll be bored out of his mind and he could just look up at you and see you trying to swat away a fuzz ball in the air

- he lowkey treats you like a cat just to see a reaction

- like he made a laser pointer and started shining it around you when you were reading

- you jolted right up, dropped your book, and started looking for the source of the light

- when you heard the laughter you immediately knew it was seven and threw your book at the back of his head

- it was worth it tho


- he thinks its super adorable

- but he’s just worried you might fall down from the high places you like to sit on

- he gets scared you might fall off the rails when your on the roof looking on the stars

- but surprisingly you have pretty good balance and never fall down

- just as long as you don’t fall and hurt yourself, he’ll be okay with it

- claims you’re the only “cat” he’ll ever like


- he thinks its super unprofessional how you get distracted so easily

- he makes you go to the doctor to see if you have ADHD or something

- but as it turns out you don’t and its just apart  of your personality

- after a while he learns to accept it and finds its one of your “flaws” he grows to love

- he calls you “kitten” now

- you and Elizabeth get along well which unsurprisingly Jumin loves


- she hardly has a reaction to it actually

- other than “try to keep it professional in public MC”

- she’ probably used to you sitting on the counter while she makes coffee

- or you sitting on her desk while she does paper work for Jumin

- she has kicked you out of her office quite a few times for “distracting” her while she works

- but she always invites you back in because she feels guilty afterwards

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hiii. just wanted to say that i love your blog, your headcanons in particular. they always give me that itch to sit down and write out what i gotta get down soooooo i decided to drop some in ya ask box lol. can i get some random headcanons on how GOM would be with their female best friend?? hope that's not too general.

THANK YOU SO MUCH i did not know i am a source of writing inspiration /cries/ nope! not too general and i kinda like this idea :) 


  • Originally, many thought Akashi was dating his female best friend because of his gentlemanly qualities - always opening doors for her, giving her his jacket when she’s cold, pulling out chairs, etc. but that’s just what he does for the women in his life.
    • Admires his best friend’s ambition and strength, and he learns a lot from her. 
  • They bond over intellectual topics and deep talks and he treats her as an equal.
    • Headcanon that Akashi is not as traditional as his other male counterparts in the Akashi patriarchy LOL. 
  • She is always his +1 to events until he has a significant other.
  • THEY GIVE EACH OTHER FASHION ADVICE?? Like, sometimes Akashi wears something really weird (like a fur coat) and she’s like “Sei, can you wear something less extra” 
    • He calls her late night to ask her for girl advice lmao
    • Also she’s one of the few people who can calm an angry Akashi down l0l 


  • Acts like his best friend’s slave, complains a lot, rolls his eyes and gives infinite sass but would fall apart without her.
  • He asks her a lot of questions about girls and learns a lot how to care for another human being through her.
    • SIDE NOTE: Aomine is, I believe, less selfish and more human because of Momoi. He realizes he says a lot of harsh, blunt things and softens his edges when he’s around her. 
  • He enjoys going out to eat with her post-game and always revels in his glory, and she kind of sits there, feeding in his confidence LOL.
    • She makes him pay for the food though and just sits there munching as Aomine goes, “did you see my AMAZING block??” 
  • Aomine’s best friend basically keeps him from failing in school and is his number one wingwoman because daiki actually sUCKS at talking to girls, despite his perceived exterior. 
  • He gives her one armed hugs ALL the time and lazily calls her “Baka” 
    • PS: im a huge aomomo shipper so i think aomine gets with his female best friend sooner or later


  • Rants and talks about astrology and philosophy all day every day to them.
    • Cute headcanon: they share astrology memes and exchanges lucky items. 
    • Midorima made her believe, or follow Oha Asa a lot more and find more happiness through spirituality.
  • Sometimes, they go for days or weeks without talking but then Midorima would propose a study session together and they’d sit in silence and study until one breaks the silence and talk about what’s on their minds.
    • She always talks to him about her boy troubles and Midorima just nods, unable to give any damn advice because he is socially incompetent. 
  • She reminds Midorima that he’s too hard on himself and always sends little texts encouraging him to take care of his health, especially when he’s sick.
    • CUTE HEADCANON: they go to medical school together and live together platonically in the same apartment. 
    • they’re close enough to share books, and midorima, being a serious person does not take this lightly. 
  • one night when she’s really upset, midorima drives to her house, picks her up and takes her stargazing as she vents to him and he nods quietly. 


  • Headcanon they are food buddies!! except she’s a pastry chef and enjoys baking and always needs someone to taste the food.
    • Mura is always like, “____-chin, they’re all so good - i can’t tell you which one’s better!!” 
  • Mura gives her creative ideas on what new foods or recipes to come up with and CUTE HEADCANON they become co-business owners to a bakery/sweet shop. 
  • Mura carries her on his back whenever they go traveling because she’s lazy to walk and all she has to do is feed him food to keep him going (he’s like a car!!!) 
    • Mura asks her for girl advice and she just claims that he’s a lost cause but is secretly a great wing woman when he really needs it.  
  • His best friend brAIDS his hair or ties it up for him when it gets super long and in his face because he keeps complaining about it and she’s tired of hearing about it. 


  • Like Akashi, a lot of people thought they were dating but Kise sees her as a little sister.
    • fun headcanon!! she is a photographer friend who started off kise’s modeling career by doing his headshots and simple poses.
      • Kise loves doing all types of photoshoots with her and they always go traveling or on adventures to shoot. 
    • another fun headcanon!! they start a youtube channel together to document all their fun experiences.
  • Very adventurous pair of friends who don’t mind attention - both sUPER sociable. they go to bars together and are the life of the party honestly. 
    • When they’re drunk they sing karaoke pieces together LOL 
  • She teaches Kise how to do natural makeup so when he’s having a bad skin day he can cover it up or like…wing his eyeliner when he wants to sometimes??
    • kise paints her nails for her when they’re bored? 


  • his best friend is his quiet partner-in-crime
    • they’re basically super similar in everything except she gets a lot of people’s attention because she’s cute and adorable and small while kuroko tends to become her shadow (poor kuroko) 
    • she hates milkshakes but she flirts with the workers at maji burger so she can get a free one and gives it to kuroko!! 
  • they trade books and goes on walks with nigou to talk about books
    • headcanon that they are in multiple fandoms but they disagree on who they ship and so they always argue over that LOL 
  • Nigou really likes his best friend (sometimes more than kuroko) and they playfully argue on who nigou likes best. 
  • his best friend always goes to support his games and they both make fun of kagami-kun together like an evil duo 

OHMAIGOSH! IM FAQING DONE!!! But now.. I gotta colour it and trace it later on… Help me from my suffering…! ;-; so, here’s ALL MY TUMBLR friends.. So if people follow me and say that they wanna be friends.. Imma put it in a another poster paper in my school and stuff.. So here’s the front and back,s Rory if you can’t see it really well but I’m going list the people now..

Front (1st pic)

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Prompt for a human girl trying to teach her sorta kinda alien* boyfriend what's socially acceptable and what's not? (He'll try to eat bugs and ignore real food, get in random peoples' cars, etc)

1. “We’ve talked about this. That doesn’t belong to you, so you can’t touch it.”

2. “I take you to the best pizza place in town, and you want to eat the ants in the parking lot?”

3. Look, I get it. You aren’t from here. But please don’t lick people’s faces.”

4. “Honey, no, you can’t keep the kid just because you think she’s cute. Her parents won’t like that much.”

5. “Whose shopping cart is that?”

“I don’t know, it was over by the… Water fountain rooms.”

“The bathrooms?”


“You stole someone’s shopping cart?”

6. “Why are these poor people trapped in this box?”

“No… No, that’s not how television works.”

7. “Here, how about a compromise? If you eat your burger, you can have a grasshopper for dessert.”

8. “Why are you sleeping in my truck?”

“You said this was the bed.”

9. “I’m sorry I don’t understand…”

“It’s okay. Trust me, I know our world is a little weird.”

10. “I love you. You know that, right?”

“I love you, too!”

“Good. So, don’t take this the wrong way, but if you don’t stop bathing in the sewer, we’re going to have problems.”

11. “What was that name they called me?”

“Trust me, that’s one part of this world you don’t want to understand.”

Not going to lie, I had a ton of fun with this one. :) I hope these help!

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hey I know this is random but I know you're kinda an expert so.. which type would you say is the most introverted extrovert and extroverted introvert? Also which introvert type is the most selfish and puts their self first. Which types is an infp compatible with? and do you have any tips on how to type someone? like some trick q's to ask or maybe visually... sorry if this is a lot and thank you

> most introverted extrovert 

ENxP, typically, with variations based on enneagram (example: an ENTP 7 will likely be more extroverted than an ESFP 5)

> most extroverted introvert 

ISTJs seem…unusually extroverted and ISFPs can be very much so as well 

> most selfish introvert 

INFP (with variations)

> INFP compatibility 

Depends on the enneagram and level of health. Other INFPs, ENFPs, the odd INTP and INTJ, and some xSTPs (depending on what the INFP wants - which for some reason seems to be Christian Grey 8w7 ESTPs) and how nicely the xSTP plays. 

> Typing someone 

I’ve written a lot on this. I’ll draft a typing guide later I suppose. If you’re an INFP, it’s probably going to be pretty obvious you’re typing someone, just a heads up. 

Random typing advice

  • Extroverts tend to talk more 
  • 1s, 3s, 8s tend to talk forcefully 
  • 5s tend to beat around the bush 
  • Ni doms look kind of lost
  • Fe doms will try their damn best to radiate warmth 
  • xxTJs are a bit…mechanical 
  • Ti doms always look like they’re thinking 
  • Ne doms look scattered 
  • Se doms look present
  • Si doms just feel like baked goods

Hey everyone, how are finals, if that is still a thing for you. I’m in the last stretch rn with 4 different project and ofc I went on to doing absolutely everything but school work lol….
One of those was binge watching doll repainting videos and rememebering how much I still love dolls and doll collecting. So I looked at Monster High dolls again, and man these has gone a long way since I last saw them years ago. I decided to try my hand at repainting since I’ve been meaning to get into it but never got the chance or time. (I still don’t have time I’m just procrastinating lmao.)

Anyway, I ordered this Draculaura First Day at School doll and repainted her.

More under link

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Are both Rob and Rich lactose intolerant or just one of them? They've both mentioned it during panels but I'm not sure if they were joking.

this is….such an obscure tidbit of information for a person to have

i’m really not sure?? BUT!! if i had to guess, rich is the lactose intolerant one. the reason i think that? is because of this tweet that is very important to me:

Anonymous said:

I love your comics!! Have you ever done one of like Gabe meeting Rich?

thanks!! and kind of

Anonymous said:

Do you have any comics of Michael?

i’m probably missing some, but those were the ones i could find right away. you can look through my art tags (main, scrap) to find more! i’d check the scrap tag first. those’re where i keep the mini comics, which is where more’ll be ♥