160826 Chanyeol fanaccount at the hospital:

- After the prerecording for Music Bank ended and during the free time before the end of the show, Chanyeol went to the hospital.

- One of the hospital’s nurses said that one EXO member went to the hospital to receive medical treatment.

- Chanyeol got injured during practice.

- Originally they had to run some tests/ checks but since Chanyeol was very busy and he knew were he was hurting he only received simple treatment and took some painkillers.

- He then left the hospital and returned to Music Bank right away.

- The staff mentioned that even though she’s not a fan it was heartbreaking to see Chanyeol limping as he left the hospital.

- She also mentioned that Chanyeol was very courteous.

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EXO as Byun Baekhyun

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EXO react when you lift your shirt in your sleep

Lol it’d probs turn them all on ngl

Sehun:*was half asleep when you shifted in the bed, lifted up your shirt to reveal your belly and looped an arm around his chest, settling down with a sigh. He had no idea you were sleeping, so started giggling and the motion woke you up, feeling confused. He explained what happened and teased you for ages afterwards because brat*

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Kai:*was asleep but was disturbed when you rolled over and cuddled up to him. Squinting open his eyes, he quickly noticed your shirt had come up and revealed your waist. He giggled quietly and gently pulled your shirt down before falling back asleep*

Tao:*whined when he felt you rolled over, partially squashing him, but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw your shirt had bunched up to your chest. He carefully moved over so he could breathe properly and draped an arm across your waist, reminding himself to tease you about it in the morning before promptly going back to sleep*

D.O:*squishy smol awkward Soo. Not asleep yet, he stared up at the ceiling and listened to your quiet, calm breathing, trying to drift off. He felt you shift over and your hand brushing over his chest as it came to a rest. I mean, this was enough to engage Squishysoo, but then he saw your shirt was gathered around your chest and he wanted to laugh and cry*

“How is she so sexy and cute at the same time, what is this?”

Chanyeol:*innocently lying there with you cuddled up next to him when he felt you move and as he glanced over, he saw you lifting your shirt up, revealing your tummy. Started freaking out and had no idea what to do. Should he wake you up? Take a picture? Cry?? Eventually decided to awkwardly put an arm around your bare waist, and tried to go to sleep*

Chen:*woke up to you tossing and turning in your sleep, clearly having a nightmare. Although he was initially annoyed at being woken up he wrapped his arms around you when he noticed what was happening, which soothed you straightaway. As you calmed down, you turned around and faced away from him, pulling your shirt up and settling down so that he was spooning you. Needless to say, your bare waist and the pressure of your body pressed against his was a bit too much for Jongdae he havin one of his 19+ thoughts*

“Well great now I’ve got a boner”

Baekhyun:*started giggling like crazy and poked at your exposed waist when you shifted your shirt up in your sleep. The jabs in your side and his laughing soon woke you up, annoyed when you looked up and saw his grinning face. You blushed as he told you what happened, eventually managing to calm him and get some sleep. He didn’t stop reminding you about it though and teased you for days afterwards*

Lay:*he came to bed later than you and slid into bed as gently as he could so he didn’t wake you. You sensed him moving next to you and rolled over to cuddle into him, lifting your shirt slightly in the process. He smiled and internally screamed at how cute you were as he wrapped an arm around you and fell asleep*

Suho:*when you rolled over in your sleep he didn’t expect to see you lifting your shirt up so that it was just barely covering your chest. He got a little too excited and simultaneously wanted to rip the shirt off you and cry his frustration out. Instead he turned over facing away from you with the fool-proof logic that he’d calm down if he couldn’t see you*

“If I can’t see, it’s not happening”

Kris:*Didn’t ask for this. Couldn’t deal with this. Didn’t know what to do. After you lazily pulled your top up and sighed in sleep, he just stared at your stomach with mixed feelings - like, he wanted to tap that but he was overcome with cuteness and embarrassment and all kinds of emotions. Continued staring until he fell asleep*

im so sorry what was that

Luhan:*looked over at you rolling your top up slightly in your sleep and contemplated what to do. He tried running his fingers lightly along your bare skin to see if you’d wake up and got annoyed when you didn’t even move. Reminding himself to continue this in the morning, he eventually fell asleep with his hand still clutching at your waist*

Xiumin:*you’d think he’d be in daddy mode, but no. He got extra cute and smol when you lifted your shirt in your sleep, looking too cute for him to handle. He smiled over at you and gently pulled you closer to him, lowkey grabbed his phone and lowkey took a selca with both of you looking cutecutecute because he lowkey has a collection of cute selcas of you and him and then he fell asleep too*

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