August 31

Happy Birthday, Abarai Renji!! 

Have some Papa and Baby pineapples ;w; And yes that is a happy uncle-byakuya-fly in the corner

  • Japan:Idol groups are really amazing! I wish I could be in a group full of high spirited individuals that would work hard together in order to reach certain goals.
  • China:You mean the United Nations?
  • Japan:... the only things you'll hear from us are the screams of our sufferings, songs about our economies and environment dying, and dance moves that symbolises our hatred for one another.
26 Etiquette Rules Every English Teacher in Japan Should Know
Anyone working in Japan can make their work life better by learning simple business etiquette. Follow our easy guide to working with Japanese co-workers.
By Michael Richey

In Japan, belonging to groups is very important.

Good news! As an ALT on the JET Program, you are part of a group (your workplace).

But that doesn’t mean you automatically fit in. Like any country, the new person has do things to show they’re part of the team.

That’s where etiquette comes in. Manners and customs are a society’s way of communicating “I belong here and want to be a helpful member.”

Learning simple Japanese work culture etiquette will do this for you. It’s a small investment that reaps big rewards. It demonstrates you’re a team-player and builds solid working relationships.

Below I’ve laid out:

  • 12 pieces of general Japanese business etiquette
  • 4 pieces of ALT-specific advice
  • 5 ideas for better communication
  • 5 key concepts that help you understand the Japanese way of doing things

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The building is obviously not that old, but this is the world’s oldest continuously run hotel – Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, dating to 705 CE, and run by the same family for 52 generations. It is located near a hot springs that has been a tourist attraction for over a millennium.