.it's safe to assume this was last week

Ideas out of 455 AD

I’m starting to believe again that Ananke wasn’t entirely the villain of the story mainly because by killing the gods she appears to be sparing them form their last moments of madness and suffering. Of course that doesn’t mean its right you don’t speed up peoples death by two weeks under no circumstances much less assist them in suicide when they are nowhere close to their pre selected death times, but still.  

No, what changed my mind about Ananke in this issue is that the early death of the gods is what is preventing the civilisation they come from to descend into chaos. 

I think its safe to assume that Anake wasn’t lying here and that what caused the fall of Rome is that Lucifer refused to die properly. That means that the whole purpose of the gods is to inspire humanity and then die quickly to prevent the great darkness from rising. Of course the physical great darkness didn’t rise because four gods had already being killed but the metaphorical great darkness of civilisation did rise as what followed this time was the Middle Ages. 

I think this foreshadows a much more grime ending for our current pantheon than we previously thought, since the mistiming of the death of one god can cause Rome to burn what can 9 do? 

I tell you what Ananke told us and it is awful. 

Humanity will become little more than animals as the night rules. Great job Persephone.