Last night, I watched with rapt attention as Hillary Clinton gave her acceptance speech. I was uplifted and inspired. This, I thought, is the moment that my #NeverTrump friends will come around to support her. She’s speaking across the aisle. She’s holding out a vision we can all support, even if we disagree on policy approaches. She’s going to unite this country against the greatest internal threat we’ve faced in my lifetime. I went to bed feeling hopeful about our nation for the first time since Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee.

I woke up this morning to a flood of Republican negativity on my Facebook feed. Now, keep in mind that I know very few Trump supporters. My network of friends is very politically diverse, but the Republicans of my acquaintance are very much the #NeverTrump variety. Nonetheless, they describe Clinton’s speech as “creepy” and “soul-deadening.” They say she’s no better than Trump on any issues they care about. They say they’ll never vote for her, no matter what.

We need a new strategy, folks. Decades of lies and rage have poisoned the thoughts of too many Republicans. They can’t look at Hillary Clinton rationally. They can’t change their minds that far in the course of a few months. There are many, many Republicans out there who can’t stand Trump but will never cast a vote for Hillary.

Here’s what I propose: Ask them to take a look at Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President.

If you’ve been involved in the debates among Bernie Sanders supporters about third party candidates, you’ve no doubt heard the argument that “a vote for Johnson (or Jill Stein) is a vote for Trump.” Well, that works both ways. If you’ve got a person who will never vote for Hillary, taking their vote away from Trump and giving it to a third-party candidate is the next best thing. Let’s split the Republican vote!

Please join me in this strategy. When you encounter one of the more than 15 million Republicans who voted for someone other than Trump in the primaries (more than voted for him, by the way!), or one of the many Republicans who didn’t vote in a primary at all, ask them about Gary Johnson. Get them curious. Get them talking. Bring him up again and again until he sounds like a reasonable choice.

You don’t need to do more than bring his name up in conversation. Even that little bit can make a difference. But if you’d like to do more, you can follow this blog to learn more about him. I’ll post articles, quotes, and tips for talking to Republicans so you can understand a #NeverTrump Republican’s viewpoint and be a better advocate.

This is NOT a blog that advocates Democrats voting for Johnson. My goal is to take votes away from Trump in whatever way possible. This is one method of advocacy among many. If you think it’s a way that would work with people you encounter regularly, please follow the blog and learn more. If you don’t, please turn to whatever strategy you think is best.

Because friends don’t let friends vote Trump.

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A gentle wind passes through....


“Thank you for shopping with us today! Hope to see you again!”

A woman steps out of the store with a bag full of books. Nowhere to go and yet somehow procured funds to buy novels of this era. She needed to become acclimated to this world. This time….

“I feel like I have been here before…” Those words were among the many things the tall figure thought.

A wind passes through and suddenly her senses sharpen for conflict and bloodlust was in the air. And yet why was it a gentle wind that brought this feeling? This fact? Fights were about to begin and adventures to start!

The woman then felt a thud against her leg. A little girl had bumped into the figure by accident. 

“I’m sorry Miss! Miss…. um… who are you?”

As another gentle breeze fluttered the figures hair in the wind. She replied!

“You may call me Rider.”


name/alias cyg
timezone est
identifiers ravenclaw, libra, house martell/targaryen
favorite marauders head canon remembering that sirius definitely used his buddy to almost kill another student and there’s totally some serious shit between those dudes that goes beyond dick jokes and drinking. peter’s descent into fear and the safety of being the right hand of the devil. remembering that lily made her sister feel ugly at her wedding and there’s some problem with that. the birth of harry smacking james in the face. rodolphus and bella being in love. moody being a shit when he was a kid. black sisters everything.
favorite plots dark arts plots, inventing new magical things, magical science, underground artifact smuggling = end of the world whoops, brother plots make me drool, badass women doing high level magic and knocking men into the dust, cult mentality of death eaters being show as a bonding experience for people who never belonged in society anyway, gray villains, gray heroes, gimme anti-heroes that make me conflicted about their moral compass
traits of a great site timeline to move the site along on a timely, orderly pace to keep interest and encourage the growth and development of characters and relationships. everyone sharing the cbox and keeping it warm and open for guests to come in and feel comfortable. admins being actively involved in the movement of plots and taking care of any issues between members.
personal goals for the site complete a bunch of threads and have those leads always be moving forward through development either of character/plot/relationship
top it off with a gif!

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captain’s log : intro

hello, late intro here ;; but hi it’s manni n2my all!! thank you all for the kind messages i’m slowly getting through them all and then shall reach out to the other babs!! i have a vague plots page right here pls let me know if anything catches your eyes, it’s yours! i’ll be updating it soon with some (quirky) one-liners ;;

now more about jeongho

  • has an identical twinnie @icajeongguk​ aka the cuter twin ; very protective of him, will kick ass if someone hurts him
  • lifeline goes bajor till age six when his parents divorce-> coruscant till mid-teens with mother and twin-> ganthel for pilot training-> the unknown because u know, he’s on the run now
  • after snake bro snaked the twins by murdering someone high up and then saying they did it, jeongho immediately ran away w/o looking back(never trusted snake bro, nope, he’s rlly perceptive)
  • he co-pilots allura with @lenvica​ (who has no idea who he is haha) on a quest to find jeongguk and restore honor to their name
  • he takes up different aliases while on the run (beau, keith, ciel) current one is: cain
  • he’s pretty emo ig can have dark thoughts, is very !! abt being on top of his game so can come off as high-strung ig, can be witty at times, will probably sleep w you if you ask, maybe lil cynical, will fight if he needs to
  • he just wants to find his twin </3
  • imagine keith from voltron, my inspiraton 
  • idk i’m learning more about jeongho as we go

anyways pls plot w jeongho there are many possibilities!! ppl he meets on his travels w/ len, some flings, an ex romance plot ;), a best friend pls, someone who gave him the heads up abt the snake bro incident so he could run, ppl who are trying to capture him oh

anyways like this post and i shall come to u sweet peas


“In the 21st century, people awoke from the American dream. Years of consumption lead to shortages of every major resource. The entire world unraveled. Peace became a distant memory. It is now the year 2077. We stand on the brink of total war, and I am afraid. For myself, for my wife, for my infant son - because if my time in the army taught me one thing: it’s that war, war never changes.”

I got a surprise pharmercy Play of the Game the other day!

“And don’t talk to us or our gremlin child and her three nannas ever again.”

(ง'̀-‘́)ง !!!


“I showed up at your cubicle and you changed everything…”

I’ve been transcribing a lot of songs lately – not just the ones with lyrics either! Let me know if you want to see a particular chord sheet; I haven’t scanned most of these.