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SUPER duper curious where you are getting the idea that Oliver and Nyssa are getting married! What. If you write a meta/post on this, please tag me so I am sure to read it!

Okay, I’ll write it here and post it publicly.  

In the comics, apparently, Ra’s offers his title to Batman with the stipulation that he has to marry his daughter, Talia. That is literally all I know about it so I’m not even close to being an authority.  But I do know the writers enjoy borrowing from Batman, especially this season. 

(more under the cut cuz I get wordy as heck on this)

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My friends and I were trying to start a GSA in highschool and a bunch of people objected by harassing the shit out of us between classes so my friend Alex devised a solution of carrying around a pocket full of glitter and waiting for someone to get RIGHT in his face about it and then he’d pause for a second like he was going to sneeze, violently sneeze a handful of it right into their faces, scream “IT’S CONTAGIOUS” and then run for his god damned life


But if you were mine
I would’ve looked into those eyes, and said
tell me the words you long to hear
and I’ll sing them loud and clear (listen)

fanfiction prompts
  1. time traveler au
  2. haunted hotel au
  3. ghost hunters au
  4. forced marriage au
  5. queen/king and poor villager au
  6. bar attendant and drunkard au
  7. hipsters au
  8. one of them is mute/deaf/blind au
  9. rock star and pop star au
  10. bodyguard au
  11. romeo and juliet au
  12. false identities au
  13. meeting at the gym au
  14. sitting next to each other while watching a movie/seeing a play au
  15. famous person and fan meeting at the red carpet au
  16. pirates au
  17. music school au
  18. vampires au
  19. werewolves au
  20. friendzone au
  21. exes trying to make each other jealous au
  22. best friends that accidentally have a one night stand au
  23. nobility au
  24. teachers with a strong rivalry au
  25. summer love au
  26. scientists au
  27. blind date au
  28. secret admirer au
  29. airport au
  30. director and actor in the same movie au
  31. dystopia au
  32. friends with benefits au
  33. fictional character coming to life for a day au
  34. strip club au
  35. internet famous au
  36. members of the same band au
  37. writers criticizing each other’s works au
  38. our children are classmates and they hate each other au
  39. walking our dogs in the park au
  40. traveling the world together au
  41. demons and angels au
  42. hunters of supernatural creatures au
  43. aliens au
  44. dealer and pothead au
  45. greek mythology au
  46. punks au
  47. god and worshipper au
  48. swapped bodies for a day au
  49. superhero and villain au
  50. knights au
  51. high school sweetheart au
  52. k-drama au
  53. selling soul to a demon au
  54. assassins who are targeting each other au
  55. adoptive siblings au
  56. porn stars au
  57. crushing on the same person au
  58. speak different languages au
  59. locked inside the janitor’s room au
  60. post-apocalyptic au