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So I played on an NA server recently…


Characters: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 10,118

Genre: Fluff/Angst

You weren’t exactly sure when Min Yoongi had come into town.

To be quite honest, you didn’t even know when it was that he had first stepped into the coffee shop you worked at. It was hopeless attempting to remember each person who passed through the establishment, especially not when the interactions generally lasted less than a minute. The faces of the customers you encountered every single day just blended together, much like their orders of caramel macchiatos and green tea lattes. It was difficult to keep track of the cursory café connoisseurs, but you knew one thing was for certain.

He hadn’t been here before.

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anonymous asked:

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My friend asked me to show them how to draw a male body. They promised me to draw at least 3 bodies after that (I’m watching you).

So I’m showng my way. The most important is to make the parts the right size and location, I always have to fix a lot in my sketches.

As you see, I use ovals to draw the limbs, that’s why it’s reeeeally hard for me to draw skinny people… Only muscular or plump people are ok. I think I should draw plump people more often, they‘re such a pleasure to draw~

Upd: fixed a couple things, gosh I should’ve waited a little before posting.

With You

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Explicit language, Angst

Word Count: 4K+

A/N: Holy shit, guys. This is the longest one shot I’ve ever written and I’m not sure what happened, but it just took on a mind of its own. Like, who am I? Anyways, enjoy!

You were never one to hold back, especially when you wanted something. In this case, it was someone. In fact, the more the object or person of interest resisted, the more determined you were; you always enjoyed a challenge. From the moment that Bucky Barnes first stepped foot out of the elevator doors, you were drawn to him.

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Can I talk about The Wide Window for a second?

Specifically– how the book, the 2004 movie, and the new Netflix series all manage to portray the same exact scene with three different themes?

Naturally, there are probably going to be spoilers, so read on at your own discretion, a phrase which here means, ‘make a choice and don’t blame me if it was the wrong choice for you…’

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heck yeah, looks like i hit 101 followers!

to celebrate, i want to do something for the community, so…y’all know how i do commissions? i’ll do one for free, up to 1000 words.

reblog this post with a scenario you want me to write, and i’ll choose a winner. i have one active commission at the moment, so this will be written after i finish that one. (you can also pm me the scenario if you don’t want your name attached.)

my commission post is here if you need info about what i do.

if you’d prefer not to click, the gist is i’ll write most snz scenarios that involve yuri on ice characters, unless they’re under 18, so no yurio.

you’re not eligible for this if you are under 18. sorry kids.

edit: to clarify, if you want to enter, send a prompt. likes don’t count. i’ll pick a winner on april 3rd.


The Sims 4 World customization Project (WCP)

Using S4S I’ve managed to remove all the background buildings/props in Willow Creek. Because I’m sick of the shotgun houses and the plantation homes and they limit what I can do with my neighborhood. This is a blank canvas of sorts.

I didn’t remove the buildings in the commercial district though, because the blank space looked way too weird there.

I will share the package file later on, when I’m finished testing, in case someone is interested but the thing is my modding skills are non-existent, so this is about as far as I can get (for now).

So I was thinking…with all the talented modders out there, I’m sure we should be able to tweak existing worlds and create our own custom worlds.

Does anybody know how to…

- Replace existing buildings (as opposed to just deleting them like I did) with other models? It would come in handy, e.g. in Willow Creek commercial district, so we can change the buildings on the other side of the street.

- Change road and world textures?

I think we could manage to do something great if we put our heads together!

I know it’s just been a few hours since the last update, but I miss Yousana.

Supercorp Fluffy Family Fic Rec

So @bueno–nacho asked for fluffy supercorp recs and I thought I’d share with everyone in case someone else was interested. These are in no particular order and if I missed any of your favs please direct me to them! I could only go back so far on AO3 without having to stop and read all of them again!

Supergirl In Training by wtfoctagon

I love this fic so much because it also includes the other Superfam babies and gives me feels how that means Kara and Clark aren’t alone anymore

Impeccable Timing by D_Writes

Lena is pregnant when her and Kara meet and it’s just Kara being the best girlfriend and future mom ever

Eyes Like Kryptonite by jedifighterpilot2727

Series of one shots in which the later chapters include their adoption of a little girl named Lexi that is getting its own spin-off which is equally as squishy and delightful

The Universe Always Sends Someone by liznotlizard

(They have several other supercorp baby fics too) but this is another time travel look at how happy you could be now make out already fic

Negotiations and commands by TheRagingThespian

Okay technically not supercorp babies but it’s supercorp taking care of Krypto and that’s under the same category in my book

Something Sweet Here by cinnamonfiglatte

This is a little more angsty in that it deals more with the insecurities and challenges supercorp faces in raising a kid, but it’s still great

(Super)Man’s Best Friend by Marzos

Another dog one-shot fic featuring Krypto cause I love that super powered dog a super bunch

Puppy Love by yourbestapology

I love this fic because I would be Kara in this scenario so hard. Basically she’s a worry-wort about her puppy and Lena is the vet

Sun is Gonna Shine Above by BerryliciousCheerio

I think this was the first supercorp baby fic I ever read and it has spoiled every other one for me. Aka the one where Lena becomes a super mom in her own right.

Happy reading!

The Broken Family (addict!sister!reader x sherlock x mycroft)

A/N: Hey, so here it is! New fanfic! What? The request did say ’need the angst’ so here it is, also I’m a bit sorry for making Sherlock be such a dick in this, also Mycroft is a bit not good and reader as well. Greg on the other hand is love. Tell me if you need a sequel, if you’d want to see where reader goes, or request how it should end. Hopefully this doesn’t suck. I worked hard on this one, made three different stories, but this turned out as the winner.

Request: Hey, can I request something? Could you please write a Sherlock x addict reader to turn the tables? I love sister!Reader inserts because Sherlock is usually less empathic with his siblings but it could be a friend!reader or whatever pops in your mind, I just NEED the angst, haha! Thanks in advance!

Warnings: Lots of angst and drugs, emotionally incapable to manage family drama Holmes’, even the reader.

The call Greg Lestrade had received brought havoc to the Scotland Yard. The detective inspector had not seen his men this active in months and a simple phone call had got all his subordinates on their toes and anxious. The said inspector had tried to find a drug den, the very heart of British paradise for drug addicts, but failed countless of times. This lead they had got though sounded very promising and matched to so many conclusions and other clues the Yard already had so Lestrade had no option but to check the place. He also wanted to see by his own eyes and be the one to finish this case if it was what they were looking for.

Lestrade arrived with numerous police cars as escort to an abandoned building. The sirens had been muted so the cops had an opportunity for an ambush, to catch as many druggies as possible and hopefully a dealer or two. That of course was mostly wishful thinking, but you never knew who would be in there. And that made the cases interesting, risky but very addicting to someone like Greg Lestrade who was desperate to solving cases. He already got questioned by almost everyone when he asked for a consulting detective’s help, that was he capable of doing his job, which he was, but to prove it to his colleagues constantly got to his nerves. This was the moment to shine.

The inspector went in with the first row of men, gun at hand, alert for what would be to come to him. He went up stairs with a quick pace, his men right behind him. He could hear his heart beat rise, so familiar and pleasing feeling of adrenaline pumping through his veins as he approached a wide messy room. The floor was filled with empty needles, plastic wraps and joints, companied with dirty clothes and mattresses. On those mattresses there were about seven young people, dozing off, hidden under their blankets, and hopefully all alive. It got depressing in matter of seconds when there would be a deceased kid’s body under the covers and to contact the parents was always something that took a high amount of pleasure points off of the accomplished case.

Lestrade howled the youngsters awake, lowered his gun, seeing the state they were in and informing his men to keep on searching from the other rooms. He waited until all the seven people got up, struggling to their feet, wobbling towards the door. An ambulance had been brought with the police cars as well and was ready to use. The nurses were ready to check on the zombified youngsters as they had been informed how many of them there were. Lestrade could be proud of himself now and he felt rather jolly, the emotion almost already reaching his face that he tried to contain to seem professional when his eyes landed on a figure, a familiar one that ran his blood cold.

”Oh, for the love of god.” He sighed, half grunted and knew this would make things much worse.

You were unaware of what was going on. You had no idea what had happened in the world that surrounded you, but then again how could you? You had shut out everything, creating this bubble that kept you in until all you had taken wore off and just then could you see the damage you caused. That of course happened much later from now, but you started to get the hang of it when you woke up to hear someone yelling the loud booming of the voice only became clearer as you came around. You were slightly dizzy, like half asleep but still aware of the surroundings, your eyes droopy and eye sight blurry, but your ears worked well enough for you to figure out what was to happen.

Your ears picked up with the shouting that became clearer and clearer, the loud mumble turning to muffled words and then loud muttering, until you were able to make out words. The first thing you were able to make out was your name, and the sound started getting closer. Your eyes couldn’t fix on the figure approaching you, but the blurry figure was something too familiar to you. The voice calling you cleared as well and you became certain who it belonged to.

When your eyesight came back to normal they met the inspector’s worried but angered eyes and you waved awkwardly back at him, a tired smile on your lips as you innocently greeted the man.

”(Y/n) Holmes.” Greg muttered in defeat. He had been a little doubtful that it really was you, since your hair was messy and your clothes nothing like the regular ones you wore. The high quality clothes that you dressed in, very Holmes kind of style, compared to the sweat pants and a big covering hoodie made you look unfamiliar, to you as well.

Greg was now just beside you, his hands on your shoulders, but they left your body just when you had started to feel them on you and he swirled around in frustration and then called for his men. This case would not see the headlines. and he took his phone out. Lestrade made a call that didn’t much please you. He knew he needed some help with hiding this said case from seeing the daylight and then there was you, then again it was only for you he had to do this in the first place. To your misfortune and fortune he ended up calling Mycroft.

You didn’t get much along with Sherlock. You didn’t know why, was it because he was as troubled as you, or that he was so concerned with his own life he couldn’t bother himself by adding you to it, not to mention even bothering to ask how you were doing which he did with Mycroft. Then there was Mycroft who seemed like he didn’t care about anyone, but it wasn’t true. He had always been the one behind the family, concerned of all of you being torn apart and getting separated. He held it together. Or tried to at least. That of course could be one of the reasons Sherlock couldn’t stand you. You got along with Mycroft so well and maybe Sherlock just wasn’t up for the task as to earn your trust? It didn’t matter though, you were old enough to make your own decisions and you had got this far without Sherlock’s care. You could do so for the rest of your life as well.

”I thought it’s better you clean this mess up and do me a favor, yeah? Try to get some sense in this ones head.” Greg glared at you. You had sat down at the end of the stairs right opposite the front door that had been pulled open. You had managed to get down stairs with Greg’s help and the house had been cleared from all the other users, only leaving you with Lestrade inside. The bright daylight cast it’s golden light on the floor in front of you and barely reaching the tip of your shoes. You kept your eyes on the floor for now, resembling of a misbehaved child while their guardian was figuring how to punish you.

”Is that really a good idea?” Greg worriedly furrowed his brows. This alarmed you. For a second you thought of running. If Mycroft would be to sent you to rehab, or worse, tell your parents about what you’ve been up to you would rather die. As panic reached your features Greg raised his hand in a supporting and calming gesture, signaling everything was alright. ”Okay, what ever you see fit.” Greg said back to Mycroft in a rush, clearly Mycroft had started threatening the inspector and Greg went to assure your older brother that there would be no need for that. He would let Mycroft deal with all this his way, not stopping him even by stating his own opinion.

Finally ending the call that felt like it had lasted for an hour, Lestrade approached you and took a stand a meter in between the two of you, he looked down for a second, his shadow that was cast upon the daylight reached your knees, then tried to reach your eye contact which you avoided with all cost. He let out a sigh, his hands stuffed in his pockets. ”You okay?” He decided to be gentle and even a bit understanding when he approached you, but you couldn’t actually say you were thankful of it. You really didn’t care what Greg said or thought. You were going to hear a lecture sooner or later anyways so there was no need for him to give you his sympathy if there were any in a sincere way.

”Well this wasn’t my first time if that’s what you’re asking.” You remarked and eyed the wall with narrowed eyes.

”Did your brothers even know about this?” Lestrade dismissed your comment, but you knew it made him think. Of course this would affect him in a distant way. He knew almost your whole family and their secrets and now would be to ad yours to top all your brothers. Most likely not so pleasant but he was just being human and doing his job.

You didn’t say anything for a minute. Your expression softened slightly, turning to sadness, but not leaving the wall you tried to find interesting. The dark wallpaper, almost molded green color, just brought even more negative thoughts to your mind and you couldn’t help but ask, ”What’d he say?”

Lestrade shifted uncomfortably and looked away. You turned to look at him, to question him what could be so bad, but your eyes wondered to the door way, over Greg’s shoulder and you saw a tall, lean figure making it’s way to the door. The sunlight blurred the vision for a good while, until the man was right at the door, his raged expression showing. You could feel your body being forced upwards and your scowl was replaced with panic, sadness and hurt. You wanted to flee from your spot right now, hoping for Mycroft to follow behind your other brother, but knew you would need to settle for Sherlock.

”You have any idea what you have done?” Sherlock fumed, his body swaying as he walked fast next to Lestrade. ”I have other problems to tend to and you decide to do this now?” You flinched at Sherlock’s hard words, your head had started aching just now, or you had just realized it, and your whole composure screamed how vulnerable you were as you lowered your head and brought your shoulders closer to each other.

”I was this close solving an important case when I get a call from Mycroft about your little misbehavior.” Sherlock had never looked so scary and angry, not when it was pointed to you and you couldn’t even do anything to protect yourself. You could barely stand on your own feet. It was overwhelming and even if you had never been in good terms with Sherlock he had never been this aggressive towards you and it only made you distance yourself further from him in a psychical level.

”What if you’d calm down a little?” Lestrade suggested but his eyes never left yours. He had seen your state and knew you were about to break. He could read you well, even if you had heard how much Sherlock looked down on him you knew Greg wasn’t stupid. He at least could sense your fear and unstable status unlike Sherlock.

Sherlock turned his head to the inspector in a sharp swish, glaring at the man and hissed, ”What are you even doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be out there, hurrying your men out of here while I have to clean this mess?” And with that Lestrade decided it was better to just scattle and not start an argument. He nodded towards you and left.

”Why didn’t Mycroft come?” You finally dared to talk back, not sure was it a good idea but did it anyway.

”He’s far too busy for this nonsense.” Sherlock rolled his eyes. ”Something of me giving you a big scare to wake you up.” He muttered.

”Why did you even come?” You whispered mostly to yourself. Your hands were balled in fists and your head hang low. You knew you were close to the breaking point and couldn’t keep yourself together any longer.

”You think he gave me a choice?” Sherlock mocked. ”I know you and Mycroft are best friends, but you do still have some sense in you, at least I hope you do. If he wants something to happen he will make sure it does.”

”You’re Sherlock Holmes, you could’ve found a way around it! You’ve avoided responsibility before so don’t blame me for being here! I’m sure Mycroft is just pissed that he has to deal with all the shit we cause to the family. And all the crap you make him go through.” You muttered the last part and crossed your arms. You didn’t care if you were now acting childish, Sherlock wouldn’t scold you for that unlike Mycroft and you were counting on it.

”I am causing trouble?” Sherlock snapped back.

”Yes, you!” You groaned.

Sherlock chuckled sarcastically and smiled doubtingly. ”I’m not the one with needle marks bruising my skin.”

”Not now.” You corrected. You looked at your brother, both of you glaring at each other like two kids having a stare contest. ”Isn’t this all too familiar to you?” You asked and tried to get him to see the situation how it was and how it all had happened before, but not this way.

”Hey, looks like we aren’t that different after all! We could even get high together some time! You probably know and even make better shit that I have ever dreamed of!” Shock took over Sherlock. You had just hit him under the belt but there was no going back now. You had witnessed Sherlock playing before and you would do the same. You could hurt him there where he hurt others by stating the obvious.

He looked back at you, eyes wide and puzzled by your sudden rage. ”I guess Mycroft sent you so you could see what he had to deal with when you were using. Oh how the tables turn.” You sassed and tried to keep the tears in. You tried to hide the pain with your sass and hurtful comments, but you had been through an awful night and it had started to come down on you. ”I hope Mycroft had come instead of you. If he cares about your wellbeing and comes for you when you need him, why didn’t he come for me?” You sobbed.

You looked down, unable to keep the tears away that now rolled down your cheeks and dropped to the floor. ”You both are so stupid.” You cried out with a soft and silent voice. ”You say Mycroft is my best friend, but what kind of friend sends someone as cruel and inhuman person to comfort the other, huh?” You could hear Sherlock take a step closer to you, but you backed away, he called your name softly. ”No!” You snapped. ”Leave me alone! I don’t ever want to see you or Mycroft! Ever again!” And with that you dashed out, past Sherlock and disappeared to the near woods.

Alright it’s been a long time and I never heard something again of the customer who ordered this (that said I never got a payment for this unfortunately and I’m a little bit pissed by now)

Thats why I’m selling this Soukoku case now for anyone here. I put a lot of effort in this and also it does cost money to make this stuff. Remember that.

This is a IPhone 6/6s case. If someone is interested please hit me up on dms so we can talk about it. I would be happy if I could sell this to someone who is REALLY interested in it.

What’s going on with Ressler?

We finally got a glimmer of a Ressler storyline in 4.13. He has a brother - and a living mother? (Yeah, even I missed that “love you, mom” the first time - thanks @aussiokie) Who knew? Is this a one episode glimpse? Something more? Only time will tell. But ever since it aired I’ve seen a number of posts saying “Ressler should have just asked for the day off,” or “Ressler should stop hating on Red after everything.”  So this post is an effort to put down my thoughts on both of those issues.

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i’m amassing a cleancore army

somehow this blog has just a little over 1,000 followers now and i don’t know when or how that happened. i still find it crazy that people actually like the stuff i reblog enough to follow me. i hope to continue to satisfy all of your blue/cleancore/safetycore needs for a long time to come! 

One Summer, three best friends, a fortune teller and a mysterious new arrival in town.

I Can See Clearly Now

“I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way.”

June 19 - Virginia

Looking back, Caroline blamed her unexpected discovery on boredom that summer. The temperature had hit a stifling 103 degrees mainly due to low cloud cover containing the heat and the girls piled into the car headed for the cool sanctuary of the movie theatre to catch the latest Nicholas Sparks adaption. 

Well, that’s what Bonnie and Caroline wanted to see. Katherine on the other hand preferred a lot less mush, as she liked to put it, and a lot more violence. Knowing her dogged determination, Caroline knew this was going to be a difficult argument to win.

They’d been best friends since they were six. Class bully Jimmy Johnson had been teasing Bonnie mercilessly and one day went too far, earning himself a smack from both Caroline and Katherine. The girls still maintained that their ‘time out’ punishment was more than worth it to see him return to school with two very attractive, black eyes. After that he’d never messed with Bonnie again.

Now here they were about to embark on their Senior Year of High School. All Caroline had ever wanted was to leave Mystic Falls but even now she was beginning to feel nostalgic for the only place she’d ever called home. Not to mention her best friends. They’d chosen not to discuss their plans for the following year, too scared to contemplate separating.

“Um, last time I checked the cinema is in that direction, Katherine,” Bonnie gestured behind them.

“Who needs GPS when I have Bonnie Bennett barking directions at me from the backseat.”

“Well, she does have a point, Kat,” Caroline chimed into the conversation. “Surely the prospect of Nicholas Sparks isn’t bad enough to make you drive in the complete opposite direction.”

“Ah yeah he is, that Notebook movie you guys made me watch has scarred me for life.”

“It’s okay, we promised not to tell anyone you cried,” Bonnie mused.

“There was something in my eye, I told you that,” she shot back. “Anyway, I just thought we could do something a little different today. You know given it will be our last high school summer and all.” The dread lingered between them for a while, each girl feeling the overwhelming sadness that came with that very fact.

“I’m almost afraid to ask,” Bonnie murmured, finally breaking the silence.

“You’ll love it, trust me.”

“The last time she said that I ended up dancing on the bar at the Mystic Grill in a tequila fuelled haze,” Caroline recalled.

“And look how much fun you had. Well, you know after the hangover subsided.”

“And the subsequent grounding from the Sheriff. Katherine, she was this close to pressing charges against her own daughter for public drunkenness.”

“Yeah those were good times,” Caroline drawled, raising her eyebrows. “Please tell me this little surprise doesn’t involve illegal activity of any kind?”

“You two really are boring,” she muttered, checking out her appearance in the rearview mirror. “But no this isn’t illegal, well not that I know of anyway. If I’m being honest, I’m not completely across the laws in Maryland.” The girls were rendered speechless just as the ‘Thank you for visiting Mystic Falls’ sign rushed past their windows.

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Отпечатки - sleepyysalamiri - Star Wars: Rebels [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars: Rebels
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Thrawn | Mitth'raw'nuruodo, Hera Syndulla
Additional Tags: POV Thrawn, somewhat angsty, feeble attempts at beautiful metathors, Русский | Russian

- Я сохраню ваш Каликори со всем уважением.
- Знай я, что он попадет к вам - разбила бы его не задумываясь.
Мысли Гранд Адмирала о неожиданной встрече с капитаном “Феникса”.

Why Carol and King Ez3kiel will NOT be in bed together... or together at all.

Because they have no history. 
They have no chemistry.
They have no grounds of a friendship yet.

At this moment, they were merely just acquaintances. The King is a kind and caring man, that much has been established. He offered Daryl asylum after he had just been basically insulted by him. That’s the kind of man he is. He’s caring. He’s kind. He has shown absolutely no difference in behavior to Carol than anyone else.

 Carol is also kind and caring. Just because she may not be interested in The King doesn’t mean she’d tell him to take a hike, like some people are saying. People seem to think that just because you don’t return romantic interest, means you have to be mean and unkind to the person who’s interested in you and that’s simply not the case. You can still be friends with someone you’re not romantically interested in. You can still be kind and caring to someone you’re not romantically interested in. It’s called being a good person.

 Why are we forgetting that Carol has spent all of Season 7 telling literally everyone (including The King) to fuck off, go away and leave her alone?
Why are we forgetting that the one and only person she cried in front of, allowed to get in, and spoke to was Daryl? Daryl. Because they have history. A long history. They have amazing, intense chemistry. They have a beautiful, strong friendship. They have all the grounds for romance.

 Why are we forgetting that she told Daryl she can’t lose him?
Why are we forgetting that she made food for Daryl?
Why are we forgetting that she watched Daryl eat lovingly with a huge smile plastered on her face?
Why are we forgetting that she had her hands in his hair, pulled him closer, nuzzled him and breathed him in? Why are we forgetting that Carol loves Daryl? 

 That’s why she won’t be seen in bed with The King. That’s why her and The King won’t get together. Her heart belongs to someone else. Her heart, her home. Daryl. It’s all Daryl. It has always been Daryl.